The new sexy lingerie brand M girl-the fashion vane of the sexy lingerie market

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With the continuous progress of society, Chinese women are gradually opening their minds, the younger generation’s pursuit of high-quality life, and the exploration of gender life have given the lingerie market unlimited possibilities for development. Many women look forward to having a brand that incorporates a passionate, sexy, and noble mood into the underwear of Chinese women to help them release charm, self-confidence, and self-love, and perceive the passion and fun of life.

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M girl (foreign name:M Lady) is a subsidiary of Shenzhen Makeup Beauty Industry Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2020, is China’s contemporary cutting-edge fashion lingerie brand.

Meng Ailin, founder of M Girl Brand, believes that “sexy lingerie”, as a product of the new era, deserves to be a popular and changeable element that integrates into the daily life of women in. Compared with ordinary underwear, sex underwear has no difference between high and low, and at the same time, it can bring women a richer experience and feeling.

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The core of the brand:women should know how to love themselves better

M girl’s concern is deep inside all women Desire, need and distress. M Girl Brand advocates young women to adhere to the attitude of “love, treat and please” to themselves, and actively explore more possibilities of life. The times will change, but our needs for freedom and love will remain the same, regardless of identity and background. In fact, what we all desire is the same. Every woman in the new era deserves to be loved, and she should learn to love herself better. This is the core of M Girl’s brand.

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Brand tenet:lead the new trend of sexy lingerie

M girl is committed to creating the”Victoria’s Secret of China” as its vision and is committed to Exploring the younger generation’s personality propositions and different needs for sexual appeal, combined with the unique temperament and beautiful curves of Asian women, develop a series of”high-quality, well-designed” fashionable and sexy lingerie products to achieve the young women’s Bound, enjoy life” desire.

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The story behind”M Girl”

Founder Meng Ailin, born in Shenzhen, China in 1986, 2008 Graduated from a school of fashion design in a famous university in Shenzhen. After graduating from school, she became a fascinating and up-to-date designer, and her good aesthetics and outstanding design strength made her gain the favor and appreciation of many brands.

After getting married in 2012, Meng Ailin chose to gradually withdraw from the public vision and concentrate on marital life. Comfortable and loose-fitting home clothes have replaced gorgeous dresses. She no longer hangs out at parties, and also pushes away a lot of social activities.

In 2017, with the passage of time, some things are quietly changing. After the freshness and passion, Meng Ailin, who is over 30, also bends down due to years In the eyes of her husband, her daily negligence in dressing and dressing is no longer stunning and attractive.

At the beginning of 2018, Meng Ailin’s girlfriends saw her husband and a strange woman coming out of a hotel together, facing the red light of marital life, Meng Ailin Decided to accept the suggestion of girlfriends and touched the world of”erotic lingerie” for the first time…As a result, the husband was fascinated by his wife’s graceful figure and vague temptation, and returned to the feeling of being in love for a moment.

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At the end of 2018, after hearing about the similar experiences of many women around her, Meng Ailin was determined to regain her passion for design and create a sexy lingerie dedicated to helping modern women find confidence and release charm Brand. Her ambition was met with strong opposition from her family. The older generation considered this to be”cold” and”difficult”. But Meng Ailin was not afraid of worldly vision and other people’s incomprehension, and she set foot on the road to entrepreneurship.

In the period from 2019 to 2020, Meng Ailin developed and revised countless versions of the research plan, collecting the views, needs and hobbies of women of different ages on sexy underwear , And on this basis, designing various styles around the clock, each piece is her precious effort. On a hot summer day, she went alone to Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu and other places to find a factory to compare and draft, just to make the high quality in her mind!

In mid-July 2020, after a year and a half of careful preparation and repeated polishing, the”M Girl” sexy lingerie brand finally came out. Meng Ailin proved herself with hard work and perseverance, and also proved that women can still be reborn and shining even if they are over 30 years old. No matter when and where, as long as you are self-confident and love the true self, you are the most beautiful”M girl”!

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“M girl” will redefine sexy lingerie

In the past,”erotic lingerie” was always tied to erotic, vulgar and other words This is due to narrow thinking and wrong interpretation! The birth of a sexy lingerie requires a perfect combination of creativity, design, version, etc. It is not only a commodity but also an artwork.

In the future, M girl hopes to redefine the impression of sexy underwear in the hearts of the public. It is not a tool used to materialize women and please men, but can be used for women. Open the key to the new life. When you put on a sexy, seductive M girl sexy lingerie, the first one to be fascinated will be yourself!