The next President of Russia is ready! 80%of voters support key figures

By ddzyx

Regarding the successor to the Russian president, Putin’s successor has always been the focus of international attention, especially during Putin’s term On the occasion of the coming, the outside world has speculated about the next president of a big country that has a global impact. Now there is an explosive news. Russia has undergone major changes. The next presidential candidate will be ready to explode and directly explode public opinion in the international community. Overseas Network reported on July 2 that the Russian News Agency reported on July 2 that the Russian Central Election Commissioner announced that it has completed all votes in the referendum on the Russian Constitution Amendment, and the results of the vote show that as many as 77.92%of the voters support Russia’s constitutional amendments, in addition, 21.27%of voters opposed the Russian constitutional amendments.

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Putin may be re-elected until 2036

Reports show that Russia’s constitutional amendments mainly include the authority of the Russian prime minister and the parliament and the new formation of the Russian government Regulations, the power of the former president’s pardon, and the system of parliamentarians for life are adjusted. In addition, Russia’s constitutional amendment is also very important, which involves allowing the current or former president to participate in the two presidential elections again. This amendment has very important significance for Russia, which means that the current Russian President Putin may continue to participate in the Russian presidential election in 2024, and once re-elected, Putin will continue to be re-elected until 2036.

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Russia’s constitutional amendment

Reports show that Russia’s constitutional amendment is the most extensive since the 1993 constitution was implemented. This vote was originally planned to It was conducted on April 22, but due to the impact of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, the vote was postponed until June 25 to July 1. This is to avoid the occurrence of crowds that could cause the epidemic to spread again, and some parts of Russia also conducted Electronic voting option. It is understood that the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation had ruled that the draft amendment was constitutional as early as March 16.

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Putin’s position

Putin expressed this in an interview with the media before. On June 21, Moscow local time, Russian President Vladimir Putin stated in an interview with Russian TV that if there is a possibility that he can re-elect in the constitution, he does not rule out the option of participating in the presidential election again after the end of his term. Reports show that Putin proposed amendments to the Constitution when he issued a State of the Union Address in the Russian Parliament in January 2020, and submitted a draft amendment to the Constitution. Now that the amendment is passed by an overwhelming number of votes in Russia, it means that Putin has obtained the possibility of re-election.

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Russia is on the world stage again

Putin’s position and the successful passage of the Russian Constitution Amendment can be said to have given the Russian people a peace of mind. It is understood that Putin’s support rate was only 31%in August 1999 before first serving as the Russian president, but when the time came in November of the same year, Putin’s support rate had soared to 80%. After that, Putin’s support The rate never drops below 65%. And in the subsequent Russian presidential election, Putin’s support rate far exceeded other candidates. The reason why the Russian people have such a strong impression of Putin is that during Putin’s presidency of Russia, the living standard of the Russian people has been significantly improved, and Russia has once again stood on the world stage.

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The Western world is uncomfortable

Putin’s chance to be re-elected as Russian president is definitely not good news for the Western world. The international community generally believes that Putin is a veritable”iron-fisted politician”, and it is absolutely impossible to succumb to the Western world. Putin’s tough diplomacy has caused a headache for the Western world. Putin once said that giving him 20 years would create a strong Russia. Now it seems that he did, and the Russian people did not choose the wrong leader.