The number of diagnosed cases in Texas nurseries skyrocketed by 350%,”Know King” Trump:Don’t talk nonsense, start school all

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“Don’t talk nonsense, start school!”

The new U.S. Coronary Pneumonia epidemic is completely out of control, but President Trump has ordered primary school to start school. The reason he gave was ridiculous:”The child’s immune system is so strong, and many countries in Norway and Germany have reopened school, and it has been very smooth, so we must also start school.”

Just a day ago, A reporter asked Trump,”Dr. Burkes (White House medical expert) said that we don’t know how new crown virus will affect children, Why did you say it was safe to return to school?” At that time, he pretended not to hear and turned around and left. It seems that one night made him come up with a response to the question.

Anyone with a little discernment can see why the so-called”children have strong immunity” is absurd. According to reports, 1,335 people in 883 nurseries in Texas were infected with the new coronavirus, including 441 children, and the number of nursery cases in the state skyrocketed by 350%within 2 weeks. Such cruel facts are in front of me, and I don’t know where the”understanding king” comes from.

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“Don’t you think, I want me to think”, this is Trump’s consistent style. On July 6, he tweeted in all capitals:”Schools must resume classes in the fall!!!” (SCHOOLS MUST OPEN IN THE FALL!!!). Later, he shouted several times,”Coming soon to put pressure on the governor and everyone” to open the school. In response, George Benjamin, the executive director of the American Public Health Association, corroborated that the Trump administration pressured the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to change its guidance and threatened to stop funding for school districts that were not reopened. It can be said that in order to urge children to go to school, Trump has used pressure, threats, lying and other tricks.

getInterUrl?uicrIvZQ=53b39cd669ac0fe3d784d4f30ce2246d - The number of diagnosed cases in Texas nurseries skyrocketed by 350%,"Know King" Trump:Don't talk nonsense, start school all

School opening is related to the health and safety of many students and faculty, and countries are cautious about when to start and how to resume classes. Today, there are nearly 3.3 million confirmed cases in the United States, and the number of new cases in a single day has exceeded 70,000. Under this bad situation, it is necessary to”compete” with other countries in the efficiency of resuming classes. Trump is obviously not concerned about education, but worrying about his vault and ticket warehouse.

On the one hand, student opening is an important part of social and economic reopening. Take the group of international students in American universities alone. In 2018, foreign students contributed more than US$40 billion to the US economy. In the 2018-2019 school year, international students provided about 460,000 jobs for the United States. In addition to education, areas such as accommodation, retail, transportation, and medical insurance will also benefit. There are so many”walking cash machines” online classes at home, obviously Trump can not tolerate, so there is a ridiculous policy of”either hurry back to school or leave the United States.” And the Vice President of the United States Pence has long said that it is a leak-“This is crucial to the current US economic slump. Important, even if you may have to bear the huge risks in health and safety.”

On the other hand, there is nothing in the United States that cannot be associated with the campaign. If there is, it must be The hype is not thorough enough. Trump has always believed that Democrats don’t want to start school because of the election. In fact, this is very upsetting with American politicians wearing or not wearing masks. Those who support Trump, don’t wear masks and rush to start school; those who oppose Trump, wear masks and let the school close. Anything that is not related to politics can become a performance material for politicians. Any scientific basis and human life must be put back. As the general election is approaching, the two parties have held their foot together to brush up their presence. As for who provides prevention and control funds to the school and who will ensure the safety of students, it seems that no one has succeeded.

In order to vote, you can use education as a joke, and human life as a stepping stone. This kind of”heartlessness” is probably the only one in the world. As we see more and more”severely hit areas”, public indignation grows, and I don’t know when the”Trump” people will stop killing Sugao, and don’t let the world suffer.

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