The old king of Bhutan marries his four sisters, all fair-skinned like Hong Kong stars, but the oldest is the most favored

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The current King of Bhutan is on the 17th When I fell in love with a queen who was only 7 years old, and abolished polygamy for her, this love story has become a popular story. But the father of King Bhutan, the former King Jigme Singh Wangchuk (King Singh for short) may have four wives, and these four people are also sisters from the same family, and the four women have the same figure Beauty is similar, but status is very different. King of Bhutan

King Singer is a charismatic person. When he was 12 years old, he went to England to study alone. As a result, when the old king died in 1972, he was forced to become king. At the time, he was not even 17 years old and became the youngest king in the world.

But after he became king, he did not disappoint, It is to develop Bhutan better and better. In politics, he still likes to play basketball. He holds basketball games almost every afternoon. This is a position and money. Who doesn’t love men who like to play basketball?

Many people say that the current King of Bhutan is very handsome, In fact, it is largely the inherited value of King Singh. King Singh was handsome and handsome when he was young. Although his eyes were not double-folded, he also looked quite big, and his eyebrows were very thick, which would give people a sense of uprightness.

King Singh’s profile is also very nice, and his facial features are upright The outline of the side face looks very handsome. The most important thing is that his hair is very thick. At that time, there was no worry about hair loss and baldness.

One of the most amazing things in King Singer’s life One is that he married a total of four wives, and these four women are from the same family, and the four are sisters and sisters! Looking at the picture, four beautiful women surrounded King Singh, and King Singh smiled a happy smile.

Some people may think that all four sisters spend all Married to King Singh, he is simply a winner in life, but there are actually bitter reasons behind this. Singh, who was less than 17 years old, became a king and needed someone to help consolidate the throne. The uncle of the four women was the Xia Zun living Buddha known as the father of Bhutan, and his father was a big businessman in Bhutan. Marriage is the most suitable for King Singh.

The reason why King Singer married all four is that In order not to let anyone else leave this family. And the parents of these sisters are also happy to marry their daughters to the same man, so no matter how they fight, the future throne will certainly be in the hands of their own family, and naturally have endless glory and wealth.

Next, the president specifically said the four sisters flower. When marrying King Singh, the oldest sister was 24 years old and the youngest sister was 16 years old. The four people were called queens regardless of their rank, but the four people lived far apart, and King Singh might be afraid Unnecessary disputes.

The face value of these four sister flowers is not low, At first glance, her looks and hair are a bit like Hong Kong Stars! All four were wearing traditional Bhutanese costumes and put their hands respectfully in front of them, but the expressions of these people were so serious.

Although the four women were born to the same father and mother, The face value is similar, but their status in the king’s mind can be completely different. Although the current king is the son of the three sisters, King Singer’s favorite is actually the biggest sister, named Charing Pem, who is also the wife who made the most appearances.

Cherin Pem wearing a cherry blossom pink long-sleeved jacket The unique design of lace on the cuffs and neckline can add more girlish feeling. Her lower body is matched with a skirt of the same color, and the skirt is embellished with blue stripes, which makes the shape more layered.

As age grows, Cherin Pem does The younger you live, the more you often like to wear bright girl clothes. When she appeared at the meeting, she wore a pink long sleeve, the dress was dotted with very textured prints, and Cherin Peim’s hair was scattered, highlighting the elegant temperament.

Although she is not the most beautiful person, she has always been He was assisted by the king to complete his great career, and it was usually very low-key, and he was very convincing in dealing with others. The king also spent the longest time in her house.

Four sisters gave Prince Singer a total of 5 The prince and the five princesses, seeing this family portrait is really great! Which of the four sisters do you think is the best?

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