The only widow of the gambling king. At the age of 14, he took away the gambling king and was spoiled for 20 years.

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All say &34; Really ruthless people are often silent, giving you a fatal blow at a critical time. &34;Compared with the high-profile four wife Liang Anqi who made a high profile in front of the camera, the second room Lan Qiongying seems to be the chilling character . The funeral seemed to be low-key like an invisible person, but in fact it was the ultimate king of field control.

With The King of Gamblers funeral ended, and the legend of Ertai seems to be gradually forgotten.

Although the second wife has lost her youthful youthful appearance, the proper outfit still makes her look charming. The simple black jacket and silver-edged design make the whole dress look more exquisite, reduce the monotony, and look more elegant.

In our daily life, it is a good choice to add a sense of line to the clothes while also bringing a sense of fashion to the whole garment.

The second wife is the only widow on the final obituary of the gambler .

The 14-year-old second wife robbed her After leaving the gambler, naturally it is not a simple role.

The second wife can attract the gambler, in addition to her beauty, dressing also takes up a very important part. Simple tailored cheongsam-style skirts are elegant and generous. The choice of purple is also very intentional. Purple is often associated with mystery and will make the whole person look more elegant. Of course, purple is also indispensable in summer.

This year a very popular color suitable for 40+ women is called &34;hibiscus purple&34;, the upper body effect is very good, and it is also very temperamental.

The streamer design on the neckline is very retro and beautiful. The 3/4 sleeve version looks dignified and elegant on various occasions. And Hibiscus Purple does not pick the skin color, it is a good choice.

It seems to gradually understand, grab from the first beautiful woman in Macau How amazing the man was when she was young.

The cheongsam dress is very graceful and not very thin. It perfectly explains the charm of the cheongsam. The eyes are sultry, the facial features are exquisite, and the shape of the short hair makes the whole person refreshing and refreshing.

Cheongsam seems to have become a symbol of an era. In the last century, a group of women used cheongsam to support the beauty of the entire era. At present, cheongsam is still the primary choice for testing a woman’s temperament.

Putting on a cheongsam and making a set of photos has become a wish in the hearts of many girls.

The outstanding dance skills of the second wife also give the vanity of the gambler The heart brings great satisfaction, and it is also a big reason to get favored for twenty years.

In those days, Er Tai’s dress style was absolutely avant-garde and bold. A strapless strapless dance skirt would keep the gambler’s eyes away. The tube top skirt has always been a common dress for the ball. It can reflect the curve of the upper body of the woman. Any right angle shoulder can be shown. But the same is not recommended for sisters with thick backs.

The education of her children is also very strict, this It also contributed to the core lifeblood of the second house female control of the king of gambling industry.

Our common ladies’ suits are mostly in the workplace, but suits are also linked to elegance. Er Tai’s body is full of &34; chivalrous spirit&34;, the design of the lace at the neckline and cuffs makes the whole dress look more exquisite, and also adds femininity, giving a kind of strong woman while being dignified and generous. a feeling of.

Every year, Mr. Er Tai helped the gambler to manage Canada’s apparel industry, It wasn’t until Sifang entered the door that the second wife who was aware of the crisis returned to the gambling king to declare his sovereignty.

A reflective suit is a bit exaggerated, and the upper body looks a little blessed. In the choice of suits, if we take part in important occasions, we will mainly focus on simple and generous styles. Don’t be frivolous or show off clothes. For daily life activities, exquisite design will make you more dazzling.

Although the old second wife is no longer young, she is also Expensive.

These pearl necklaces on my neck are worn, I am afraid that others do not know that there are many billions in her family. In the choice of jewelry, many people make a mistake that they use too much force, thinking that the more jewelry they carry, the better it looks. But it is often counterproductive. Too much decoration will not only make the guests dominate, but also make the whole person very tacky.

This suit looks much better than the suit outside It is wise to choose the black turtleneck. The choice of the turtleneck is not only to make the whole person more temperament, but also look more advanced, but it is not suitable for sisters with short necks. Oh.

Middle and old people seem to have an inexplicable feeling for cheongsam , The red cheongsam looks very festive, and the delicate patterns add a lot of points. Embroidery is a very popular element from ancient times to the present. It is very temperamental and will make the whole person look more charming, no matter what age. , You can prepare yourself an embroidered cheongsam. A woman is to treat herself better.

Although the era of the king of gambling has ended, the legend will not end there, and someone will still write a good story for the era.