The queen of Spain appeared in a dress and accidentally exposed her muscles. She was 48 years old and beautiful

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Queen of SpainLetizia is very skillful in wearing, not only good at making herself tall and slim through pants, And also very skillful in dressing. Recently, Letizia wore a pink and purple floral dress, wearing sloping heel sandals, the color of the floral dress is very fresh, Bohemian-inspired wedge sandals dilute the breathiness that comes with the wedge sandals, and the whole set is light and energetic, making Letizia particularly young.

Wear a fresh color dress and be energetic and smart, wear some styles more The gorgeous and more stylish skirt Queen of Spain also performed very well. As shown in the red skirt below, the tube top and pinch waist design is thinner and taller, making the yellowish-black leather queen look very spiritual. When she wore it, she also paired with dark-colored shoes, paired with a red skirt, with a simple atmosphere, which was particularly tall. When the Queen of Spain, who is 1.16 meters tall, stood with the King of Spain, who was 1.98 meters tall, he did not appear to be short, but the whole person looked tall and slender.

The Queen of Spain not only has great skills in wearing, but also has a figure Maintenance is also excellent. It is not difficult to see from the recent photos that the queen not only has a superior ratio, but also has beautiful arm lines. Although she is very thin, she is very powerful and beautiful. From the perspective of muscle lines, Letizia attaches great importance to body management. The slender and powerful arms also make the Queen of Spain look more energetic.

When the daily dress is unveiled, the Queen of Spain is dressed up It is very simple. The long and simple long skirt with all kinds of shoes with roots, the overall style is elegant and elegant, especially the charm of mature women. As shown in the picture below, this pink printed dress is actually a little rustic as a daily dress, but the Queen of Spain chose a fresh tone and pay attention to the skinless style. The whole skirt looks very energetic. The feeling is also more youthful and energetic.

Wearing a vintage red tie-neck dress, Queen of Spain With the shawl hair in black, the overall style is more elegant. The red skirt with pinched waist pleats has a very good effect on the figure, and it also makes the Queen of Spain look more demure and unique in style.

A sea blue tulle dress, Queen of Spain’s The interpretation is also very good. Despite the age, because the fabric of the sea blue dress is not too light and thin, but has a certain texture, coupled with superior body curves, the Queen of Spain looks smart and immortal, and has the beauty of a working woman.

When wearing a green floral tulle skirt, the queen of Spain chooses It is a style with darker tones and sparse floral patterns. This kind of darker color tulle skirts often have a lot of tacky everyday wear, but come with retro aesthetics, and the sparse and small floral skirts are thinner and taller. The Queen of Spain uses a retro-style sandal with a tulle skirt, light and energetic, the whole dress is exquisite and stylish.

When wearing a round neck red dress, the Queen of Spain uses the same color The bag and shoes are matched, the whole dress is gorgeous and fashionable. This round-neck pinched red dress is often very good for modifying the figure. The loose style worn by the Queen of Spain is visually thin and comes with an elegant and lazy aesthetic. A black queen with a black hair and a red dress is elegant and expensive, and has a European style.

When the pattern is relatively dense, it is easy to produce a blocky feel When printing skirts, the Queen of Spain will choose a style with less obvious color contrast and a softer overall tone. This light-toned printed skirt is more visually light and literary. It does not look fat or old-fashioned on the body, but has a sense of refinement and elegance. The appearance of the Queen of Spain itself is very good, wearing this literary and elegant skirt, especially temperament.

When wearing a metallic pleated skirt full of science fiction The queen of Spain uses a pink shirt that also has a sense of brightness to match. The whole dress looks beautiful and pioneering. The slim shirt is matched with the long skirt and the waist is elegant. The whole set is very effective in modifying the figure. At the same time, the Queen of Spain is extraordinarily exquisite and extravagant. , At the same time there is no lack of fashion sense. The matching of pink satin shirt and pleated skirt also weakens the style of pleated skirt that is too &34; naive and thin &34; to a certain extent, the whole set is more layered and more refined.

White v-neck top with printed umbrella skirt, complete set Retro and elegant. The combination of a white top and a floral dress on a white background has a fresh and retro charm. The Spanish queen wearing this set is like the movie”Roman Holiday” came out in general, stylish and elegant, showing high-end temperament from every angle. It is not difficult to find that the shoes of the Queen of Spain are generally more old-fashioned, such as various fish mouth high-heeled shoes, the pair of earth-colored wedge heel shoes below. Although these shoes always have a sense of obsolescence, but because the clothes are more energetic and light, the Spanish dress is still fashionable and very young.

Having seen the shape of the Queen of Spain, it’s not difficult to find that women Even if you are old, you can still wear the dress with energy and fashion. The style of the skirt when dressing is as much as possible to modify the figure, and the style is more fresh, which will make women look younger.