“The quotation I received is as rainy as possible.”

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According to foreign media reports, Shanghai Shanggang foreign aid Hulk said in an interview with Brazilian media”Global Sports” that he will be in After the contract expires this year, he will not renew the contract with the team.

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In the report, Hulk said:”My contract will end in December. I have repeatedly said that I will not renew the contract. Now the quotation I received is like rain, from different sources Countries, there are giants who can participate in the Champions League, there are some Brazilian clubs, and even Chinese clubs, but I don’t want to stay there anymore. Hong Kong. Pray for God to help me choose the best club, I hope I can keep fit.”

“In a few days, I’m about to turn 34 years old, and I’m happy to see that I’m still in good health. Very good, I am still in the best state. My body fat rate was 11%a year ago, and now it is 8%.” He also expressed in an interview that he does not regard money as a very important factor,”I don’t have Putting”money” in the first place, I have always wanted to find a place that makes me happier, so I am spending time researching quotations, and we have not made any decision yet.”

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Since 2016 Since the Russian Super League Zenit joined Shanghai, Hulk played 125 times for Shanghai, scoring 69 goals and 53 assists, helping the team get the first Chinese Super League championship in team history.