The riot broke out! Terrorists appear in Pakistan’s largest city

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Pakistan has not been very peaceful recently. On the 29th local time, the stock exchange building in Karachi, Pakistan’s largest city, was attacked by terrorists, causing a large number of casualties in the police and the people. Four terrorists were killed in the incident, and the injured were immediately taken to hospital for medical treatment.

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Heartland hit hard

The terrorist attack city is the largest city in Pakistan, bordering the Arabian Sea, with 20 million Of the population is a coastal city with a total area of ​​3,527 square kilometers. The Pakistan Stock Exchange, which was hit hard, is the largest stock exchange in Pakistan. At the same time, the headquarters of some banks and financial institutions in Pakistan are also included in this building. As a heartland, it can also be regarded as the top priority of Pakistan’s financial industry. It can be said that this terrorist attack has not affected the Pakistani financial industry. For this terrorist incident, Pakistan’s Sindh Governor Governor Imran Ismail said he would spare no expense to defend Sindh.

“Specific global terrorists” caused riots

It is understood that The terrorist attacked was the”Balochistan Liberation Army”. This organization was first established in the 1980s. Its purpose was to deal with the Afghan guerrillas in Pakistan, but it changed over time. After the Soviet Union provided them with weapons and equipment, this organization He began to lean towards the Soviet Union. But as the Soviet Union disintegrated, the organization also declined. After 9/11, the organization seemed to find a new way to start a terrorist attack focusing on the separatist activities in Bismarck. In 2018, the Chinese consulate in Karachi was attacked by the organization. Fortunately, the attack did not cause very serious damage. For various reasons, this organization has been banned. Later, the United States defined this organization as a specific global terrorist. This terrorist organization is mostly active in Balochistan, with strong ethnic separation. The organization has repeatedly launched terrorist attacks on Pakistani security forces and civilians. A few days ago, the”Baluchi People’s Liberation Army” claimed responsibility for the attack on social media.

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China’s attitude towards the incident

For the terrorist attack on the Pakistan Stock Exchange, the Chinese Foreign Ministry’s The regular press conference expressed condemnation and condolences. Pakistan and China have forged a profound friendship, and the Chinese and Pakistani people have always stood together.

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