The scale of Cambodia’s hit dramas is too large and controversial, netizens:it seems a bit erotic

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Cambodian Single Network, July 14th, The new drama”Double Edge”, which is being broadcast by a Cambodian TV station, has been watched by the general audience, but the bed scenes in the plot have caused a lot of controversy and some excessive The intimate large-scale picture makes people dare not look directly.

It is particularly worth mentioning that there is a scene in which the husband of the hostess cheats on her cousin and kisses fiercely on the bed, and the cousin of the hostess enjoys the show. In addition, perhaps for better shooting results, she did not seem to be wearing clothes when she was intimate with the male owner.

Many netizens questioned whether this plot conforms to Cambodia’s traditional culture and whether it will affect the image of Cambodian women.

“Such a picture is too naked, it seems a bit erotic!”

“Many students love to watch TV, if they watch it, will there be any kind of learning?”

“TV stations cannot have a lower limit for ratings, and relevant government departments should also strengthen regulation.”

As we all know, Cambodia is a traditional Buddhist country. For the over-exposed plot, the general audience Whether it is acceptable is indeed worthy of consideration, and whether the relevant departments play a regulatory role is also worth pondering.

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