The second half of 2020 begins and the world changes dramatically

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The first year of Magic 2020 is thrilling The first half is over and we started the second half.

This should be the most memorable, most anxious, most thrilling, and most ups and downs half of our life, none of them.

Even the two world wars have not stopped the world like this.

The world has changed, and it has changed dramatically.

In the past six months, we have seen too many rapid reversals.

U.S.-Iranian war almost broke out. The latest news is that Iran wants to”arrest” Trump and asks Interpol to issue a red wanted order.

Also, the United States accounts for less than 5%of the world’s population and contributes 25%of the world’s cases. This is a ridiculous but distressing reality.

No wonder Hillary mocked:He promised”America First”! Old lady, who are you talking about?

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viruses do not speak politics. It does not distinguish nationality, race, identity, status. So, we saw one important person after another diagnosed:the Russian Prime Minister, the British Crown Prince, the Vice President of Iran, the wife of the Canadian Prime Minister… a long list.

British Prime Minister Johnson was once sent to the ICU and died nine times in his life.

In the past six months, we have seen the sudden collapse of the world economy.

Anyway, in the history of the U.S. stock market, there have been a total of five meltdowns, and four occurred in March this year.

The price of oil is not only cheaper than water, but also once closed at -37.63 US dollars per barrel. Negative oil prices, and negative below 18 hells, only our generation has seen.

Furthermore, the”black man’s fate is also a fate” movement in the United States, sweeping across the United States and even the entire West Tearing…

It’s no wonder that some friends feel this way:

In the first 6 months of this year, we have witnessed the 1918 Spanish flu, the 1929 Great Depression, and the 2008 financial The crisis, oh, if it is an American, there must be one more, the racial riots of 1968…

The 100 years of human change have been concentrated in the first half of 2020.

Condensed, it really is the”essence”, is it not a nightmare?


The bad news is:We are in the first half of the magic first year of 2020, and we have the second half of the year.

The good news is:in the magic first year of 2020, we finally survived the first half and entered the second half.

In this second half full of variables, there are a few big things we have to face.

One big event, the epidemic, one wave has not yet subsided, and another wave has invaded again.

From the first case to the 1 millionth case, humans used it for three months; but the latest 1 million additions took only 8 days.

Considering the detection capabilities of many countries, this may still be the tip of the iceberg.

According to Dr. Foch’s latest judgment, if the United States is still so sloppy and does not wear a mask, only one country in the United States will exceed 100,000 new cases per day.

In Latin America and developing countries, next, the situation may be more serious.

A recent comment in the New York Times said that the United States is now becoming a virus exporting country, especially the expulsion of illegal immigrants, which puts neighbouring Latin American countries facing huge epidemic pressure.

This is not the second wave.

The real second wave may be in the fall, in the second half of 2020.

It’s no wonder that Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian also said with emotion recently:

As the world’s most developed and mature medical technology country, the United States has responded to the epidemic to such an extent that both It is puzzling and thought-provoking. We deplore the American people who have been killed by the virus and pay tribute to the American medical personnel who saved lives and contained the epidemic. We sincerely wish the American people an early victory over the epidemic.

There are many things in this world that people really don’t understand.

The second big thing, the economy, we have witnessed the bad, it should be worse.

Anyway, according to the latest IMF report, the global economic growth rate in 2020 will be -4.9%.


United States:-8%;

Euro area:-10.2%;





United Kingdom:- 10.2%;



It is tragic, it has not been tragic for decades.

In many countries, a drop of 10%will start. Among the major developed countries, Japan is the better, but it will also drop by 5.8%.

What about the BRICS countries?




South Africa:-8.0%.

In addition, Mexico:-10.5%.

We must see that these countries are facing more arduous livelihood tasks, especially in a populous country like India, where employment is the biggest livelihood, don’t frustrate. Come on.

The only good news is that among the major powers, China’s economy is still growing, 1%!

Although it is 1%, it should already be the biggest driving force of the current world economy.

The big three, technology, the most fierce technology competition began.

Focus on, vaccine.

The situation is tens of thousands, and the most effective response to this global crisis is the vaccine.

Technology is crucial. The countries that developed vaccines first were both hard and soft.

The United States is working hard, Europe is working hard, and of course China is also working hard. Just after reading the news, Modi just held a vaccine meeting during his busy schedule.

Of course, with technology, the vaccine is just a microcosm.

In the face of globalization, the lack of bottom-line technology containment by certain major powers brings a strong sense of crisis, forcing some companies in some countries to pay attention to core technologies.

After all, in the future competition, technology is the primary productive force.

Four major events, variables, there should still be many black swans, which have not yet taken off.

In the second half of the year, a series of major world events, wars in the Middle East, elections in the United States, Brexit (follow-up negotiations) in the United Kingdom, and street movements sweeping across the West are all significant. variable.

Every seemingly small change, like the flapping wings of a butterfly, may bring unpredictable hurricanes.

In 2019, we have seen one black swan flying after another.

But there is no doubt that the black swans in 2020 are extraordinarily large, extraordinarily large, and extraordinarily fat.

Oh, by the way, according to the current western context, perhaps,”black swan” is also a taboo word in the future.

Five events, pot dumping, the unprecedented battle between pot dumping and pot dumping is still in progress.

For this, we don’t have to have illusions.

Politicians must find scapegoats in order to shirk their responsibilities. In some countries, especially considering the special political climate, no matter how good China is, the accusations against China will not be less.

We have seen too many examples, for example, accusing Chinese goods of being inferior, demonizing this is”Chinese virus”,”Wuhan virus” and”Kung Fu virus”, even threatening to demand compensation from China. and many more.

The lie is repeated a thousand times, and it must still be a lie. But the politician’s bottomless dumping of the pot has confused international public opinion. Not to mention, this stigmatization damages the dignity of the Chinese.

What is more vigilant is that instigating populism often has disastrous consequences. We have too many profound historical lessons.

But we can also expect that in the second half of 2020, we will witness a more intense battle between pot dumping and anti-pot dumping!

The magical second half of 2020 begins with tragedy and continues.

But in the dark, we are not without hope.

China has already passed the most dangerous time, and the resumption of production and production is moving deeper. Otherwise, the IMF will not determine that the Chinese economy will definitely grow positively this year.

China still has a major historical mission this year, to overcome poverty and tackle a difficult life in an all-round way. There is no doubt that this will be an indelible milestone in Chinese history.

As a very good sign:On the last day of the first half of 2020, the Shenzhen Component Index and the Growth Enterprise Market Index both rose sharply and reached a four-year high.

In such a special year, such a surprising miracle.

Alas, one cannot expect too much from the Chinese stock market, but one cannot underestimate the positive changes in the Chinese stock market.

For some countries, 2020 is a nightmare. If everything is really a dream, how good it should be!

But for some countries, 2020 is a comprehensive crisis, but it has passed, it is an opportunity, a new situation may be emerging.

This is reality, cruel reality.

The international financial crisis in 2008 profoundly changed the world’s landscape. Twelve years later, in a new crisis, the world pattern is undergoing major and far-reaching changes. In the change, there are tragedies that we must face, and there must be all kinds of farce that we cannot avoid.

It is really a big change that has not been seen in a century.

Many friends lamented:We really did not do much this year, just witness the history. But there is no way. In this magical year, we may have to keep our eyes open and witness more history.

In the second half of 2020, cheer on China, cheer on the world!

Column editor:Qin Hong Text editor:Dong Siyun Title source:Xinhua News Agency Photo editor:Zhu Xuan