The sneakers in your shoe cabinet may have been designed by him

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I believe everyone must have known Yeezy sneaker designer Steven Smith, this designer known as the sneaker daxian, Countless classic shoes have been designed for brands such as Nike, Adidas, New Balance and Reebok. It was also attracted people’s attention because Kanye personally disclosed his identity, but at the same time, the editor also found a designer at the same time as the sneaker Daxian.

Steven Smith

This designer who has more than 2,000 followers on Ins, but gave the ECCO designed a brand-new sneaker to bring it back to life. At the same time, he also served as the global creative design director for 10 years in Fila, and more importantly, he designed at Adidas from 1990 to 19977 Sneakers of the year. He is the Savino Paolo Bove from Italy.

Savino Paolo Bove personal Ins account

Maybe everyone is relatively unfamiliar with this name, but he is the same as the sneaker Daxian and is in the job Adidas designed a variety of classic styles, and on his personal Ins, he will find that he is also constantly publishing his previous design manuscripts. If you want to talk about its two most classic designs, it is YUNG-1, Ozweego, and the FYW 98 series, which has been declared like Yeezy 700 by all walks of life.

In 1990, he loved Adidas since he was a child and finally realized his dream. He started working in Nuremberg, where Adidas originated. Became a member of Adidas’ sneaker design team.

Savino Paolo Bove who just joined in 1990

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Savino’s design building for 7 years

It was not until 1991 that the first sneaker in life was designed. Unfortunately, it was not available. At the same time, it also designed the first commercially available sneaker in life— Torsion Renegade also proved his worth to Adidas. From the design of these two pairs of shoes, it can be seen how hot his future design direction will be.

the first sneaker in 1991

Adidas Torsion Renegade

But after the first pair of sneakers were commercially available, Adidas also agreed with his design ideas, while He also moved into a larger office and constantly polished and perfected his own creations. In 1992, he welcomed the second pair of shoes, Tubular 2, agreed to be produced by Adidas.

Tubular 2 in 1992

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Savino Paolo Bove who just moved into the new office in 1991

In the same year, I also designed a conceptual running shoe based on the concept sports car AVUS launched by Audi in 1991. Unfortunately, the design was too advanced at that time, so the pair named Extreme Running was not available, and only the manuscript was left. For us to appreciate.

1992 Conceptual Running Shoes Extreme Running

Until 1993, various types of sneakers were also designed, some of which were sunk into the design manuscript Under the sea, some are available for sale. Although people have begun to pay attention to the shoes he designed, and the response on the market has also received rave reviews, he still can’t satisfy him.

1993 Galaxy Serie series

The Handball 1993

1993 Torsion Series

1993 Adidas Grand Slam

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After three years of precipitation and accumulation, all of this began to vent in 1994. In that year, he designed Ozweego, Lexico Extra, EQT Light Lady, etc. A series of Adidas classic shoes.

Ozweego 2 in 1994

1994 Lexico Extra

1994 EQT Light Lady

See Here you may think that these are his most classic designs, but it really made him a classic legendary designer of Adidas. During the period from 1996 to 1997, at the end of 1994, his contract with Adidas was about to expire. At the same time, he also feels that his inspiration is almost used up, and his talents have been recognized by industry insiders, including Nike. During this period of 1994-1995, Nike kept trying to poach the adversary from Adidas. The designer, who wanted to create a classic for his favorite sneaker brand, under the constant interruption of Nike, made him determined to renew his contract with Adidas.

In 1996 In the year of Adidas, Tianzu was born. Many people may only remember that the designer of Tianzu basketball shoes was Guy Marshall, but Savino Paolo Bove helped to complete the design.

Tianzu The success of Savino Paolo Bove also regained confidence. In the same year, he constantly designed a new generation for Ozweego. At the same time, he also designed the EQT Solution, which is commonly known as FYW 98 like Yeezy700. This pair of FYW 98 is indeed It was launched in 1998, but it was designed in 1996. Why?

Things need to go back to renewal. When Savino received a task at that time, he wanted to He started designing shoes for 1997 (that is, shoes after the contract expires), so starting in 1996, he started to discuss the shoes that will be popular in the future, so since that year, most of his designs All the shoes will be released in the future. The time has finally arrived in 1997 when the contract expires. This year, it can be said that he poured everything for Adidas. First, he designed the YUNG-1 that was very popular in the past few years. .

Adidas YUNG-1

In fact, this YUNG- was originally designed At 1, Adidas’ goal was to compete with Nike. However, when this shoe was originally designed, it was not called YUNG-1. It was originally named New FALCON, so since it is New, there must be old ones. The old version of FALCON was also designed by him in 1994. It was not launched until 1996.


In the same year, he also designed the FYW-S97 and the final version of OZWEEGO. The work assigned to him by Adidas was properly handled. At the end of 1997, he felt I have been unable to bring more innovation to Adidas, so I chose not to renew the contract and became Fila’s global creative design director.

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1997 FYW-S97 advertisement

Speaking of the last pair of shoes he designed for Adidas, it was OZWEEGO. At that time, when these shoes were on his way, the people in the team asked him for his opinions. Eventually he also put these shoes on It was drawn within two hours, and the manuscript did not have time to take a picture, so he left in a hurry.

When he is When he went to Fila in 1998, he also brought a lot of design manuscripts that were originally designed in Adidas, but were not agreed to be produced by senior management, but in Fila, he was agreed to produce.

Savino’s career has designed more than one hundred pairs of sneakers, this time I will be with you first Talk about his Adidas design career, but the names mentioned in the text are enough to see his influence in the shoe circle. At the end, don’t flip through your shoe cabinet, see if there are works designed by Savino Paolo Bove~


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