“The Soul of Tsushima” Advance Evaluation:Welcome to the World of Sword Halberd

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When evaluating a thing, it is usually difficult to talk about the thing in isolation:many games now look rough and outdated, but if you refer to contemporary works, you can often find their merits. After all, as the design concept is updated and the hardware level is iteratively improved, it is meaningless to seek a sword. Similarly, comics, movies, etc. are artistic expressions, but at the same time depend on the industrial level to a certain extent.

So, when evaluating”The Soul of Tsushima”, it is unavoidable to compare it with some works horizontally and vertically-whether it is announced at the E3 2018 exhibition at the same time, the first step”Wolf”, which went public and received good reviews, or”The Last Survivor Part 2″, which was released in the last era of PS4 and whose picture quality reached its peak, was controversial.

It can be said that compared with”Wolf” or”The Last Survivor Part 2″,”The Soul of Horse Island” is very unfavorable:the former has Miyazaki Hideo”Tianzhu” An excellent lineage, unique plot expression and action design; the latter is a classic sequel of a generation, with huge financial resources invested in the intention to become the”perfect ending of the PS4 era” and a picture that can be called the representative of the most advanced productivity of the contemporary game industry which performed. The”Soul of Tsushima”, a Japanese-style sword halberd game produced by SIE Suker Punch Studio-the previous masterpiece is”Infamous” and other American games-from the trial experience, its picture expression It’s hard to talk with the second part of The Last Survivor, and the plot presentation is also difficult to match the subtlety and exquisiteness of”The Wolf”.

But this does not mean that”Soul of Umashima” is a brighter foil. The designer tried to use a lot of micro-designs visible to the naked eye to make the game”inner taste” As for whether it can meet the expectations of players, it is a matter of opinion. When you read this article, the market has been flooded with various media evaluations, and various details and gameplay in the game are also listed one by one, so I will not discuss these in detail, only express what I have played after the game General feelings for reference.

Straight Stories

Discussing the general plot of”The Spirit of Tsushima” should not be a spoiler, after all, it was released from before In the trailer and introduction, the interested players have been able to glimpse the full story.

Simply put, this is a classic story of a protagonist who struggled to regain lost things after undergoing great changes. This kind of story is not uncommon in”Open World RPG”. Or, most games of this type have a similar theme. The difference is that the background of the story is different. The plot presentation and character creation are also different due to the schedule of the screenwriter- — In Ubisoft’s recent works”Far Island Crysis” or”Assassin’s Creed”, we have seen many.

The story of”The Soul of Ma Dao” is relatively straightforward. The protagonist”Jing Jingren” was born in a samurai family. Since his childhood, his father and uncle instilled the concept of orthodox samurai. Man of Creed. In the early days of the game, the implementation of this creed made him seem a bit pedantic-in the face of the large number of Mongolian invading troops, he had to fight alone.

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Soul of Samurai

During the game, in order to retake the occupation by Mongolia To protect the island and protect the people, Ren gradually abandoned his obsession and turned into a mysterious and unpredictable”war against the island”, assassinating the enemy and other means of”violating the samurai way”.

From frontal collision to assassination behind, changing the concepts held since childhood is not an easy task. Excellent stories usually take into account both the plot presentation and character creation. The character creation of”The Soul of Horse Island” mainly The focus is on the entire process of change in benevolence and mentality, and the use of intervening techniques to recall and kill from time to time to compare changes. Subjective feelings, the plot often has forced transitions and weak logic in order to smoothly advance, and the correlation between the plots is also open to discussion, but the hard-picked words are indeed some minor details, and the core story does not make a big mistake, the plot surrounds this It was done thoroughly.

Nowadays, large-scale games are increasingly testing the screenwriter level, especially the famous works such as”Wolf” mentioned above, Zhuyu is in front. Players’ expectations for masterpieces are no longer simply”cool”. The screenwriter of”The Soul of Tsushima” has obviously conducted a lot of investigations on Japanese culture. The”big words” that are commonly used in the culture of Eastern scholars such as”Defending Li Min” and”Quiet and Later” in the dialogue of game characters appear frequently. The advantage of this is that it is easy for players to quickly enter the situation and facilitate the understanding of the core of the story. But the disadvantage is that too much use of big words will make character modeling lose one’s own-lack of details and colloquial dialogue makes it difficult for players to empathize with game characters. And, the plot animation in”The Soul of Tsushima” can’t be skipped. Every once in a while, the player will be baptized by the spirit of the country’s justice and the samurai. The intense martial arts and the slow literary drama are interspersed. The experience is very subtle.

The above, to give a comment to the plot of”The Soul of the Island”, is that the plot is smooth and rigorous, and the relatively flat characters are shaped, but there is no irritating plot. Make the whole story in an acceptable but relatively dull state.

Sword Halberd and Gameplay

JapanEra Dramas can be divided into three categories macroscopically:the first category is a historical drama that advocates classicism-“pure era drama”; the second category is a disguise of the era drama, which is closely related to the life of a small citizen in essence. Modern dramas in costume; the third category is”fighting era dramas”, also known as”sword halberds.”

In time,”sword halberds” started after the Kanto earthquake in the 1920s. Initially It was modeled after Hollywood western movies. This period drama generally uses samurai and rogue as the protagonists. Its pursuit of realism and realistic effects make the audience frightened by the cold weapons. It changes the”dance” in traditional noh drama and kabuki drama. The”programmed fighting performance” was highly praised at the time, and it was also regarded as a popular entertainment film comparable to the western film. The leader of the 1954″Miyamoto Musashi” directed by Hiroshi Inagaki was used as a”breaking circle”. He won the Oscar.

Speaking of the sword halberd, Kurosawa can’t get around anyway-masterpieces of sword halberds that people are familiar with, such as”Raws”,”Seven Samurai”,”Sengoku Heroes” All are from his own hands. In”The Soul of Tsushima,” the game maker prepared a black and white filter mode for the player, removing color rendering, plus an appropriate amount of black and white noise, coupled with subtle changes in light and shadow, the old movie tastes oily. Health. Officials don’t hide it. They named this black-and-white filter mode directly as”Blackpool Mode”, which is concise and clear. However, there is a problem here. The default mouth is English when the characters are talking. When Japanese dubbing is selected The character’s mouth shape and dialogue cannot match, creating a sense of disobedience and destroying the overall concept of”Sword Halberd”.

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Black mode

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light reflection effect is good in black and white mode

Traditional sword halberd film emphasizes the realism brought by the cold weapon melee,”The Soul of Horse Island” implements this concept, Ninja, The warriors used a lot of metaphysical techniques to exert their unrealistic skills.”The Soul of the Horse Island” abandoned all bulls, ghosts and snakes, and played the truth:the samurai and the Mongolian soldiers-a total of four arms, swords, guns, shields and storms, holding swords. Close cut each other, choose various moves for different enemies, the action is not exaggerated, and it is not allowed to hit a point, the feel and feedback are good.

The battle part, the most satisfying part is the”duel” Set, the protagonist will fight one-on-one with the opponent, the production team uses a large number of sword halberd mirrors in this functional design, supplemented by character dialogue and Japanese style music. The sense of movie overflows the screen and is very touching.

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In the game, a large number of near and far camera switches are used to enhance the sense of the movie.

In the battle settings,”The Soul of the Island” introduces the”decision value””In this concept, players accumulate determination values ​​through assassinations, continuous strikes, and other means, and use this to restore, to a certain extent, reducing the difficulty of the game, supplemented by the seamless switch of bitterness, flash bombs, bows and arrows, sticky bullets. The secret weapon of other organs, so that skillful players have the capital to fight in the siege.

During the trial play, the combat experience is generally satisfactory, and players can indeed experience the pictures that often appear in sword halberds during the battle. But the strange thing is that the game does not have a perspective lock function. Flashing enemies often go behind them. Players need to manually shift the perspective at any time-the proficiency is high to a certain level, and the player can even learn from the opponent without vision.

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No perspective locking function

In summary, it is relatively natural and simple The smooth combat action, the realism of seeing the blood in the sword, the combat part of”The Soul of Tsushima” improves its gameplay, and when combined with”Kurosawa Akira Filter”, it constitutes the most attractive part of the game.

Picture quality and the open world

If you have watched the trailer CG of”The Soul of Horse Island” in recent years, and Among them, the ultra-high image quality of the red leaf flakes has high expectations, and I am afraid that you will feel a trace of loss after the actual machine:Compared with the preview, the real game screen has shrunk to a certain extent, and the detail richness, color rendering and modeling accuracy are not as good Expectation-I was surprised when the characters climbed the window several times during the beginning of the game, which surprised me, and the facial expressions of the characters were slightly stiff during the conversation.

Speaking again, Sucker Punch’s R&D power is already in the category of quite satisfactory in the big factory studio, and it is more than insufficient. Its level is not enough to challenge the peak of this generation. The Soul of Horse Island uses large color blocks and markers to maximize their strength and avoid shortcomings. The expression of the picture is basically a complete reflection of their strength.

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After watching the trailer, many players have the game and wind screen In addition to the emotions, I also worried about the open world gameplay in The Soul of Ushimashima. It can be said clearly that the open world of this book is absolutely unbelievable, but it is very”Japan”:foxes, shrines, hot springs, haiku, shakuhachi, a large number of Japanese styles are placed on the map, and Japan Players with good cultures will always find surprises from time to time.

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The famous painting”Langren Mingle”

The open world is a basket, can When you install the Los Santos, you can also accommodate the island, the difference is that the quality of the objects in the basket varies according to the degree of attention of the production team.”The Soul of Tsushima” can make you soberly realize that”This is a game made by a group of Americans who love Japanese culture and have done a lot of research.” This is not a criticism, only an objective description.

As for the main line, branch line and various tasks used to learn skills and unlock legends in the open world, the amount is definitely large enough, but the mass distribution is also relatively random, sometimes in order to obtain a certain weapon or To learn a certain skill, you have to grind your teeth and insist on completing some drowsy running map tasks.

In summary, the level of the open world has not broken through the shackles of”industrial canning”, but the quality of the canned content itself is still above the standard.

Whether to play or not to play, this is a problem

The Soul of Tsushima is not a traditional character suitable for piercing the main line in one go Playing games, its essence-the setting of Japanese elements, shadow quality mirrors, high-freedom camera mode and other settings require the patient’s patience. A large number of shrines and hot springs equal a lot of time consumption, eager to browse the game plot and clear the main line. Buy Zhuanzhuzhu.

In July with few masterpieces, if players are interested in certain elements of the game, sword halberds or Japanese landscapes, they are still highly recommended to experience. To treat such a work, lower expectations appropriately, but it is easy to reap surprises from the details.