The sun can transfer heat to the earth, why is the space between the sun and the earth cold?

By ddzyx

​​The sun is a star. The star is due to the collapse of gravity to form an ultra-high temperature and high pressure area in the inner core to attract celestial bodies formed by the surrounding dust. The core area of ​​the star will encounter a violent nuclear fusion reaction when it encounters hydrogen material, so The sun can emit heat. Because the sun is a huge star, it can generate very high temperatures. According to scientists’ observation and analysis, the core temperature of the sun is as high as 15 million degrees Celsius, and the surface temperature is also 6000 degrees Celsius. What is the concept?

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Sun surface The temperature is about 6000 ℃, can melt any material on the earth, including the earth

The most high temperature resistant material on the earth is hafnium alloy, which is under the standard atmosphere The melting point is as high as 4200°C, which is the highest melting point on the earth, but even if it is placed on the surface of the sun, the hafnium alloy will be melted. Even the hafnium alloy cannot withstand the high temperature of 6000°C. The earth has no material to withstand this Temperature, that is to say, if the earth is placed on the surface of the sun, the earth will be completely melted or evaporated. It is because of this high temperature that the sun can bring temperature to the earth when it is 150 million kilometers away from the earth. Only when the earth has temperature can it produce life and let life continue to multiply. When it comes to this, many people may wonder that the”heat” of the sun can be transported to the earth across 150 million kilometers of cosmic space. Is the space still so cold?

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Sun””Heat” is transmitted to the earth over 150 million kilometers

To understand this problem, first of all, we have to understand what the nature of temperature is? We usually feel hot when the temperature is high, and cold when the temperature is low. This is the temperature. Its unit is Celsius or Fahrenheit. The temperature is so simple. The phenomenon of temperature on the surface is easy to understand, and there is no What is special, but in fact we are all too naive, the temperature is actually very learned, why do we feel hot when the temperature rises? What causes the temperature to rise or fall? These questions need to understand the nature of temperature to know the mystery.

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Temperature The essence is the heat generated by the collision of the irregular movement of molecules, and the principle of heat generation is the same as drilling wood and fire.

Scientists say that the essence of temperature is actually molecular Movement, also known as Brownian motion, is full of molecules of matter everywhere in our world. The irregular movement of these molecules produces the so-called temperature. When the molecular movement is intense, the temperature will rise, because the more intense the molecular movement, The more heat energy they convert into kinetic energy, so it feels hot; when the molecular movement speed is slower, the molecule does not move, the heat generated is relatively less, and the temperature is lower, so it feels cold, this is the temperature In essence, everything in the world is composed of molecules. These molecules float in any corner of the earth. There are countless molecules moving around you. Whether you are cold or hot is related to these molecules.

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water supply The heat can accelerate the movement of water molecules, so heat is generated and water is given, so the water will boil

Understanding the nature of temperature, let’s answer how the sun is What makes the earth hot, why is the universe between the sun and the earth so cold. First of all talk about how the sun makes the earth generate heat. Many people mistakenly believe that the heat of the earth is brought by the sun. In fact, the heat of the earth is generated by ourselves. We already know that the increase in temperature is caused by the acceleration of molecular motion, so the temperature of the earth The rise is actually the acceleration of the molecular velocity inside the earth, so where does the driving force for these accelerations come from? That is the sun. After nuclear fusion, the sun will release a lot of radiation. These radiations are named solar radiation. Solar radiation is composed of a large number of massless energy packets-photons. When solar radiation travels through space to the earth, the photons and the earth When the internal molecules collide, the molecules will absorb the energy of the photons, so the acceleration energy is obtained, the molecules are accelerated, and the movement becomes faster, so the temperature rises.

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The sun actually It is to transmit radiation to the earth, not heat.

When the source of sunlight photons reaches the earth continuously, the molecules can obtain a steady flow of energy, so the molecules will Continue to accelerate the movement, the violent collision between the molecules produces continuous heat, which is released and then absorbed by other substances, so the temperature continues to rise until it is very hot, so the heat of the earth is produced by the molecules of the earth The sun only provides energy for molecular acceleration. Its heat is not transmitted to the earth, but its radiation.

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Space is In the vacuum zone, there is no matter, so it cannot generate heat and temperature.

Let’s talk about why the universe between the sun and the earth is so cold, we already know that the essence of temperature is a molecule The movement of the universe is a space close to a vacuum state. There is no matter. Without matter, there will be no molecules, and without molecules, the material basis for heat will be lost. Although solar radiation continues through these cosmic spaces, there is no molecular movement. Heat, so it is always cold. Of course, spaceships, space stations, and astronauts flying in space have temperature because they are all matter, and matter is composed of molecules. Solar radiation can make spaceships, space stations, Astronauts have faster molecular movements of these objects, so they can generate temperature, but the cosmic vacuum does not work because it has no matter.