The third possibility of human destruction, recent events

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Is it possible to go back in time

Let’s today Speaking of the third possibility of”human extinction”, meteorite. What are the first two causes of human destruction?

In fact, there are at least a dozen possibilities for human destruction.

What is a”supernova explosion”? That is, a relatively large star, when it finally dies, it will explode with”Boom!”, which is called”supernova explosion”.

So now that this supernova explosion is found, this flash is brighter than the galaxy where the star is located, that is to say a star. If it explodes in a galaxy, the entire galaxy can be seen.

The supernova explosions we have discovered are far away from us, so we can’t see them with the naked eye. And even if we see it, we see it on the earth, its explosion is very slow, and we will find that it will explode for several months, because the speed is”the faster the time, the slower”.

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Stellar explosion

We see that it is doing high-speed slow motion. It actually explodes at a slam in its place. Then, when this explosion occurs, the ejection of these materials will eventually form a nebula. This is actually some debris, which does not emit light, but there will be a flash of light when it explodes.

The flash fluttered with the debris in the universe for tens of thousands of years, and it was always on. Will the sun burst? will not. why? It belongs to a very small star, which does not explode.

The smaller the star, the longer its lifespan. Small stars like the sun can reach a lifetime of 10 billion years. This year the sun is about 5 billion years old, that is to say, after half a year, after another 5 billion years, it will continue to expand, and the color will gradually change from the current golden yellow to red. What is the scale of the expansion, in the end, can engulf the earth.

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White dwarf star

Engulfed Of course, of course, the earth was burnt down at once, and then it would shrink, shrink, and finally shrink to a”white star” with a diameter about the size of the earth. This star is called a white dwarf star, it can continue to shine for 10 billion years, and then finally there is no light at all, and it dies.

As I said before, in this universe, like our solar system, there are very few galaxies with only one star. This kind of galaxy is mainly two or more stars, which means that there are two stars in this galaxy rotating in this galaxy. If a star dies, it becomes a white dwarf star. Will continue to absorb the material of another star.

Despite its small mass, this white dwarf star sucks all the hydrogen gas and other things from another star. After sucking around it, its mass will become larger and larger, when it reaches 14 times the mass of the sun, it will slam! It will really explode.

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White dwarf star

It exploded and it was all iron. Now a lot of iron floating in the universe burst out like this. I said at the time that if such galaxies produced life, their wisdom should be much higher than ours. Because they are more complicated than our situation, he has two suns.

It is very difficult for us humans to solve the game problem, for example, eleven people and eleven people play football, how to analyze who can win is difficult, because there are 22 uncertain factors Well. However, it is very simple for them to analyze the intelligent life generated by this stellar galaxy.

All white dwarfs in this universe exploded when they reached 1.4 times the mass of the sun. Since they explode with the same mass, the light shines when they explode. Based on this, we can calculate the distance of the galaxy from us.

We are looking at certain galaxies now. How do we know how far it is from us? Just rely on this to find the white dwarf in it. How much is its brightness, we know how far we are. The brighter the closer to us, the darker the farther from us.

A star that is more than eight times larger than the sun will produce a supernova explosion. This is one of the things we are going to talk about today, that is, the recent astronomy community is a bit overwhelmed, a very large star very close to us. It is about to explode.

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This Star, you can see it at night when you look up, it is the four stars of Orion’s celestial. This star is particularly powerful, its radius is so far from the Sun to Jupiter; its mass is about 20 times more than that of the Sun. Then I said earlier that the lower the quality, the longer the life, and the larger the quality, the shorter the life. The life span of this star is extremely short, only 10 million years, and this year it is exactly 10 million years old, so it will soon explode.

In fact, it was said ten years ago that this star is about to explode. Why has this happened recently? It is that its brightness has suddenly dimmed suddenly recently, probably from two or three months ago, until now It’s about half the brightness two or three months ago.

Does it affect us? This matter will have a great impact. It also expands first, and then, opens and shrinks, after shrinking to the extreme, bang! It exploded in a flash. When it shrinks in the middle, the atoms in the center are compressed, the electrons are pressed into the nucleus, and then the protons become neutrons, so the entire center has nothing but neutrons. After a small planet about twenty kilometers away, it exploded with a bang.

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neutron star black hole

Everything in the outer layer is ejected to form a nebula, and then there is a pure neutron in the middle. This thing is called”neutron star”. It is different from any of our planets. Our other planets have sand and stones.

It’s full of”neutrons” on it, what kind of things it is, yes, you can’t imagine anything, and the neutrons are next to each other. There are billions of tons of earth energy per cubic centimeter of this star.

Two levels of neutron stars will emit high-intensity electromagnetic wave rays, some of which are visible light, and the star is rotating at high speed, so if its light shines through the earth, we see this star is in That blinked blinked.

We call this star”Pulsar“, the currently discovered pulsar rotates the slowest, It rotates every 23.7 seconds, which is the slowest and the fastest is more than 700 laps per second.

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Then this pulsar has a very stable rotation, and it can rotate for tens of billions of years, so it is particularly suitable

as a”cosmic clock”. In the future when we travel interstellar or during Star Wars, the speed of each spacecraft is different, and the different speeds cause the time on each spacecraft to be different.

So how can we have a unified time, the best way is to look at that pulsar. Everyone sees Pulsar to know a unified time, and future interstellar travel, as well as Star Wars, can proceed smoothly.

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Pulsar Big Bang

Then because this celestial body is only six hundred light years away from us, if it explodes, we can see that the brightness of the supernova explosion is brighter than that of the entire galaxy, that is to say When it exploded, it was brighter than the entire Milky Way, so we will have a small sun in the sky at that time. It feels that the brightness cannot reach the brightness of our sun, but it is much brighter than the moon. Its color is bluish white, which is different from the color of the sun, and how long will it shine?

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