The three daughters of Little S made the first frame of a fashion blockbuster, and the 14-year-old daughter is the most photographed! Three people show their charm

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Small S Xu Xidi’s 3 Daughter-EllyXu Xiwen, Lily Xu Shaoen and Alice Xu Xien, for the first time in the same frame for the fashion brand JORYA for the 2020 fall blockbuster, with a natural fashion temperament , Interpreting the different beauty that is not defined. In the fresh posters exposed, the three of them used classic black and white tones and earth tones to show the gentle autumn fashion.

14-year-old elder daughter Xu Xiwen is fully recognizable Personalized appearance, not only has the appearance of a single eyelid that is now defined as a high-level sense, but also inherited the good figure of the mother, the legs are long and thin, it is no wonder that she has been loved by many brands since she stepped into the entertainment industry, not only boarded The cover of fashion magazines has also become the spokesperson for Asia in For Beloved One, a well-known Taiwanese maintenance brand, and is a highly anticipated star of tomorrow.

Xu Xiwen showed up beyond himself when he appeared in VOGUE magazine The age of supermodel posture, even the weariness of the eyes are praised not to lose the momentum of mother. This time, Xu Xiwen, together with her two sisters Xu Shaoen and Xu Xien, shot a fashion blockbuster for the clothing brand JORYA, interpreting the image of autumn and winter, and once again showed her high-level face of”weariness.” The three sisters interpreted different charms, and the photos were immediately praised by netizens.

Xu Xiwen still appeared the most in this group of blockbusters, she Put on multiple sets of clothing, perform a variety of styles, the appearance of”advanced face” is very photogenic.

She has been to VOGUE magazine twice, once with My mother and sisters appeared on the cover together. Once I shot a big fashion film alone. Xiao S once forwarded this set of photos and quipped with the text:”If you dare to show this expression to me at home, you will kick it!” /p>

different from Xu Xiwen’s senior face, 12-year-old two His daughter Xu Shaoen is relatively gentle and sweet, and looks more like his father Xu Yajun. Probably mid-length long hair plus curly hair looks more mature than Qi Liuhai’s hairstyle, making Xu Shaoen look like a neighbor’s sister among the three.

The sisters put on a very handsome black and white dress, stylish and stylish, full of high-level sense, and the body is too good to say. Xu Xiwen, who hugged her sister, still had a high-level”world-weary face”. Xu Shaoen’s lens performance is still slightly inferior to that of her sister, but at her age she is already very good.

8-year-old third daughter Xu Xien appeared very much among the sisters Soft and cute, the two sisters’ hair styles are more mature and big waves, and she is a naive and playful wool roll shape, looking at the camera innocently with a face, without any expressions, it looks cute.

Little S once protected the daughters closely, but When I found out that my daughters actually had a desire to act, I felt that I could not be so selfish just to stop my daughters from doing what I liked just because I was worried, so I gradually let my daughters try new challenges.

This shooting, Xiao S accompanied the three daughters , Carefully staring at the field, and also help to organize the clothing, and guide them how to pose, even with them in the lens, to make this season’s fashion blockbuster more exciting.

Three sisters and three styles-the eldest daughter Xu Xiwen’s Tired of face, second daughter Xu Shao’en’s sweet neighbor atmosphere, third daughter Xu Xi’en cute ghost spirit, and netizens leave a message saying that Xiao s is the”advanced face production machine”,”supermodel family”, and the third of the three-color charm of the small S family Qianjin is really enviable~

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