The three grand slams on the podium, an unprecedented grand occasion, Liu Guoliang, a bald and wise man, won a bronze medal

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Great slam competitor, Sydney’s first Olympic semi-finalist and missed medal, defending champion won bronze

Millennium Sydney Olympics, also the last Olympics in the 38mm ball era, is the stage where Chinese Gemini and Swedish Shuangjie perform, staged the most classic war of the century.

Men’s Singles quarter-finals, Pearson 3-1 Lectra Liu Guozheng, advanced to the semifinals. The other three are Liu Guoliang, Kong Linghui, and Waldner. They are the top four seed contestants and the four most powerful kings of the world table tennis in the previous Olympic Games.

Liu Guoliang and Waldner are Grand Slams. Kong Linghui and Pearson are the winners of the World Table Tennis Championship and World Cup. As long as they win the Olympic championship, they will become Grand Slams.

The lineup is so luxurious, it’s staggering.

The four masters just met in the recent Kuala Lumpur Team World Table Tennis Finals, and Liu Guoliang lost consecutively to Waldner< /span>, Pearson, lost two points in a row. Kong Linghui lost the old tile and lost the old wear, losing a point. In the end, the Chinese team lost 2-3 and lost the Sweinsling Cup.

Liu Guoliang felt painful, shaved his bald head, and said he wanted to be bald and start his mind.

In the semi-finals, Liu Guoliang was swept 3-0 by Waldner. After the World Table Tennis Championship, he lost to the old tile again, and the old tile advanced to the final.
In the other semi-final, Kong Linghui3-1 Pearson, reported the team’s World Table Tennis Championship lost to Lao Pei Enemy, enter the final.

In the final, Kong Linghui defeated the old tile 3-2 and won Won the gold medal and became China’s second men’s Grand Slam.

In the three or four finals, Liu Guoliang played against Pearson. Liu Guoliang just lost to Lao tile and Lao Pei in the World Table Tennis Championship and lost to Lao tile in the semi-finals. With a sigh of relief in his heart, he must defend the honor and vow to win the bronze medal.

Liu Guoliang, who is bald, squeezed his lips and had a slightly tragic expression. He defeated Pellmon 3-1 and won the bronze medal.

On the podium, Kong Linghui, Waldner and Liu Guoliang stood side by side. Three Grand Slams received the award on the same stage. This scene is unique.

Pearson has been striving for a grand slam all his life. The Olympic gold medals have not come. This is the first time he has entered the semifinals. In the Beijing Olympics eight years later, Pearson reached the semi-finals, but still failed to win a medal. The Grand Slam dream was shattered.

Liu Guoliang participated in the two Olympic Games in Atlanta and Sydney, and won a total of Men’s singles 1 gold 1 bronze, men’s doubles 1 gold 1 silver, was one of the most outstanding players at that time.

Two years later, Liu Guoliang retired and became a coach in the world, becoming the most outstanding coach in the world. His nickname changed from “Chi Duo Xing” to “Fat who doesn’t understand the ball”.

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