The three major US stock indexes closed higher, the Dow rose four consecutive

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China-Singapore Jingwei client July 16th US stocks fluctuated widely on Wednesday, the three major stock indexes closed higher, and the Dow rose for the fourth consecutive trading day.

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  美东时间At 16:00 on July 15 (04:00 on July 16, Beijing time), the S&P 500 index closed up 29.04 points, or 0.91%, at 3226.56 points; the Dow closed up 227.51 points, or 0.85%, at 26870.10 points The Nasdaq closed up 61.91 points, an increase of 0.59%, to 10550.49 points.

   Large technology stocks were mixed, with Apple up 0.69%, Amazon down 2.44%, Netflix down 0.31%, Google down 0.26%, Facebook up 0.23%, and Microsoft down 0.15%.

  Energy stocks rose collectively, ExxonMobil rose 1.27%, Chevron rose 0.68%, ConocoPhillips rose 0.77%, Schlumberger< /span> rose 2.77%, Western oil rose 3.06%.

   Aviation stocks rose collectively, Boeing rose 4.42%, American Airlines rose 16.16%, Delta Airlines rose 9.61%, Southwest Airlines rose 7.55%, United Airlines rose 14.59%.

   Popular stocks have mixed, Alibaba rose 0.25%, JD.com rose 0.68%, and Baidu fell 0.35%; the financial sector rose 93.3%, Tiandihui rose 28.15%, and Leju rose 25.38%, ChinaNet was up 16.81%online; Mavericks fell 10.66%, Weibo fell 1.05%, Pinduoduo fell 2.32%, and Weilai Automobile fell 4.12%.

In terms of data, the US Energy Information Administration data shows that US crude oil imports fell by 1.8 million barrels/day last week, the largest single-week drop since 2016.

   Data released by the Fed shows that the US industrial production increased by 5.4%in June, which is also the second consecutive month of growth under the epidemic, but the overall production level is still far lower than before the epidemic, compared with the United States in February this year The GDP before the outbreak was still 10.9%lower. Specifically, factory output increased by 7.2%in June, which was higher than economists’ expectation. Public utility output increased by 4.2%, while mining industry output decreased by 2.9%, which was also the fifth consecutive month of decline.

  In terms of news, European Commission President Von Delaine said on the 15th that the EU seeks to reach an”ambitious” free trade agreement with India, although there is still some distance between the two parties to this goal. According to a joint statement issued by the EU and India after the summit, the leaders of Europe and India agreed to further develop trade and investment relations, support the sustainable economic development of both sides and protect employment, and the two sides also announced a five-year roadmap for deepening relations . In addition, the two sides promised to strengthen cooperation in the fight against the epidemic of new pneumonia.

   European stocks:The three major European stock indexes rose across the board on the 15th. The average price index of 100 stocks in the Financial Times of the London stock market in the United Kingdom closed at 6292.65 points, up 112.90 points, or 1.83%. The French Paris stock market CAC40 index closed at 5108.98 points, up 101.52 points, or 2.03%; the German Frankfurt stock market DAX index closed at 12930.98 points, up 233.62 points, or 1.84%.

   International oil prices:New York oil prices rose on the 15th. New York light crude oil futures delivered in August rose 91 cents to close at $41.20 per barrel.

  Gold:New York Mercantile Exchange The most active August gold futures price on the gold futures market is 15 days The previous trading day rose 0.4 US dollars to close at 1813.8 US dollars per ounce, an increase of 0.02%. (Sino-Singapore Jingwei APP)