The Times:Dalglish will attend the Liverpool Premier League awards ceremony

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Live it, July 16 NewsLiverpool will hold the Premier League trophy at Anfield next week, according to the Times, at that time The legendary Red Army Dalglish will attend the award ceremony.

As one of Liverpool’s greatest players in the history of the team, Dalglish’s participation in the commemoration of Liverpool’s first league title in 30 years has always seemed natural. Dalglish was Klopp the previous coach who led the Reds to the league title, which was still in 1990; the same is true. During his second coaching at Liverpool, he signed today’s Red Army chief Henderson.

After discussion, the Premier League has approved Liverpool’s home cup ceremony, which will be held next week after the game with Chelsea. The Red Army players will win the league championship medal, and Henderson will be the first Red Army captain to win the England Premier League championship trophy.

Daglish, who once won the Premier League title as coach three times, is now one of the directors of the Liverpool club and has a good relationship with the current Red Army coach Klopp; Klopp also returned the Red Army to England Part of the achievements of the pinnacle of football is attributed to Dalglish, the legendary place he called the soul of the club.

The 69-year-old Red Army legend signed Henderson from Sunderland for £16 million nine years ago and witnessed the latter grow into Champions League and the Premier League double captain. Dalglish told the Times last month:”In that position, I saw a better player than he was then. If I didn’t give him a chance at that time, the person who made the mistake would be me I’m not pretending to be humble—you see what you like and you want to get it. He will be the first Liverpool captain to win this trophy.”

Hend Sen will miss the rest of the season after a knee injury in Liverpool’s previous victory over Brighton. But Klopp has emphasized that Henderson will still win the cup on behalf of the team at the awards ceremony.

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