The trend of super foreign aid ebb tide, the local”Mr. Ten Thousand” camp may shrink significantly

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the former national football striker

Before the 2020 season, Chinese Super League has less than 10 days to go before the league starts.”The news came one after another. Although some rumors are still to be verified, it is called”no wind and no waves”. In the context of the irrational consumption of the Chinese Football Association’s”screaming” professional leagues for many years, it is not only the world’s first-class foreign aid that is”recessing the tide”, but also the local”millionaires” who are active in the Chinese Super League. The example that happened to Xiao Zhi in the international team also seems to confirm such a trend.

After the Chinese Super League confirmed the start of the game, the most noticeable news clues in the domestic football are mainly focused on personnel transfers. This week, the news that the former R&F national center Xiao Zhi signed with Tianjin TEDA spread. On July 15, news from foreign media that Shanghai-Hong Kong foreign aid Hulk will not renew the contract at the end of the year will also appear In a prominent position on the sports channel of each portal. The two messages seem to be”irrelevant,” but in reality there is an internal connection.

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The sudden epidemic disrupted the entire work and life plan of the majority of football practitioners in 2020, and 35-year-old Xiao Zhi was also quite affected. As a high center, Xiao Zhi has always given the impression of being conscientious and far away from right and wrong. As one of the national football team’s 2019 Asian Cup national football team’s front line, Xiao Zhiru if facing”no ball can kick”? Then such a situation is really unimaginable.

From the beginning of this year, he communicated with the old club R&F to renew the contract, and now he is holding TEDA. In the past six months, Xiao Zhi has experienced a complicated mental journey to continue employment. For a 35-year-old veteran, there is nothing more valuable than getting a stable appearance rate. Therefore, he accepted a half-year contract with TEDA.

As for remuneration, even if the expiration of the contract with the old owner does not involve transfer fees, it has fallen to the lowest point of the individual in recent years. According to reports, Xiao Zhi’s salary for the first half of the year may only be more than 2 million yuan, several times lower than his previous annual salary standard. Thinking about the maximum annual salary of 10 million + 2 million yuan set by the Chinese Football Association for the international football, it is not difficult to make a”low price” judgment on Xiao Zhi’s salary level.

Shortly after the news of Xiao Zhi’s joining TEDA, Hulk took the position of using the Brazilian media to no longer be with Shanghai Port Renew the contract. Although the Brazilian emphasizes”not for money”, if it is not for money, why did he leave the mainstream European League and switch to the Chinese Super League? Why at the age of 34, it was announced that many clubs were rushing towards themselves?

Obviously, the China Football Association’s foreign aid salary limit issued by the Chinese Football Association is enough to shock all the top foreign aid in the league, including Hulk. In addition to Hulk, excellent foreign aid such as Zahavi that expired at the end of the year’s contract had to be moved. R&F is in a dilemma between the”remuneration limit order” and the”lion mouth” opened by the Israelis.

getInterUrl?uicrIvZQ=797240cd93321490eef713cc75018690 - The trend of super foreign aid ebb tide, the local"Mr. Ten Thousand" camp may shrink significantly

If the salary limitation order will inevitably lead to the withdrawal of the Chinese Super League after the expiry of the big-name foreign aid, the restrictions will have a profound impact on the local players, especially the international players. When some popular internationals are still thinking about how to borrow a renewal and transfer to”knock” a signing fee to the club, they should probably understand Xiao Zhi’s transfer case. 10 million is the maximum salary standard for local players, but investors continue to suffer from the”sufficiency”, slowing down the pace of investment in football and reducing investment has become the general trend. 10 million is more than a”limit”. Perhaps in the days to come, it will be the extravagant goal of the majority of local players, especially the international team. Not alarmist!