The true king of the ball? Bundesliga official website comment:Little Hazard is no longer in the shadow of his brother

By yqqlm yqqlm

Eden Hazard among the Hazard brothers has always been the best one, but this season Sorgen Hazard also performed very well in Dortmund, while Eden Hazard was in Real Madrid. Did not absolutely meet the expectations of fans. The Bundesliga official website commented that now little Hazard is no longer always under the shadow of his brother.

Azar Jr. has seven goals and 13 assists in the Bundesliga this season. The number of assists has created a new personal high for the Bundesliga. Hazard Jr.’s performance in Dortmund is getting better this season. Dortmund head coach Favre praised Hazard Jr.:”He gradually found his place. He can play the left or the right. He can even play the center or the number 9 and a half. With such a flexible player, yes The team is a good thing, and no matter where he is, his efficiency is very high.”

The Azar brothers bet every year, the one with the fewest goals and assists invites the whole family to eat This season, little Hazard will definitely not be a loser.