The U.S. Embassy hung a rainbow flag, straight man Putin smiled impolitely

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June 25 is a Russian revision On the day the constitutional referendum began, one of the amendments aimed to protect the marriage of”one man and one woman”. On the previous day, June 24, a rainbow flag symbolizing the LGBT community was hung outside the US Embassy in Russia.

Such a move appears to Russian Senator Alexei Pushkov as a”demonstration” campaign against Russia. So, at a meeting held on July 3 on the constitutional referendum, Pushkov told Putin.

Putin who knew about the matter first asked who were working in this building. After receiving an answer from the”U.S. foreign affairs staff,” Putin joked,”This revealed Something about the staff there. (But) this is nothing strange.”

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However, Putin’s statement has become”mocking” in the eyes of Western media. Reuters issued a statement on the 4th that Putin mocked the U.S. Embassy in Russia hanging colorful flags to support LGBT community’s move. In Putin’s view, this reflects the sexual orientation of the embassy staff.

This is really very wrong. Because Trump has previously stated that Russia does not limit the rights related to racial characteristics, sexual orientation, and religious beliefs. Now there are no restrictions, and there will be no future.

For Russia’s 2013 Law on the Prohibition of Homosexuality of Minors, Putin said that a person will decide his own destiny when he grows up, and no one can force it. Those who criticize Russia for sexual minority issues should first criticize countries that criminally punish non-traditional sexually oriented groups.

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