The UK finally decided to abandon Huawei 5G equipment! Another country immediately said:will not refuse to cooperate with Huawei

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On July 14th, the UK officially announced that it will make a final decision to cooperate with Huawei 5G-it will no longer purchase equipment from Huawei from the end of this year (December 31, 2020). And remove all equipment of this enterprise in the UK 5G network by 2027. Contrary to the British move, Belgium released a signal of friendly cooperation with Huawei almost at the same time. According to CCTV, the Belgian media said on July 14 that the country’s Minister of National Telecommunications, Philippe de Barker, pointed out that although the United States is still putting pressure on it, Belgium will not refuse cooperation with Huawei.

Public information shows that as early as 2015, Belgium reached a strategic partnership with Huawei, and the two parties agreed to jointly improve the cooperation The quality of telecommunications services in Belgium. The cooperation between the Belgian telecommunications company and Huawei can be traced back to 2009, and the company has also used solutions from Huawei on several network upgrade and reconstruction projects. In March last year, in order to allow more countries to dispel doubts, Huawei announced the opening of the Cyber ​​Security Transparency Center in the Belgian capital Brussels and supervised countries. Organizations, institutions, etc. open up the use of this platform.

Facts have proved that Huawei’s efforts have not been in vain. On January 29 this year, the EU issued a 5G network security report, which contained no accusations about Huawei’s 5G security issues. Subsequently, the European Union also announced in an official document issued in February that it will adopt a coordinated and coordinated approach to deal with 5G network security issues in the future, and there are no remarks about not cooperating with Huawei to build 5G networks.

According to reports, the day the UK announced the above measures, Huawei issued a response saying that this was a disappointing decision and hoped that the UK would reconsider. This move will lead the UK into the”slow lane” of global digital development, which is probably bad news for UK mobile phone users. Understand that on June 25 this year, Huawei officially approved the first-phase plan of the Optoelectronics R&D and Manufacturing Center in the United Kingdom. The total plan for this project is up to 1 billion pounds (equivalent to 8.8 billion yuan).

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Data shows that the UK’s GDP recorded only -2%in the first quarter of this year, the sharpest contraction since the financial crisis. The country’s central bank pointed out that it is expected that the whole year of 2020 will hit the worst economic recession in more than 300 years-GDP may shrink by 14%. What worries the outside world even more is that in the case of the “Brexit” situation, the UK is in dire need of expanding its circle of economic friends so that its own economic development can gain more external support. Now that the United Kingdom has made such a move to Huawei, I am afraid it will adversely affect its economic recovery plan.

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