The US aircraft carrier is still burning! The sailors who escaped have”only one suit left”

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The fire of the American amphibious assault ship”Good Man Richard” has not been extinguished. According to the US”Stars and Stripes” reported on the 13th, after the fire, many sailors who escaped from the ship also lost all their property,”only one piece of clothing left.” The report said that at present, some community residents and aid organizations in San Diego are spontaneously donating money and materials to support the sailors.

American Stars and Stripes:San Diego community raises supplies for the”Good Man Richard” sailor who lost his property in the fire

Reported that the”Good Man Richard” Senior Sergeant Jeremy? In an interview with the newspaper on the 13th, Domagesky revealed that there were about 160 sailors on the warship, of which 84 sailors had temporarily settled at the Point Loma naval base after escaping from the ship.

The burning source of the”Good Man Richard”:American media

Domagaiski said that these escaped sailors”have lost all their property” ,”There is only one piece of clothing left.” He also said that despite the trauma and loss, the sailors still insisted on 12-hour shifts to help firefighters put out the fire at the scene.

According to reports, after the fire, some local communities are also raising supplies to provide assistance to the sailors. Domagesky said:”Some sailors on other ships have also gathered, and even firefighters in the local community have joined the firefighting operation.”

The crew of the USS Decatur destroyer Source of participation in firefighting:Facebook

Ashley, the head of the San Diego branch of the”United States Joint Labor Organization” Kemei also said on the 13th that donations from various parties are”incessant”, including toiletries, food, cash, etc. In addition, many people called to ask how to donate.

Reported that due to the increasing number of fundraisers, the “Fleet and Family Support Center” of the San Diego Fleet also posted on the website on the 13th to remind people to be careful about fraud during the donation process.

According to Nicole, spokesman of the US Pacific Fleet Naval Surface Force? According to Lieutenant Schwegman, as of the 13th, 34 sailors and 23 civilians had been slightly injured in the fire. At present, firefighters continue to put out the fire on board.


After two days of continuous burning, the first picture in the US Navy’s”Good Man Richard” cabin was first exposed, and the cargo cabin was burnt black

July 13 local time The fire of the US Navy’s”Good Man Richard” amphibious assault ship has weakened, and some firefighters entered the hull. The picture of the aircraft carrier’s burnt cabin was also exposed for the first time.

According to the pictures displayed on social media, the internal cargo compartment of the”Good Man Richard” is already black, a large number of pipelines on the top have fallen, and some metal parts have been deformed due to high temperature. The overhead shot of the fire-fighting helicopter from the air showed that the ship island of the”Good Man Richard” was also severely damaged, and several large holes were burned by the fire, the front mast collapsed, and a”dense array” on the ship island”The near defense weapon system has also been damaged.

According to reports, US Navy Rear Admiral Philip Sobek said on the same day that the amphibious assault ship’s fire-fighting system was shut down due to ongoing maintenance during the fire. Sobek said the fire accident occurred in a large storage area for cardboard and gypsum board. Firefighters at the base and ship initially tried to put out the fire with water, but then the fire was out of control and the personnel were forced to retreat. At present, the Navy has not given the final investigation result of the cause of the fire.

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