The US Navy welcomes the first black female fighter pilot in history and will be awarded the”Golden Wing” badge

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According to US media reports on July 13, US Navy Lieutenant Medellin Swig completed all courses at the Naval Flight School on July 6, becoming the first black female fighter pilot in the US Navy’s nearly 110-year history . On July 31, Lieutenant Swig will be awarded the”Golden Wing” badge at the graduation ceremony.

According to reports, the US Naval Flight School congratulated Captain Swig on social media Twitter, calling her the first female tactical fighter jet pilot in US Navy history.

It is reported that Lieutenant Swig is from Burke, Virginia, and graduated from the US Naval Academy in 2017. After graduating from flight school, she will be assigned to the 21st training squadron”Red Eagles” in Kingsville, Texas.

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Lieutenant Swieg’s achievements are iconic in the history of the US military. The first female pilot of the US Navy Air Force to fly a jet tactical fighter was Rosemary Marina, which was in 1974, 45 years after Lieutenant Swig became a jet tactical fighter pilot.

The first female officer of African descent to receive the”Golden Wing” badge was Brenda Robinson, who graduated from the Naval Air Force Preliminary Officer School in 1908.

Martha McSally, the current Senator of Arizona, became the first female pilot to fly a fighter in the history of the US military in 1995.

In 1994, Kara Hutgreen became the first female fighter pilot on the US aircraft carrier.

It is reported that US warships have recruited female soldiers since 1994 and have been criticized by pilots for their lack of diversity. According to U.S. military statistics, as of 2018, only 2.7%of pilots of the Navy Squadron were black, and female pilots accounted for less than 7%. This situation led Naval Aviation Commander Dvor Miller to call for reforms.

Lieutenant Swieg’s historic breakthrough triggered public praise from many public figures, including senators. Legendary tennis star Billy Jane King cheered”Miracles of Black Girls” on social media Twitter. Former NASA astronaut Scott Kerry welcomed Lieutenant Swig”to join the best flight organization on earth.”

Compilation/Writing:Nandu reporter Chen Lin

Photo source:US Navy