The western regions have taken actions one after another:”Even if the second outbreak occurs, we are all ready!”

By yqqlm yqqlm

Spanish Chinatown News :The Spanish government and autonomous regions are already preparing for the”second round of outbreak” of the new coronavirus. The Minister of Health Salvador Illa released the”Early Response Plan” to the regional MPs yesterday, which aims to”collate” the measures and resources available in the current”control phase”, and at the same time evaluate the readiness of the autonomous region’s health system and the”second round of epidemic”. Pharmacy and medical equipment reserves.

In principle, it will still be managed by the autonomous regions, but if the situation eventually deteriorates, the Central Ministry of Health will strengthen its functions, and it will not rule out that the emergency will be restarted .

At present, the Ministry of Health hopes that all regions can strengthen their health systems, from early detection and tracking of cases to hospital treatment, available beds and the number of intensive care units , Sufficient manpower to detect and track case contacts, and an “emergency plan” that can ensure the continuity of public health activities in the event of possible increase in transmission. In other words, the health system must not collapse. According to the Ministry of Health, not all regions are fully prepared:”The strength of the proposed measures and actions varies from region to region.”

The government hopes that all regions will establish a “24/7/365 early warning information system” and “ensure that cases can be detected as early as possible in all levels of medical institutions, especially in primary health centers.” At the same time, the”laboratory capacity” should be strengthened so that the PCR test results can be processed in the shortest time and an early warning can be issued in time.