The White House aimed at Fudge. US media:This kind of”dumping pot” is a bit ridiculous

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After many US media exposed the White House deliberately”disguised” infectious disease expert Fuch and caused condemnation from many parties, US President Trump tried to downplay and bless Odd tensions.

On the 13th local time, Trump defended himself at a meeting held at the White House, saying:”I have a very good relationship with Dr. Foch, and this has been true since the beginning. He is a very good person , But I don’t always agree with him.”

Trump’s statement does not hide the tension between the White House and Fodge.

Severe outbreak of the White House tried to”marginalize” Fuchs

The British”This Week” magazine website published a review article saying that early In the early days of the epidemic, when Trump was wandering between the fight against the epidemic and restarting the United States, Fuchs joined the White House Task Force to respond to the new crown epidemic, proving to the American public that Trump is accepting expert advice. However, Fauci is now used as a cover for the US government’s poor response to the epidemic.

At present, the number of confirmed cases and deaths in the United States has increased sharply, but the Trump administration has given up fighting the epidemic and tried to destroy Fucci’s reputation and”marginalize” Fucci. They sent the so-called”Fuche Error List” to the media, while publicly accusing Fuchs. White House Trade Adviser Navarro claimed:”Dr. Foch has a good attitude towards the public, but he has been wrong in everything I have communicated with him.”

The article pointed out that the epidemic situation During this period, Fuchs played the best or even the most effective role:urging the American people to be vigilant. He warned people not to rush to restart economic activities, dispel the government’s idea of ​​”special effect drugs”, and called on the public to continue to maintain social distance.

At the hearing of the epidemic-related issues held by the US Congress at the end of June, Fodge said:”Obviously, we cannot fully control the situation now.” In recent weeks, the development of the US epidemic has also been confirmed Forge’s analysis shows that the Trump administration’s blind optimism about the epidemic is very dangerous.

getInterUrl?uicrIvZQ=894f1611b2bdabb4c75205516d8f87cd - The White House aimed at Fudge. US media:This kind of"dumping pot" is a bit ridiculous

△On June 30th, Fawc attended the US Senate hearing (Image source:The New York Times)

Can the Trump administration fire Fawc?

Someone can’t help but worry, will Trump fire Foch? In response, a senior federal government official revealed to CNN that If Trump must dismiss Foch, the whole process will be quite difficult.

getInterUrl?uicrIvZQ=c04018db0962e742ecad5ba2e9e6da83 - The White House aimed at Fudge. US media:This kind of"dumping pot" is a bit ridiculous

△CNN reports:Can Trump fire Fodge? Technically, no.

Max Steele, the head of the Partnership for Public Service, said that although Trump is the president of the United States, he has no right to have any Dismiss Foch under justified circumstances.

Steel said:”The United States has laws that provide protection for full-time federal government employees to prevent them from being expelled or demoted for political reasons. According to the Pendleton Civil Service Reform Act ), if you want to fire a federal government employee, the person involved must have poor performance or violate the order. Even if the above situation exists, you must also follow the process:not only to issue a written notice, but also to wait for the person to respond.

Thus, Trump may not be able to dismiss Foch just because he doesn’t like Foch.

CNN also analyzed that if Trump insists on firing Fodge, he needs to pass Foch’s superior leadership, namely U.S. Secretary of Health Hazard or Director of the National Institutes of Health Collins .

For this, Steele pointed out:”Even if Foch’s superiors really decide to fire Foch for some reason, Foch himself can go to the Merit Systems Protection Board and The court appealed, and both may decide that the dismissal decision was invalid.”

Health experts:disrespect Foch

is playing American science Face

The White House’s attempt to “disguise” Fuchs has slammed many American health experts.

Relman, a professor of microbiology at Stanford University, said:”In a way, Fuchs is a representative of the public health sciences in the United States. If you don’t respect Fuchs on public health science issues, you It’s just hitting the face of American science.”

The President of the American Society of Infectious Diseases (IDSA) Thomas Flair said in a statement:”At this critical moment, it is disturbing to discredit and devalue Dr. Foch. Control The only way to live the epidemic is to follow science. If we want to end this epidemic crisis, all Americans must support public health experts, including Dr. Foch.”

Howard, editor in chief of the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) · Bauchner also pointed out in an open letter:”The White House’s private discussions, insinuations, and attacks on Fuchs are not only inappropriate and unfair, but also exposed their lack of dedication to protecting the health and well-being of the American people, which will ultimately be counterproductive. ”

US media:Fuchs became a new target of the US government’s “dumping pot”

The epidemic situation in the US has not improved, why the White House When you need a public health expert, you suddenly target Foch?

CNN pointed out that the White House’s deliberate targeting of Fuchs is ridiculous, but Fuchs is not the first person to be”thrown the pot” for telling the truth. The Trump administration has done so for former Attorney General Sessions, former Defense Secretary Mattis, and former Secretary of State Tillerson. The purpose is to evade responsibility and excuse the failure of the government.

For a long time, Fuch has worked hard to complete the work of the infectious disease specialist. When scientific judgment contradicts the Trump administration’s opinion, Fodge chooses to stick to science. Whether it is the detection of the new crown virus or the Trump administration’s response to the epidemic so far, he is not afraid to tell the truth.

However, compared to the health of the people, the Trump administration is more interested in economic benefits and chooses to blame all errors on others.

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