The White House broke out violently, and Trump was shocked

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According to multiple media reports in the United States, the White House in the United States has recently released a fierce”combat drama”.

The White House trade adviser Pete Navarro, who was”famous” for his”extreme” attitude toward China during the Sino-US trade negotiations, was actually a mess for the new crown epidemic in the United States. Fight with Anthony Fudge, an expert in epidemic prevention and control in the US government!

According to the introduction of Forbes News Network of the United States, Navarro first published an explosive article on the”USA Today” website yesterday, while raising himself while shelling Fuch is the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

In this article called”Everything I communicated with, Fucci was wrong”, Navarro claimed that as early as the end of January this year, he had already While issuing a warning to the White House to alert the White House of this”Chinese virus,” Foch had been expressing no concern to the US media at the time, and it was a blessing when Trump”courageously” announced that he would cut off routes with China. Qi has been opposed to this measure that could”save” the lives of thousands of Americans.

Navarro continued to attack Fodge, saying that in February, when he was working hard for Trump to mobilize American medical resources to prepare for the outbreak, it was Fodge As he continued to dilute the risk of the epidemic in the United States; when he was trying to increase the production of masks in the United States, it was also Fuchs that changed from wearing to wearing masks.

He also accused Fodge of still misleading the public, adding chaos to the epidemic prevention work in the United States and affecting the economic restart of the United States.

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(The screenshot is from the article attacking Foch published by Navarro on”USA Today”)

As you can imagine, this The article immediately caused shocks in American public opinion, among which a large number of American netizens, media and medical experts believed that this was the White House’s”pushing” the problem of its epidemic dereliction to experts like Fuch. After all, a lot of evidence shows that even if the US blocks all flights and entry channels to China in January, the virus will spread from Europe.

Some people even think it is shameless that the White House is deliberately spreading false news.

However, Trump and the White House have drawn a line with Navarro this time, saying that Navarro’s article is entirely his personal opinion, and that his article It has not gone through the White House review process.

According to the Associated Press report, Trump said that Navarro published”an article that only represents him personally, and he should not do so.” . Trump also emphasized that his relationship with Fuchs was”very good” and said”we are all on the same team, including Fuchs.”

At the same time, in response, Trump again gave China an out-of-control dumping of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, saying it was”a mess made by China to the United States.”

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Foki himself was puzzled by Navarro’s fierce attack on him. According to CNN’s report, Fodge said he could not understand why Navarro would do this, and believed that Navarro’s approach would instead have a negative impact on the White House.

“I can’t explain the person of Navarro, he seems to live in his own world,” Fuch said.

He also stated that he would rather devote his energy to the development of a new coronary pneumonia vaccine than to quarrel with Navarro.

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However, Navarro is not the only one attacking Foch in recent times. Judging from US social media, in recent times, many Trump supporters have posted web posts similar to Navarro’s comments, accusing Foch of having repeated several times in the early days of the US epidemic in February. Downplaying the epidemic also claimed that wearing a mask was useless.

CNN and other media that dislike Trump therefore believe that Navarro’s article attacking Fuchs is actually saying what Trump and the White House want to say but dare not say. What is reflected is the mentality of the White House and Trump wanting to evade their dereliction of duty to Fudge, so apart from drawing a clear line with Navarro, the White House and Trump will not dispose of Navarro’s position without it.

But in Geng Zhige’s opinion, CNN’s statement is actually not comprehensive. Navarro’s “White House Palace Fight” against Fuchs was indeed due to Trump’s side, but objectively speaking, this is also because CNN and other media have been fighting against Trump’s political purpose. Fuch did a certain degree of”deification”.

For example, CNN anchor Jake Tapper said two days ago that if Trump listened to the recommendations of experts such as Fuchs in February or March and wear masks, the United States would die less Many, many people.

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But this is obviously not true. In the early days of the epidemic in the United States in February and March this year, a large amount of available information showed that Foch did think that the risk of the epidemic in the United States was”very small” and it was not recommended that people wear masks.

Furthermore, according to media reports at the time, Fauci did not recommend that people wear masks, and it is not just the”shortage of medical personnel masks” proposed by some media defending him today.”It is because he really thinks that wearing a mask for healthy people is useless and will not bring real effective protection.

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(The picture shows in an interview on February 17 this year, Foch said that the risk of a new crown epidemic in the United States is very small, and said that it is enough to wash hands frequently, without wearing a mask)

For example, in a video interviewed by the American media in early March this year, Foch made the following statements about the problem of wearing a mask:

1, although you will watch Many people wear masks in China and South Korea, but now it is not necessary to wear masks in the United States.

2. During an outbreak, wearing a mask may make people feel safe. Perhaps the mask can block one or two droplets, but the mask will not provide the perfect protection that people think.

3. Wearing a mask will bring some unexpected negative effects, such as people will unconsciously touch the mask, which will increase the risk of infection.

4. Masks are mainly used by medical staff and those who are sick. Other countries may wear masks for all people, but masks should still be used by those who really need them.

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So, CNNs are too”deified” Fuchs, describing him as a conscientious person who knew the whole truth of the epidemic from the beginning, will only make these February and March content Being pulled out, which put Fudge into an embarrassing situation and attracted the”eyes” of people like Navarro.

Not to mention, even CNN himself was published in February and March of this year and published a lot about”masks can’t stop the new crown virus”, so people are not allowed to go Panic buying the contents of the mask.

So, although it is Navarro who attacks Foch, it is the CNNs who make Foch a”target” in the White House. They are all pulling this expert who should have been devoted to the epidemic work into the”big vortex of political infighting” in the United States, known as”democracy”.

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Finally, regarding the views that Fuchs said in February and March this year are not serious, preventable and controllable, and that the public does not need to wear masks, It seems that there is no need to blame him personally. Because four or five months ago, many infectious disease experts in the United States held similar views.

For example, another American infectious disease expert named Robert Murphy interviewed by the Global Times in early March this year also declared that wearing a mask was useless and could not stop the new coronavirus. And after we mentioned the situation of”asymptomatic infected people”, the expert still insisted that the mask could not stop the new crown virus, which would only give people a”false sense of security.”

He doesn’t seem to know much about China. He even asked us in the interview:”If wearing a mask is really useful, why is there still such a large-scale infection in China?”

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From a scientific point of view, people like this expert and Fuch would say these words at that time, mainly because the United States did not have enough recognition of the new corona virus at that time. Know, just like our experts’ lack of knowledge about the newly emerged new coronavirus in Wuhan from the end of December to the beginning of January.

It’s just that for China, we may not be able to avoid a very painful cognitive process like Wuhan in the face of the first outbreak of a new and unknown virus, the New Crown Virus. For the United States, he already had a”shortcut” in February and March.

The short cut is that in February and March, the Chinese struggled with the epidemic for 2 months, and they already knew the severity of the epidemic and the importance of masks. They are also telling the world the information. As long as the Fuchs can seriously refer to and learn from China’s experience at that time, they will not be able to say what the Chinese people at that time already said are somewhat”unrealistic”.

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Unfortunately, because American society and public opinion have always had ideological arrogance and prejudice towards China, for example, in February this year, many Western media Declared that the outbreak in China was due to the fact that the Chinese system was not”democratic”, coupled with factors such as Chinese and Western language and cultural barriers and incorrect information. The results from February to early March this year, whether it was Fuchs, CNN or Trump , Did not call on the United States to take proactive and strict measures to prevent and control, nor did it consciously mask the greater role of epidemic prevention, until the United States re-examined the plight of Wuhan, the epidemic situation continued to run out of control, Fuchs and CNN realized this The virus is terrible, only to realize that if you want to prevent epidemic effectively, you must wear a mask.

Therefore, we said that this is not the problem of Fuchs alone. This is the price the entire nation of the United States is paying for its arrogance and ignorance.

Of course, some people, including Fodge, later realized the seriousness of the problem and hoped to make changes, while Trump and his supporters have always refused to accept the reality. Changes have made Trump the biggest source of uncontrolled epidemic in the United States.

As for Navarro, he can still say that”blocking China can effectively protect the United States from being infected”. The lack of minimum awareness of the virus can only prove that he is indeed as Fuch said. , Is a person who lives in his own world….

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