The whole process of death was recorded? Choosing her to be euthanized, seeing crying countless Japanese…

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“Since I can’t choose how to be born, at least, I want to decide how to die.”

When disease and pain strike, I can’t control my body, When you lose the dignity of being a human being, you can only survive by taking care of the machine and others

——Do you think of euthanasia?

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Since 2018, NHK has photographed a Japanese woman who chose euthanasia, recording her choice of euthanasia and going to Switzerland to accept The whole process of death.

Mina Kojima, 51, was greeted by his two sisters at the time. When reviewing all of this through the lens of the camera, Mui Ne’s step by step approaching the process of death was heart-wrenching and sad.

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In order to end his life, he deliberately went to a foreign country to say goodbye to his loved ones and to the whole world.

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The conflict between life and dignity, the retention of loved ones and the collision of their own determination… Finally lying on the hospital bed and welcoming the moment when the consciousness disappears a few minutes later, what will be the last thing that comes to mind?

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The time is back to Niigata in October 2018, After obtaining consent, the NHK film crew began to record the entire process of 51-year-old Mui Ne toward the final step.

At that time, her physical condition was no longer optimistic. The pain in the whole body must be suppressed by many medicines. More and more things can not be done by yourself. Even a sentence will take a long time.

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At that time, she had made up her mind to euthanasia, but because she was not recognized in Japan, she had to travel overseas to Switzerland Receiving a drug injection and walking through my life.

In an email contacting the Swiss euthanasia organization, Mui Ne said this:

“I want to accept death while still keeping myself.”

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It seems that when the disease gradually erodes the body, even its own existence has become an indeterminate thing.

Minai is the third of four sisters, because of family turmoil, parents divorced, Mui Ne’s childhood life is full of sisters’ love And company.

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After graduating from high school, Mui Ne went directly to study at Seoul National University and graduated to return to China to start a career in Korean translation. A new phase of his life.

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In the eyes of the sisters, Mui Ne has always been an independent and assertive girl, working life is more It is to add extra brilliance to such a sister. In the live video of Mui Ne’s work many years ago, her self-confidence and professional attitude have always been the pride that sisters cherish in their hearts.

At the age of 45, Mui Ne decided to retire from the front-line workplace and start his second life. She chose a job in a child welfare home, prepared to change the living method, and enjoy the next path.

No one expected that after 3 years, she was detected with multiple system atrophy.

Since then, all assumptions about the future have been turned into a bubble.

After learning the test results, at the suggestion of her sisters, she decided to return to her hometown and live with her sisters alone in Tokyo.

In the early days of the illness, Mui Ne’s life was not a big deal. But day by day, more and more things trouble her.

Sometimes things fall out of their hands, and they will fall when they walk on the ground. The sense of disobedience in the body and the confusion of not listening to the call begin to torment her… Then one day, she found that she had already Unable to stand up on his own.

Minai recalled the scene at the time like this:The first time I needed to be around my sisters to move around by crawling, I realized that I could not even see their faces Arrived.

“What kind of mood will the sisters who have witnessed all this…”

Despite suffering, she is still willing to accept the facts and live optimistically.

She wrote in the blog post that she likes the little beautiful moments in her life, hoping to use the good things she has encountered as a sustenance for a firm life.

But this determination was shattered by ruthless reality.

In March 2018, she was no longer able to live at home normally, together with her sisters When looking for a hospital, I saw my future in the hospital bed:

Lying in the hospital is also a patient who is unable to take care of himself, with a tube inserted in his body, everything needs care by others, and he can only rely on the machine to maintain his life. ..Although people are still alive, they have no freedom and hope at all.

It’s not like a”person” in her eyes.

If you will sooner or later become the meat in a pool of breathing, alive and what significance? Soon after, she tried suicide for the first time, but ended up failing because she couldn’t use her energy.

The short-sighted action alarmed the sisters, but her crying was not understood. The most important thing for family members is that people are still there. Even if they are sick, they should live well.

But for Mui Ne, being alive means that he will suffer a A day of more severe torture. After being tortured day and night, she repeatedly swayed in the idea of ​​alternate life and suicide, and finally found her answer.

She chose euthanasia.

Only if the patient can be euthanized,

When the limit is reached, all the life-sustaining equipment can be removed to let the patient die. This process is also called”dignity death”.

Before dignity dies, patients need to undergo a series of treatments, which also means that almost every serious patient dies with no choice pain.

The active injection of lethal drugs kills people who are terminally ill but still have a life expectancy. It is not widely recognized in Japan and most places in the world. The doctor who performed the injection will be guilty, and the moral and legal guidelines are still in heated debate.

After several searches, Mui Ne finally chose the euthanasia institution named life circle. This euthanasia organization established in 2011 is located In Switzerland, more than 1,600 euthanasia requests have been accepted.

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Minai, who was transferred from her sister’s home, said that from the time she became ill, she began to become less like herself.

Wake up every day, most of the time you can do is stare at the ceiling and wait for the time to pass slowly. Needless to say complicated things, even changing diapers with meals requires the care of others.

She repeatedly asks herself that she lives like this every day, but also Can you feel the joy of living? Is there a need to continue living in such a life?

Since you have the right to choose to live, why can’t you choose to die?

How to choose to die and how to choose to live are obviously equally important…

Under such circumstances, she sent out her euthanasia application. As the body deteriorated, typing became difficult, and she wanted to keep the”normal state” of her death, and added her own emergency request.

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Of course, the family is still shut Sad. The two sisters who have been taking care of her needless to say, and the sisters in the distance have repeatedly sent messages to persuade her to give up her obsession and live steadfastly.

But Mina still did not give explanation with family My own thoughts:dragging down the people around and causing fatigue. Needless to say, living a life without dignity is definitely not what you want.

“Say optimism, let go of your obsession, and stay strong.

Can such a body that can’t do anything, continue to live, is it really a good thing?”

“Life is my right, so is death.”

“It is my own right to choose when and how to die.”

In November 2018, after being notified that euthanasia was possible, Mui Ne finally arrived in Switzerland.

With her two older sisters who have been taking care of her, they finally decided to respect her sister’s choice and stay with her and send her out of the world before her condition deteriorates to the worst.

That night, the organized doctor came to the hotel where they stayed and confirmed the necessary conditions for euthanasia with Mui Ne.

Euthanasia is a kind of death method that family members also need to be aware of. From a formal farewell, to respecting each other’s ideas, you can’t ultimately cause irreparable harm because of your departure.

At the same time, she made a final choice:if you regret, you can return to Japan at any time, this is the last way back.

That night, the three sisters chatted together for a long time. For the sisters, there are still some expectations in their hearts. I can wait until my sister’s decision to give up euthanasia.

But Mui Ne has blocked her turning back in her heart:

“People Always die, but everyone feels that his death will not be now.

Even if I choose euthanasia, I still don’t feel like I will face death now.

But I don’t want to live anymore…”

The next day, the organization sent another doctor to finally judge whether Mui Ne’s mental condition met the conditions of euthanasia.

The sisters outside the door are still very anxious, thinking that maybe they will be rejected, she can not die. But he didn’t want to watch his sister think of suicide every day, and suffered.