“The worst moment of Trump’s term is always tomorrow”…American media comment area is sad

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【Text/Observer Net Xu Lei】On July 14, the first reading of the comment section of the Washington Post was an article:”Trump the same thing during the presidency:tomorrow will be worse.

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In addition to the ruthless irony, there is a despair and helplessness between the lines. The author starts this way:“Whenever you are asked about the worst moment in President Trump’s term, there is an answer that never goes wrong:tomorrow. When the country struggles with chaos and disaster, One thing is for sure, things will always get worse.”

Not to mention Trump’s “human injection disinfectant” that would almost cost Americans The author’s remarks on life are just a list of what Trump has done in the past few days, and he can see how the United States is torn apart by him every day.

On the evening of Friday (10th), Trump reduced his sentence for former campaign advisor and friend Roger Stone, Stone at”TongRumen” investigation was sentenced to 40 months in prison in February this year for seven counts of lying to Congress. Trump’s operation immediately attracted criticism from all parties, and even Republican Senator Romney also tweeted on the 11th that Trump’s decision was”unprecedented and historic corruption.”

On Saturday (11th), the White House led by Trump began to publicly attack the American “captain” Fodge, trying to defame the infectious disease expert. The new coronavirus has killed at least 132,000 people in the United States and is running out of control. Fuchs, which has been marginalized by the Trump administration, has only recently sounded the alarm bell again.

On Sunday (12th), Florida has 15300 new cases in one day. Other states have also reported rising deaths, but Trump is playing golf. This is his 276th visit to the Florida Golf Club during his presidency. This time, he defended himself on Twitter:I”exercise” by playing a round of golf quickly, and I never do it on weekdays. . Obama played a lot more than I…

On Monday (13th), Trump forwarded a TV clip video of one of his allies, Florida Rep. Matt Gates (Matt. Gaetz blamed the left for”cultural genocide” and”the organizers of protests against black rights are loyal to the destruction of the United States.”

Abuse of power, blatant disregard of the lives of Americans, racist provocations-all of this happened within 72 hours. The author is full of despair:”For a long time, I have been worried that this country will not be able to endure Trump’s four-year attack. Now, I am worried about whether it can live another 190 days.”

” While other countries are controlling the virus, the country is now facing a long-term recession. Incredibly, the states still do not have enough detection and protection equipment. This time, Trump can’t blame China.”

According to a poll by RealClearPolitics, nearly 68%of Americans believe that the country is moving in the wrong direction. Even half of Republicans say so.

But even more desperate is that people seem to be “immunized” from Trump’s badness. The author said,”Some people told me that they were tired of hearing Trump’s verbal abuse. They were no longer surprised by his current atrocities. I felt the same way, and I felt like a coroner. I have worked in a car accident for five years.”

In the comment area of ​​this article, many people share the same feeling, and the atmosphere should not be too sad.

Someone began to imagine that if Trump failed to be re-elected, he would:tweeted that this was the”biggest scam” and called on supporters to”liberate” Washington… Well, this is really bad .

The worst two days of the 21st century so far:(2001) September 11; (2016) November 9, the day Trump won the election…

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