The”Lin-Li War” was fixed at 40 times, and Li Zongwei’s Lin Dan CP feeling was even stronger than Xie Xingfang

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Lin Dan an hour after the announcement, Li Zongwei sent blessings across Weibo.”Please believe that all the promises of laughter and tears are unforgettable diaries. My greatest opponent, Lin Dan, has been missing three for a long time. I am proud of you.” The album”Goodbye”.”Li Zongwei, three missing one for a long time” popularity, even surpassed”Lin Dan withdrew from the national team” itself, once ranked among the top search lists three.

getInterUrl?uicrIvZQ=11122aec8b0b32bfe109429fe2231305 - The"Lin-Li War" was fixed at 40 times, and Li Zongwei's Lin Dan CP feeling was even stronger than Xie Xingfang

A year ago, when Li Zongwei had to say goodbye to Tokyo in advance due to nasopharyngeal cancer, the tears retired from the press conference. Lin Dan, who was far away from the ocean, also bid farewell to his greatest opponents and friends with a tearful old song”Don’t Cry Friends”. This is probably a unique tacit understanding between Lin and Li. The three missing”four kings” finally gathered on this day and began the second half of life.

In the”Four Kings”, the youngest Lin Dan and Li Zongwei have the strongest CP feeling. Li Zongwei’s strong sense of existence once overshadowed Xie Xingfang.

From the first World Cup 2000 match, to the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games finals, the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games finals, the 2012 London Olympics finals, the 2013 Guangzhou World Championship finals, and the 2014 Incheon Asian Games semifinals The semi-finals of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games…until the quarter-finals of the 2018 All England Open. 40 times”Lin Li battle“, constantly upgraded, classic scene.

It’s just a sudden illness that breaks the original balance. Li Zongwei, who was found to have nasopharyngeal cancer in 2018, had to say goodbye to his dedicated badminton court. It was not Li Zongwei’s original intention to retire one year before the opening of the Tokyo Olympics. In June last year, Li Zongwei, who had three runner-ups in the Olympic Games, four silver medals in the World Championships, and 69 champions of the Open, held a special press conference. He tearfully announced at the meeting that he gave up his qualifications for the impact of the Tokyo Olympics and officially ended his 19-year badminton career. Before making this difficult decision, Li Zongwei underwent 33 electrotherapy sessions in Taiwan, China.

If the”Lin-Li War” continues, perhaps the plot will be another version. However, after losing Li Zongwei’s company, Lin Dan only persisted for another year. This way, he has gone long enough. For the two who once dedicated all to badminton, there is no longer only training, competition and winning or losing in life. There is a wider world and a more exciting life, waiting for them to try and explore. Thank you for all your touches, and thank you for not missing these 20 years.