There are so many”coincidences” in the solar system that some scientists believe that it was designed

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There is such an urban legend that Nikola Tesla once stated that the solar system was designed. Regardless of whether this sentence really comes from Tesla, we will not discuss it for the time being, but with the development of science and technology, scientists continue to explore the universe and found that our seemingly peaceful and peaceful solar system really looks very much in the vast universe. Out of the ordinary.

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The biggest difference of course comes from the earth and Its characteristics, and everything in the solar system is like a greenhouse and a fortress built specifically for the earth, seemingly ordinary but it seems to be a hidden mystery. Because there is an indisputable fact:Without the solar system, there would be no earth! How did the solar system come about? Why does it seem to be specially built for the earth? Today we will talk about the solar system on which humans depend.

According to the current human knowledge, the most mainstream view of the formation of the sun is the nebula hypothesis. About 4.6 billion years ago, the solar system in the Orion cluster of the Milky Way came into being, and there was a lot of hydrogen. , Chlorine and dust clouds. After a long time scale, a nearby star reached its end of life, and a supernova explosion ended its glorious life. The huge explosion made this nebula no longer stable or even collapsed.

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After 100,000 years, gravity and angular momentum The clouds are gradually flattened. In the center of the explosive disk, the molecules collide closely with each other. The protostar rotates at ultra-high speed with unimaginable pressure and temperature, and the dust of a small rice grain in the depths of the disk is rapidly accelerated. The heating of lava formed lava droplets, which condensed into lumps under the action of gravity after cooling, and became the basic components of the original solar system. Slowly these materials gathered to form an asteroid, and the protostar in the middle experienced fusion and was ignited to form the original sun.

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After 4.6 billion years, the sun is still In the prime of life of its sequence stars, everything in the solar system has achieved a nearly perfect and orderly operation under the influence of gravity and the mutual gravitational force of the planets. This state will continue for about 1.5 billion years. As the sun ages, its burning will continue to accelerate. After 1.5 billion years, the rivers, lakes and seas on the earth will be completely dried up by the scorching sun, and life will disappear from then on.

But we don’t have to worry about this. At that time, the surface temperature of Mars will gradually rise, and the water and carbon dioxide frozen in the soil will be released to warm this planet until it becomes a paradise for life. . But before, even just a few years or decades later, humans will begin to colonize Mars. The sun has enough time for us to move all of us to Mars.

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How many members of the solar system are there? The solar system includes the sun and 8 planets, 470 satellites (173 planets and 297 micro planets), 796354 asteroids, hundreds of dwarf planets and 4143 comets. These numbers are currently discovered by humans. New The number of celestial bodies discovered is still growing.

In recent years, scientists have almost confirmed the existence of the ninth planet, of course not because of poor development. The delisted Pluto, Pluto has been officially classified as a dwarf planet. We have not actually observed the ninth planet, but according to its gravitational physical influence on other celestial bodies, we can judge its existence.

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On January 20, 2016, the California Institute of Technology Astronomers discovered that the orbits of six celestial bodies in the Kuiper Belt of the solar system are abnormal, and the probability of this happening under natural conditions is only 1/14000. After excluding other possibilities, the two astronomers believe that the extreme It is possible that this phenomenon is caused by the gravitational influence of an unknown planet. This quasi-ninth largest planet is speculated to be a very large gaseous planet. It is estimated that its diameter is about 4 times that of the Earth, its mass is 10 times that of the Earth, and its revolution period reaches an astonishing 15,000 years.

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If life wants to exist, it must be liveable In-band. The main part of the habitable zone of the Milky Way is 20,000 to 29,000 light-years away from the Milky Way. The solar system is just about 270 million light-years away from the center of the Milky Way. This position is equivalent to Beijing for the star families in the Milky Way. The city’s 6th ring and 7th ring (although there is no 67) outside, remote and quiet, sparsely populated, very suitable for survival.

Be aware that there are very few stellar systems in galaxies like the solar system, usually a few stars Together with each other, there are a lot of planets around these star systems, but what you don’t know is that if it is in a system with multiple stars, a little guy like the earth is likely to be used directly and become a wandering planet.

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At the same time, the habitable zone also avoids restless stars and The deadly effects of a large number of black holes near the center of the galaxy. Conversely, if the location is too close to the outer side of the Milky Way galaxy, the metal content will be poor, so the possibility of terrestrial planets is very low. However, the exact location of the solar system is not yet clear to us. This is because in space, we cannot use Earth’s satellites for GPS positioning, but this problem may be solved in the near future.

It is precisely because of its position in the solar system that the solar system can grow healthily and vigorously in 4.6 billion years. Only 15%of the stars in the Milky Way have planetary systems, including of course our too limited system. We have observed 8 planets revolving around the sun. These 8 planets are divided into two categories according to their composition. Earth-like planets and gas giant planets are also called Jupiter-like planets. Earth-like planets include water, gold, ground and fire. They are composed of rocks, their surface is relatively solid, there are no planetary rings, there are few or no satellites, they are relatively small, relatively closer to the sun, and have a short orbit in the solar system.

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Jupiter-like planets include Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. The characteristic is that it is relatively large and has planetary rings. The ring of the neutral star is very beautiful. Although it is only 1 kilometer thick, it is very wide, and its width is almost equal to the distance between the earth and the moon. Moreover, Jupiter-like planets are often surrounded by many satellites. This seems to be a normal combination, but it is actually a very strange existence in the universe.

First, astronomers discovered that other star systems usually have planets of similar size with regular intervals in their orbits. But the planets of our solar system can be said to be drought, drought, and flood, and the difference is huge. In terms of the largest Jupiter and the smallest Mercury, the volume of Jupiter is more than 24,000 times the volume of Mercury, which is extremely rare in other star systems. What is even more strange is that the orbits of the planets in other star systems are very close to the star, even closer than the distance between Mercury and the sun. This is one of the biggest differences. Because in the sun, between Mercury, which is closest to the high sun, and the sun, there is nothing but an asteroid.

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Jupiter is another place that makes the solar system strange. Large planets like Jupiter are not common, and most of the orbital radii are similar to that of Earth and Mars. Large planets with orbital radii similar to Jupiter are only 2%. Jupiter and Saturn in the solar system are like two giant guardians. , Always resisting various celestial bodies drifting into the solar system due to getting lost. In turn, the four little brothers, including the earth, were protected from a lot of harm. This is almost non-existent in the planetary systems of other stars.

Scientists also found that in the solar system, the seven planets except Venus all orbit the sun in the same direction, and they are all concentrated on the same principal plane, similar to”one body”, as if they are arranged. Place the planets in their respective positions. The star system outside the sun has different characteristics. The planets on the orbit and the main plane have strange angles, and the rotation axis and the revolution axis also have different characteristics.

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In simple terms, it is the revolution of the star system outside the solar system The method is completely different from that of the sun’s system. The planets are not distributed on the same horizontal plane. The stars even appear over the poles of the planets, and their revolution directions are also opposite to those of other planets.

We know that the sun is constantly emitting a stream of electrons (contours), which is the so-called solar wind. This stream of fine particles creates a thin atmosphere in the solar system, and the earth’s magnetic field interacts with the solar wind. Protects the earth’s atmosphere. The solar wind has a range of at least 100 astronomical units, but this is only the inland part of the interstellar moat. The asteroid belt of the solar system is outside the Kuiper belt. Pluto, which has been removed from the planet, exists in this range. There are countless celestial bodies in the Kuiper Belt, which play a very good role in protecting the planets in the solar system. It can be said that the Kuiper Belt is the outer river of the solar system’s moat.

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And beyond the Kuiper belt, there is also a huge cold The debris gathered to form the Oort Nebula, which is the birthplace of comets, which surrounds our solar system as a whole, making the solar system safer.

Scientists have also discovered after research that the movement of celestial bodies in the solar system hides deep mysteries. It is not only the sun that can affect the movement of other celestial bodies, but also that different celestial bodies are mutually gravitational. Function, even the satellites of other planets. Different celestial bodies have been constantly adjusted by gravity over the long years, and finally reached a perfect phenomenon called orbital resonance. They are mutually affected by periodic gravitational forces, which keeps their orbits stable in gravitational force, and ultimately leads to the formation of a perfect proportion of the celestial bodies in the solar system. For example, Pluto and Neptune have reached a state of orbital resonance. In fact, the orbits of Pluto and Neptune are crossed. If the orbital resonance does not lock the revolution period of the two, Pluto is likely to be sucked away by Neptune.

For another example, Jupiter will also reach orbital resonance with other celestial bodies, such as the Alinda celestial bodies in the asteroid belt. They form a 1:3 orbital resonance with Jupiter, and at the same time form an orbital resonance with the Earth. 4:1 orbital resonance position. The three satellites Io, Mu2 and Ganymede are in orbital resonance. The revolution period of the three is a perfect 1:2:4 period, which also ensures their orbital stability.

If the solar system was calculated by someone, then the most special place is the earth. The unique operating laws of the solar system are designed entirely on the basis of the formation of life forms on the earth. Under the perfect combination of a variety of favorable conditions for the birth of life, the earth gradually gave birth to life and developed a smart civilization.

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Although humans have discovered many terrestrial planets, they can reach The earth has no perfect conditions at all, and everything in the solar system seems to provide various prerequisites for the existence of the earth. This is why there are bold scientists who speculate that the solar system was designed. Although this speculation is a little bit brainstorming, you can’t understand its truth but it is irrefutable. And if the solar system is really formed naturally under the laws of its own development and evolution, in addition to lamenting the extraordinary work of the natural forces of the universe, we should also know how to cherish this”completely impossible” earth that appears, and there will always be only one earth. We must Take good care of it!