There is nothing strange about the universe! Take stock of the incredible five”fantastic planets” and open your eyes

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Some things on the earth are impossible, and things that cannot happen on the earth will not happen anywhere else in the universe. If you want to think so, it is undoubtedly understandable, but this is not the case. The mystery of the universe is far beyond our cognition.

First take the shadow as an example When the shadow appears on the earth during the day, there is always only one of your shadows. You have become accustomed to this. You are also accustomed to other people who have only one shadow. However, this general law is not followed everywhere. You only have one shadow, because the main light source on the earth is the sun, but what if there are two suns? On a planet orbiting a binary system, like Tatooine in Star Wars, there are two sunsets a day, which is very spectacular. The people there have two shadows, unlike us who have only one shadow.

Kepler-16b planet

Before Kepler-16b was discovered, such a double parent planet only existed in science fiction, if you were suddenly sent here On a planet, due to extreme temperatures and lack of oxygen, you will struggle to survive. But if you wear special protective equipment, you can experience the fun of having two shadows. The lonely shadow on earth will find its little friends there.

Planet GJ1214b

The planet to be mentioned next is even more powerful. Most of its surface is covered by a layer of water. This is the deep-sea planet named GJ1214b. Its volume is several times larger than that of the earth. By comparison, the Pacific Ocean on the earth is like a small puddle. Even if the surface water resources cover more than 70%of the area, water storage accounts for only 0.05%of the earth’s mass.

The water volume of the planet GJ1214b is about 10%of the total mass of the planet, which means that the entire planet is covered by hundreds of kilometers of deep sea, and the ocean area on the earth is born 11 kilometers deep. There are countless deep sea monsters, such as huge whales and various kinds of fish, so we can imagine this mysterious sea area that is 10 times deeper than our ocean. Perhaps there are some strange and giant creatures. Maybe.

If your spaceship is unfortunate Falling here, God knows what surprises are hidden under the water, but it is known that at the bottom of this vast sea, hundreds of kilometers below the sea level, due to the huge pressure, the water in the sea will become a strange Ice, this ice is called”ice seven”, unlike the ice on the earth that we know, it is not cold at all, but maintains a solid form, this phenomenon does not happen naturally on the earth, and down The same is true for a strange phenomenon.

COROT-7b planet

Earth’s weather is often harsh and unpredictable, but it’s too bland compared to other planets. Take the COROT-7b planet, for example, it is not rain but a rock. This is because the half of the planet is roasted at a high temperature of 2600°C, while the temperature on the other half is as low as -177°C. The temperature on the hot side is enough to vaporize the stones. Just like the water on the surface evaporates and condenses into clouds, the rock vapor on this planet will also condense into clouds. However, these peculiar rock clouds will be liquid below the ground. Rocky rain or magma, but as the altitude increases, the temperature is getting lower and lower, and the temperature of the back of the planet is much lower than that of the sun. Magma rain often solidifies into rock before it falls to the ground.

HD189773-b planet

This planet seems to be the closest place to hell in the universe, yet the climate on another planet is even more bizarre, this planet is named HD189773- b. At 63 light-years from Earth, it is slightly larger than Jupiter. From the outer space, it looks amazing. But there are cruel facts under the beautiful coat. This appearance, thanks to the atmosphere on the planet’s surface, is mainly composed of silicate particles. The wind speed on the planet can reach 5400 miles per hour, or 2 kilometers per second. Equivalent to 7 times the speed of sound, the temperature on the surface of the planet can rise to 930 ℃, and the terrible thing is that the planet will be”glass rain”, accompanied by violent winds of 2 kilometers per second, gusts of rain, terrifying.

If this storm occurs In just 5 hours and 33 minutes on Earth, a storm can sweep the equator for a week. And it will leave a trace of shattered glass on the surface of the earth. But this glass storm is nothing compared to the strongest hurricane known to date in the universe. This hurricane comes from planet HD189733-b. It is a gaseous planet that always faces its star. The temperature of the side facing the star can reach 996℃ . But even the dark side is extremely hot, with temperatures as high as 688°C.

Why is even the shady side so grilled? This is due to its lawless wind, which can be converted into a wind speed of up to 22,000 miles per hour. It is converted to 10 kilometers per second, which is equivalent to 29 times the speed of sound. Taking the recorded wind speed limit on the earth as a reference, the scene occurred in 1999. Oklahoma’s tornado has a maximum speed of only 301 miles (484 kilometers per hour). Compared to the planet’s nightmarish giant storm that is now 73 times weaker, if you take a kite off the wind, you only need 1 hour and 08 minutes to circle the earth.

Titan Star (Titan)

But perhaps the most interesting star is in Closer to the earth. To be precise, it is called Titan (Titan), which is a moon of Saturn. The outer circle is wrapped in a thick atmosphere, so that we were not able to see its true content until 2005. If you are curious, you can search the video to see what he looks like. Titan is a very strange place, where there are atmospheric rivers, lakes, and even rain like the earth.

However, the above temperature is extreme It’s cold, as low as minus 179°C, so severe that the water solidifies like a rock. The chemical methane on the surface is in a liquid state. The clouds, rivers and lakes are composed of methane, and methane is the main component of natural gas. Although only 20%of the proven area on the surface of the planet, it is estimated that the oil and The reserves of natural gas are hundreds of times greater than the total reserves on earth. Due to the abundance of natural gas, Titan is full of natural gas, which is what the oil tycoons dream of. Perhaps the best way to promote space travel is to let some countries know Titan.

But what’s more strange is In theory, you can fly on Titan, the atmosphere of Titan is thick enough, and the gravity is also weak enough, so that if you put a pair of wings and jump through a run, you can go around Titan Fly like a bird and enjoy the panoramic view of alien rivers and lakes. Of course you will need a set of protective equipment, but you can fly like a dream, and you can achieve things you can’t do on Earth. So far, more than 1,000 planets have been discovered outside the solar system by humans, and more interesting planets will be discovered in the future.

The size of the universe is nothing strange. How about, after reading, if there is a chance, which planet do you want to travel? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area below. For more exciting articles, we will continue to follow up in the next issue. Close a note. There are surprises and do not get lost! Interesting technology, we appreciate together, I am soy sauce monster, we will see you next time! Bye!