These WeChat chat details are socially conscious

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Whether it is work or life, WeChat has become an important medium for our daily social interaction, occupying most of our lives.

It is no longer a simple communication software, but more like our identity card.

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Attentive expression is the basic etiquette of social networking. When the expression is in place, others will feel your kindness, character and emotional intelligence from the line.

Sometimes, some inappropriate expressions, perfunctory words, let you lie in the blacklist of others without knowing it for a few minutes.

“Are you there”

I don’t know if you feel this way. You are very busy every day and the time is very tight. When you ask”Are you there”, sometimes you are both angry and feel helpless.

Maybe for people who are not strong in time, this is not a big problem at all.

But for many people who are busy with the business, they sometimes have too much time to eat and rest.

So there is really not much effort to deal with the unknown information that requires a lot of energy, guess, wait, and circulate.

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In life, having something to talk about is actually saving each other’s time.

Because compared to fishing for other people’s appetite, it makes others worry and makes others uneasy. Are you here? Enter the subject as soon as possible. It is more sincere to speak and be accepted by others.

“Don’t disturb you, you are busy”

Many people do not know how to end the conversation after chatting, so they kindly send a sentence” Do not bother you”.

When you hear the phrase”don’t disturb you”, you should know that you can end this conversation.

Don’t tell people seriously, “Hey, I’m not busy, talk again.”

You are not busy, people are busy.

“Do not disturb you, you are busy” =”I still have things, I am going to be busy, goodbye”.

Especially suitable for friends.

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The core of social etiquette is to stop here.

People who see through and say through are exposed to air defense. People who can’t see or say anything are disgusted.

Reply to the message in a timely manner

You must have met such a person, you send WeChat to ta, and anxiously wait for the reply, but ta has no response , You think ta is busy, so there is no time to reply to you.

As you turn your head around, you can see that ta is making a circle of friends or chatting with others in a group.

At that moment, how did you feel, did you feel that you were neglected, and your self-esteem was hit hard.

If someone has sent you a message and you are more available, it’s best to reply in time.

If you fail to reply in time, you must explain the reason to the other party at your convenience and apologize, which will make others feel the warmth of being respected.

Even if you are not interested in the content sent by the other party, you should reply appropriately and politely.

Don’t ignore others deliberately, you can show that you don’t want to talk by reducing the positiveness of the response, and give the other party a step.

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The so-called reliable people are those who have everything to explain, everything has their own down, and everything has an echo.

It is the most comfortable and the most reassuring to be friends with such people.

Use emoticons and mood words

In online social networking, many people don’t understand you and can only feel your character and character through the text you post heart.

In the eyes of others, your words are your emotions and personhood.

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About words, some words have a network-specific tone.

For example:oh oh oh oh oh ah ah ah huh=responsively.

Similarly, adding an emoticon when chatting will make people feel close, express their emotions more intuitively, and also release your goodwill and willingness to communicate and interact with each other through the symbol. Active chat atmosphere. Of course, you need to express your feelings moderately, don’t swipe your screen!

Speaking the voice must be agreed with the other party in advance

Using the voice, the person who sends the voice is easy and hassle-free, a few strokes of the mouth will go out, but for receiving For the source, it was a ton of trouble.

Voice is not to be sent, but to be divided into people and occasions.

Remember to be able to type as much as possible, especially when reporting on work or other important and complicated matters that require communication with others.

If the other party is in a meeting or class, it may be inconvenient to listen to the voice, and the text is always clear at a glance, which also saves reading time.

If the other party is free now, if you receive five or six WeChat messages for 1 minute in a row, if you change it to you, will you still feel a crash?

Use WeChat voice function to learn to respect each other’s feelings and try not to cause trouble to others, which is also a reflection of your character.

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We must keep in mind the core values ​​of socialism, and we must not forget the civilized rules of socializing on WeChat.

Everyone is a person for the first time, so don’t torture each other. Keep these social etiquettes in mind, be considerate, considerate, and be the cutest person.

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