The”unsolved mystery” of the scientific community that year’s Carlos’ best free kick of the century

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The host hosted an invitational tournament for the four countries one year before the opening of the 1998 World Cup in France. In addition to the Gaul Roosters, there were also football players from that time Altar powerhouses in Brazil, Italy, and England. The reason why this four-nation tournament was remembered more than 20 years later is not because of the classics of the game but the birth of a peerless free kick. ESPN reviewed the past Carlos that foot is destined to break the free kick in the annals of history.

On June 3, 1997, Brazilian defender Roberto Carlos scored one of the most exciting free kicks in football history. In the match against France, the former Real Madrid star scored his career masterpiece The goal was precisely due to the shocking free kick of the Samba Corps in that year’s four-nation opener 1-1 draw with the host France.

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scored goals this grain is still in the century when Carlos At the beginning of his career, Inter Milan brought him from Brazil champion Palmeiras to Serie A for two million dollars two years ago. However, he did not live well in Italy, and he moved to Bernabeu one season later.

In Real Madrid, he won one championship after another, and became an idol and legend. Carlos is still the global image ambassador of the Galaxy Battleship. He also became the main left back of the Samba Corps in the 1998, 2002 and 2006 World Cup when he rose to Real Madrid. In 1998, the runner-up was won, and in 2002, the Hercules Cup was won.

The Brazilian did not retire in Delhi Dinamo in the Indian Super League until 2015. From the four-country game that scored a peculiar free kick to 18 years of retirement, Carlos has never tried it again. Take the free kick in the same way, because he knows that such perfection is almost irreproducible.

“I have never tried to play like that again, because I know I will never enter,” he said with a smile.”There are a lot of excellent free kickers now, maybe after a while, someday someone will score a similar goal, but I am the first.”

Although Carlos feels certain The comer, but the scientific community does not think that the free kick can be copied.

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Many scientists believe that Carlos’ goal violates the principles of physics, which has impressed them so far. When this famous free kick was born, physicists all over the world were stunned by the scene on TV. The goal at the Lyon Gerland Stadium became a catalyst for the research and analysis of aerodynamics and ball running curves.

One of the most famous studies was initiated by four French scientists, they are Guillaume Dupe, Anne Legov, David Quill and Christopher Krane, In September 2010, they published their research results in the Journal of New Physics.

In this study, physicists conducted a series of experiments and analysis, and finally came to an equation that explains the trajectory of the ball, and also analyzed all the Force.

“In football, in general, as long as the shooting distance is long enough, the ball will obviously deviate from a circular trajectory after being hit, and then the movement of the ball becomes unpredictable. This is what Interpretation of Carlos’ goal. At that time, the free kick was about 35 meters away from the goal, which means that it was far enough from the goal. As long as the power of the shot is strong enough (this is also a characteristic of the Brazilian), the ball will be super high Shooting at the net fast enough to catch the goalkeeper off guard.” They think that as long as the calculation is correct, then the distance and power reach the level of Carlos at the time. This goal can be copied.

But Brazil’s most famous physicist said it was impossible, and he called Carlos’ free kick a football miracle.

“Although physics can perfectly explain the trajectory of the ball, the conditions required to repeat the same goal, such as the strength of the ball, such as the impact point of Carlos’ left foot on the ball, The distance between the ball and the goal, you must have all the elements. Taken together, it can be called a miracle.” Luis Fontanari of the San Roberto Carlos Institute of Physics, the most respected university in Sao Paulo, Brazil The professor said so.

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Fontanari is the editor of Biophysics Review and Bioscience Theory. Both are one of the most important scientific journals in the world. He also said that if the ball is not blocked by the net, it will continue to fly into the air and draw an incredible propeller trajectory, as shown in the future map.”I don’t believe that the same goals will happen in the future,” the Brazilian physicist said.

What is the French Four Nations?

The Confederations Cup did not become a FIFA World Cup test match until 2001, and the first edition was held in Japan and South Korea. Therefore, before the start of the 1998 World Cup, the host France decided to organize an invitational tournament to test the next year’s competition. In addition to the Gaul Rooster, the French Football Association also invited Brazil, England and Italy. The 4 teams play a single cycle, a total of 6 games. The venues are the Beaujolais Stadium in Nantes, the Mosanne Stadium in Montpellier, the Gerland Stadium in Lyon and the Parc des Princes Stadium in Paris.

The head coach of Brazil at that time was the legendary Zagalo. At that time, they had the best striker partner Roro combination in the world. The starting lineup was full of big names. Goalkeeper Tafarel; It’s Cafford, Silva, Alder, Carlos; midfielder is Mauro Silva, Denga, Giovanni, Leonardo; the strikers are of course Romario and Ronaldo. Dejaminha, Denilson, Ze Roberto and others were on the bench.

In the first game of the Four Nations, Brazil drew 1-1 with France. After that, they shook hands with Italy 3-3. In that game, Luo Luo scored one goal each, plus Lombardo’s Oolong. Finally scored 3 goals. In Italy, Piero scored twice and the other goal came from Aldaire’s Oolong.

In the last game, the Samba Army won England 1-0, and the lone wolf Romario scored the only goal In the game, Brazil, with 5 points, finished second with 2 wins and 1 loss in England. At that time, the Three Lions were also gathering big names, Alan Hiller, Scholes, Beckham and so on.

In fact, people don’t have much memory of the results of these 6 games, but Carlos’s free kick can’t be forgotten, and is destined to last in history.