This summer, there is a dress called”Beret + Skirt”, fashionable and thin, who wears who temperament

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How can I stand out among the girls who wear skirts on the streets in summer and choose brightly colored skirts? Or make a fuss about style? Do not! The correct approach should be to add a beret. As one of the hottest outfits this summer, the &34; beret + skirt & 34; combination is both fashionable and slim, but also temperamental, who wears it looks good!

When it comes to berets, I believe that many girls are like Xiaobian and think of Ishihara. Ms. Ten Yuan’s love for berets is well-known, but the most powerful thing she can do is control every color well, and she wears skirts. It can be seen how hot and fashionable the beret + skirt combination is. You who love beauty, don’t hurry to learn this kind of dress with Xiaobian?

How to wear a beret more fashionable?

< p> Don’t underestimate a small beret. If you don’t pick it well or don’t wear it well, it’s a real-life version of &34;Yan Xiaoliu&34;, which is not only big but also very rustic. Of course, the editor does not allow this to happen, so I prepared this little beret cheat to teach you from &34; Yan Xiaoliu &34; Meicheng &34; Ishihara Limei &34;!

tips1. Picking is important for styles

The first choice is the choice of material. The thick cloth has a soft silhouette, suitable for girls who take a gentle route. The thick woolen material is relatively straight, it is easy to wear and looks good, and it can also create a rounded back head, which is the gospel of a flat-headed girl. But remember to choose the thinner in summer. The leather material is more neutral, but the head circumference cannot be adjusted, so be sure to measure the size before choosing.

There are a few points to note when selecting. First of all, when you wear it, don’t stretch the beret completely, otherwise the line of the hat will look very regular, not only unnatural, but also big. The size of the cap should also fit your head circumference as much as possible, and should not be too large or too small. In addition, we must avoid cumbersome styles, otherwise it will still appear big. The neat beret is the right solution.

Tips2. Daifa is also exquisite

You will wear it if you choose it to make it look good. First of all, the hat must be sufficiently fluffy and three-dimensional. The flat beret will only magnify the head defect. But don’t choose an oversized beret for this, otherwise it will still look big. Generally speaking, it is better to be wider than your face after wearing it. Oblique wear is better than wearing it whole, but it should not be worn too low, otherwise it will be very inspiring.

Sisters with bangs can move the beret back a bit and put it on the back of the head to reveal the bangs, which can cover the brain door and create a round head. If you don’t have bangs, you need to wear a beret forward and cover part of your forehead, so that you don’t appear to have a big forehead, and you can also cover the high hairline. You can also put some broken pieces on both sides of the cheeks to play a role in modifying the face.

&34; Beret + skirt &34; how to put on?

< p>While wearing berets and skirts is popular, it is not the end of the skirt as soon as it is imagined. If you want to make the style more fashionable, you still need to work hard. Color matching and details are essential. The editor has prepared a matching guide, but don’t you want to follow along?

1. With the same color system

The matching of berets and skirts of the same color is the easiest. In order to enrich the layering of the styling, the girls can choose berets and skirts with different materials and different colors to match. However, it should be noted that the color saturation of the skirt must not be high, especially the dress, otherwise it is easy to appear black. Or choose a skirt and put it on your lower body away from your face.

but just The beret decorated as a small-area accessory can be more open in color selection. If you are still worried about getting dark, just use your hair to modify it. Summer is more suitable for fresh colors such as blue and yellow. On the contrary, the black line is easy to be dull, it is best to add some eye-catching small designs on the beret or skirt.

2. Color contrast

Bold girls can try color matching. The beret has a small area, and is worn on the back or obliquely and has hair isolation. Even the bright colors are not easy to appear dull. The skirt is different, especially when the dress is worn on a large area. The high saturation color is really unfriendly to yellow and black leather. Skirts can avoid this situation.

Although the color contrast is cool, for safety reasons, the skirt and the beret must have enough eye-catching, that is, if the beret is bright, then the skirt is best to choose the basic color or light color. The color contrast should not be too strong, so as not to be too eye-catching. It is better to keep the whole body within 3 colors, otherwise it will distract the visual focus and be dazzled.

3. Take control of the elements

It is also important to control the elements of the beret and skirt. Generally speaking, a styling only needs to maintain one focus. Therefore, the beret and the skirt need only one element to add to the eye-catching effect, but only a moderate amount, and the other needs to be as simple as possible. Otherwise, once the elements are superimposed excessively, it will be bells and whistles.

Of course, element response is also a good way. But this is not suitable for wearing larger dresses. The skirt and beret use the same elements, and then use the basic model for neutralization, which can not only echo each other but also not too abrupt. But even if the elements echo, it is best to choose only one element, otherwise it will be too much. The overall adaptability should also be considered.

The above is all for today. I don’t know if you have read the article, have you been impressed by the fashionable combination of beret and skirt? But having said that, there are a lot of fire outfits every year, and there is really no need to follow suit. Rather than blindly following the trend, it is better to study the style and outfit that suits you. Of course, accessories like berets can’t be ignored.