Three consecutive shootings on the streets of New York City

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Source:Overseas Network

NBC report screenshot

Overseas Network, July 14thNational Broadcasting Corporation (NBC)New York reported on the 14th that unidentified persons drove all the way on the streets of Brooklyn, New York City, and shot at pedestrians, causing at least five people to be injured.

The shooting occurred on the evening of July 13, local time. A gunman opened fire on a passerby while driving, and the victim was hit in multiple locations. According to police sources, a 23-year-old woman was initially shot in the chest with 4 shots; about 12 minutes later, 3 19-year-old men were shot in the back; after another 2 minutes, the gunman shot from behind and hit a 19 A man of 5 years old and a girl on a motorcycle with him fell off when overturning.

American media said that all the wounded had been sent to the hospital, the police were arresting the gunman, and the murderer fled in a white car. Within 24 hours on the 13th, there were 14 shootings in New York City, and 18 people were injured. (Overseas Network Zhang Qi)

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