Three days, the fire is still burning… Will the US warship be scrapped?

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Source:CCTV Military

July 12 local time

US military amphibious assault ship”Good Man Richard”

Suddenly exploded and caught fire


As of July 14, local time

61 people have been injured

including 38 sailors and 23 civilians

The fire is still burning !

The US Navy claims that the fire potential can be controlled

On July 14, local time, the fire fighting work of the”Good Man Richard” amphibious assault ship entered the third day.

As you can see from the screen, The fire is weaker than before, but there is still a lot of smoke coming out of the ship. The temperature of the fire site was as high as 538 degrees Celsius, causing the hull mast to collapse.

U.S. Rear Admiral Philip Sobek said:”The structure of the upper deck continues to burn and is damaged. The foremast has collapsed and the hull is leaning, but drainage work is in progress to try to maintain the hull balance.

The US military said that the rescue team is trying to solve the two remaining fire points inside the hull, and the hull structure is not a big problem. Sobek believes that it is entirely possible that the fire will be contained within the next 24 hours.

Details disclosed!

Maintenance of fire extinguishing system is shut down and failed to start

The “Good Man Richard” is one of the US Navy’s “Wasp” class amphibious assault ships, with a capacity of about 1,000 people and a displacement More than 40,000 tons. Recently, this amphibious assault ship is anchored at the San Diego Military Port in California, USA, and is undergoing maintenance operations in the port. It is planned to carry the F-35B fighter to deploy the Pacific Fleet.

Sobek said that the fire point of the”Good Man Richard” may be a storage place for cartons, cloth and other maintenance tools. In the event of a fire, the fire extinguishing system could have extinguished the initial fire, but the fire extinguishing system was in a maintenance-off state and was not activated. In addition, because the ship is undergoing maintenance, there are many obstacles in the ship, such as scaffolding, which hinder the fire fighting.

Military experts:

The United States lifted a stone and smashed its own feet

The”Good Man Richard” amphibious assault ship has been in service since 1998. The older age, coupled with the fierce fire and long duration, may be greatly damaged.

According to US media reports, considering the damage, the ship will be out of service for at least a few years, and it is likely to be identified as completely scrapped. The report said that similar incidents have occurred in the US Navy several times. In 2012, a fire broke out on the nuclear submarine”Miami”, which cost billions of dollars. The accident was caused by the negligence of shipyard workers who hoped to resume work as soon as possible.

The U.S. Navy said on July 14 that it is too early to conclude that the”Good Man Richard” will be scrapped.

Military expert Song Xiaojun believes that the San Diego New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic where the”Good Man Richard” is located is serious. The US Navy should reflect on it, and plan to deploy at this time, which is equivalent to”lifting a stone and smashing his own foot.” .

US media reported that whether the US Navy completely lost the”Good Man Richard” or needed large-scale repairs to it, it was a heavy blow to the US Navy’s continued deployment of the F-35B in the Pacific. .

Source:National Defense Military Channel”Noon Defense Military”, etc.