Three space missions from NASA, China and UAE to Mars

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July is an important month for Mars.

Three new spacecraft from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, China and the United Arab Emirates will be launched to the Red Planet. This is because between mid-July and mid-August, the Earth and Mars are in a relative position, and the aircraft can reach Mars in the shortest time.

If the launch of the mission proceeds as planned and the first mission will expire this week, the spacecraft will arrive early next year. They will join the ranks of other orbiters, landers and rover that have already detected the planet.

In the process of the Mars exploration competition becoming more and more fierce, countries are studying problems that spaceships in other countries have never explored.

Alice Gorman, a space archaeologist at Flinders University, said:&34; More and more countries are entering deep space exploration, increasing the success of Opportunity…and established a reliable engineering heritage library. &34; To date, Mars exploration has been dominated by the United States and Russia, with the addition of China and the UAE, it will benefit future”39 Red Planet” missions. Different countries are still testing different types of technology to promote the continuous development of the cause of exploration.

So let’s take a quick look at what each task provides.

Perseverance and wisdom:NASA’s new rover and helicopter

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Persistent task is to find evidence of previous life. (Provided:NASA/JPL-Caltech )

The NASA’s &34;Mars 2020&34; mission plan will place a project named &34;Perseverance&34 on the red planet ; The new rover. If it can survive the landing, it will be the tenth time the United States has successfully landed a robot on Mars since 1975 and will join &34;curious &34; Mars Rover and &34; Mars Observation &34; in the probe camp.

Abigail Allwood, an Australian geologist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, said that &34;Perseverance&34; the rover is the first ever search for life on Mars Evidence of the rover.

Dr. Allwood said:&34; The previous task has been to find evidence of water and evidence of habitability. The task has never been given the task of finding evidence of life. &34;

Except for its wheels, this rover looks almost the same as Curiosity, and it uses new terrain technology to help guide its landing. Everything goes well, it will land on the old lake bed called Jezero Crater.

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Mars 2020 mission will land in an area called Jezero Crater. (Provided:NASA/JPL)

&34;Hengxin&34; the rover is equipped with several tools that can carry out a detailed survey of the topography and geological conditions, and use drill bits to collect sediment samples, In order to return to Earth for analysis in 2026. The Mars 2020 mission will also try a test flight a small unmanned helicopter named Ingenuity . Once the &34;Perseverance&34; rover landed, the helicopter tied to the bottom will be released.

Dr. Allwood said:&34; If the helicopter successfully flies, the detection of Mars will be huge. &34;

Tianqi No.1:China’s Heavenly Kingdom

China’s new mission will combine the first orbiter/lander/roamer combination Send to Mars. The name &34; Tianwen-1 & 34; (Tianwen-1) means &34; heavenly question &34; this is the country’s second attempt to send a mission to the Red Planet.

China’s first flight mission &34; Yinhuo-1&34; Mars probe was lost in 2012, when the spacecraft piggy belt of the Russian Space Agency failed to fly and fell back to earth. But now, China is using its own technology, which has been successfully used in other space programs, such as two moon landings. It will use the parachute developed for its”34 Shenzhou” space flight program, as well as the propulsion and autonomous guidance systems used in the”34 Chang’e 3″ and”34 Chang’e 3″ lunar landers.

If the spacecraft reaches Mars and lands, China will become the third country to land on the Red Planet.

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China’s Tianwen-1 lander will be tested by the end of 2019. (Reuters:Jason Lee)

Space reporter Andrew Jones stationed in China’s space program said that this is a very ambitious goal.

Jones said:&34; The Mars mission has a failure rate of about 50%. Therefore, trying to combine the orbiter/lander/roamer for the first solo mission is very challenging. &34;

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China’s Long March 5th rocket successfully succeeded in its third attempt in 2019 A satellite was put into orbit. (AFP via Getty Images)

Although the official launch of the Wenchang Satellite Launch Center has not yet been announced Date, but Mr. Jones expects it to take off around July 23.

Hope:Seeking to be the first Arab country to go to Mars

At the same time, the United Arab Emirates plans to be the first Arab to launch a spacecraft to Mars country.

If successful, the &34; Al Amal&34; or &34; Hope&34; spacecraft will survey Mars along with six other orbiters from the United States, Europe, and India. Dr. Gorman said:”The UAE is smaller than other countries, but they have invested a lot of resources in their space programs, and they have made it clear that this is their priority. &34;

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Hope spacecraft will take seven months to reach &34;Red Planet&34; (Provided:(UAE Space Agency)

According to the latest report from the UAE Space Agency, the spacecraft is planned to be on July 15th (Eastern Standard Time) from a remote Japan Island launch.

Once it is separated from the rocket, the spacecraft will rely on the stellar tracking sensor that can identify the constellation to guide it to Mars.