Three things Trump has recently”special embarrassing”

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In July, Trump is really embarrassing.

  Whether it’s an unforgettable Independence Day celebration at the Mount Rushmore National Memorial Park, Or his eldest son’s girlfriend’s new crown pneumonia-positive embarrassment, it makes people feel that the US president will not be happy in the next days.

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Trump attends Independence Day celebration

   And the most embarrassing is-hundreds of Republicans collectively revolted, and even set up a”Biden 43 alumni” political action committee. Uncle Hai would say-this means that within the Republican Party, a certain consensus has been reached-abandon Trump. In the next three months or so, will the Republican Party launch another presidential candidate to compete with Biden in the Democratic camp? Also unknown!


   Let’s talk about Independence Day celebration first. This is truly a national holiday unique in American history. In the New Crown epidemic, so many people came to Mount Rushmore National Memorial Park in South Dakota. From the photos, it is almost an intensive phobia. What is the status of the epidemic in the United States? You know, in the past day, there were more than 50,000 new patients with new pneumonia in the United States.

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Independence Day at Mount Rushmore National Memorial Park The commemorative American people

  The governor of South Dakota even claimed that he would not deliberately ask people to maintain social distance at the celebration site. As for the organizers of the celebration, they arranged the seats close to each other. Isn’t Trump counting the current epidemic in the United States? Obviously not! On July 1, Trump once publicly changed his mouth, saying that wearing a mask is necessary. The original words are like this:”Actually, I like the way I wear a mask. I think it’s okay. It’s a dark black mask. I think it looks good. It looks like a lone traveler.”

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Trump daughter Ivanka Chaa often wears a black mask

   The reason why even Trump has publicly stated that it is necessary to wear a mask, is it not because the US epidemic has reached a level that is difficult to control?

   Knowing that the epidemic is complicated, but daring to engage in public gatherings to commemorate the Independence Day, what the hell do you think? As a result, the outbreak will continue to occur in South Dakota. Can you make him scratch his head?

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Trump visited”President Hill”, more than ten The arrest of the demonstrators

   What even makes Trump scratch his head is that in the Rushmore National Memorial Park, he must face the indigenous people who came to protest. Mount Rushmore is commonly known as”President Hill” because of statues of Washington, Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Lincoln. After his speech at President Hill, Trump also celebrated with fireworks to show the commemoration of the independence of the United States of America. However, on the afternoon of Independence Day, more than 100 Native Indian Lakota came to the scene! They held the slogans”You are standing on the stolen land” and”Abolition of white supremacy”, intentionally embarrassing Trump. Immediately, more than ten demonstrators were arrested.

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President Hill

  在海 Uncle It seems that whether faced with the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, or faced with people’s doubts about the racial strategy of the authorities, Trump can’t come up with a way. It was useless for him to attack those who smashed the statue on the site of Independence Day. To fight against the epidemic, he had to come up with a means to integrate the United States; bridging the tears of ethnic groups was even more difficult.


  Just as Trump encountered embarrassment in South Dakota, the New York Times broke the news that his eldest son’s girlfriend Kimberly Gilfoyle was tested Positive for new coronavirus. This is not a simple matter –

   First of all, Gilfoyle is indeed the girlfriend of Trump’s eldest son, Donald Trump Jr. Gilfoyle originally planned to travel to South Dakota with Donald Trump Jr., preparing to participate in the celebration that Trump will host there, and enjoy the large fireworks display. However, because her new coronavirus test was positive, she had to cancel the activity to watch the fireworks. According to other sources, Donald Trump Jr.’s new crown test was negative. Is this a lucky luck?

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Kimberly Gilfoyle and Trump’s eldest son

  Secondly, Kimberly Gilfoyle is also part of the Trump campaign. Uncle Hai would like to say that Trump has always been blatant and cronyistic. It seems that his son, daughter and son-in-law are all part of his team. As a prospective daughter-in-law, Gilfoyle seems to take care of her husband’s campaign. Now, she is a little helpless.

   Again, Kimberly Gilfoyle was the third person to test positive for the new coronavirus around Trump. In May this year, a personal personal servant who served Trump’s meal and the news secretary of the vice president Mike Pence’s new crown virus test were positive. Compared to those two, Gilfoyle seemed to have more opportunities to contact Trump.

  The positive test of Gilfoyle’s new crown virus undoubtedly shows that the Trump team was really wrong on the way to fight epidemic in the United States, and now it is a bit like the mud bodhisattva crossing the river.


  ”Biden 43 alumni” hit Trump especially hard! This team claims to be 43 people, and actually more than 200 former White House officials, campaign assistants, and government secretaries joined. Most of these people belong to the Bush Bush camp. what does this mean? Isn’t it the split of the Republican camp? Even,”Biden 43 alumni” still claim to be Republicans, just against Trump.

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Republican Bush Jr.”43-member team” opposed Trang Pu

  Uncle Hai felt that whether Biden profited from the”43-member team” of the Bush Jr. camp, it would be a heavy blow to Trump.

  At the end of June, a Republican who requested to remain anonymous told Fox News,”If the polls continue to deteriorate, you may see Trump withdraw from the campaign.” At present, this is indeed intriguing.

  How can Trump seize the little time left and get rid of the dilemma? Today, there are more than three months before the US presidential election vote-in three months, may the United States control the epidemic? difficult! In three months, can the US economy get out of a V-shaped reversal? It seems not easy! What changes can Trump bring to the United States in three months? It is not known.

  Trump, special embarrassment. How to get out of the dilemma as soon as possible, is there any way for Trump? Let us wait and see!

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