Tianjin Media:TEDA has been making its final efforts recently to seek a”buzzer check”

By yqqlm yqqlm

Today, the Tianjin media”Hao Sports” wrote that because the TEDA team has a weak midfield, the team has been making its final efforts and hopes to sign a strong player before the transfer window closes.

The media said that Xiao Zhi has the number 8 printed on his training suit, and Qian Yumiao’s training suit The number 23 is printed, which is a recent change. Judging from the changes in training uniforms of Xiao Zhi and Qian Yumiao, the two players have officially signed the team. At present, the team is still making its final efforts, hoping to introduce another capable player, but due to the tight time and heavy tasks, the negotiations are particularly difficult, and the team is also tight-lipped about this, and did not disclose the specific candidates to the outside world.

Because Ronghao’s lease renewal also takes up one year, TEDA currently has only one transfer quota for domestic aid without age restrictions. In terms of foreign aid, if Cao Yang is not registered with the fifth foreign aid, then the team still has two places.

At present, the team’s problems in the warm-up match are mainly in the rate of the midfield and the rate of attack from the defense. At the same time, the offense is relatively simple, which makes TEDA need to sign a strong player. Midfielder to make up for the short board.

This Saturday, the team will perform a simple strong ceremony. Because the region has strict restrictions on the list of teams, if there are no new players, TEDA can only use existing players to welcome the new season.