Time to see character, to see the truth in small things

By yqqlm yqqlm

Some people say,

The mask is not a face, but it’s not visible outside,

We are looking at the surface,

< p> Can’t see people’s heart.

How can I see someone clearly?

Look at someone clearly and see his character,

Don’t use your eyes, take time;

Understand one People, to see his heart,

Not in peacetime, but in chaos.

It’s been a long time,

Good or bad character surfaced;

There is suffering,

It’s true and false!

01. Time to see character, the clearer the more you see

Make friends,

Why do we all like people with good character?

Because of good character,

Being honest and never cheating;

Reliable and reliable;

Communicative , No bad heart!

Person with good character,

Getting along with him makes people feel at ease.

He won’t pretend to be false to you,

He won’t abandon you because of small profits.

Persons with good character,

will only change with time,

the better and better for you,

No Remember to hate when you meet with money;

You won’t be counted because of the gap!

02. Minor things look at people’s hearts, the more straightforward the more they look

You like it,

That advise Do you drink hot water?
Still like it,

The one who cooks hot porridge for you?

Some people,

just play tricks and see things when they see things.

How good is your mouth,

I’m not around when I need it.

Let you endure forever,

Wind and rain come to each thing.

A small thing can see through the hearts of people;

In case of ups and downs, you can pierce the pretense.

People who treat you sincerely,

They must be the ones who have the same troubles and treat you honestly!

What’s the use of knowing how many friends?

You have to watch when the wind and rain arrive,

How many friends stay for you!


A small thing can turn the so-called”friendly” face;


A wind and rain You can make the so-called”true feelings” go bad!

Somewhat disgusting, hide it better,

When the time is up, you’re exposed;

Some pretends, pretend to be true,

When it comes to things, it will be the original!

True feelings,

It must be able to travel through the dust of time, and it will last forever;

Good relationship,

It must be able to experience hot and cold events, Still enthusiastic!

Remember those,

People who don’t hold hands during wind and rain;

There are those,

when needed Friends of the two-ribbed knife.

True feelings are too rare,

We’ll take out our true feedback;

True heart is too rare,

We’ll be grateful for a lifetime!