Today in History:One Step Away, Japan Was Killed by Belgian No One in the World Cup Top Eight

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Air bars 2 July News The 1/8 finals of the 2018 World Cup in Russia started at the Rostov Stadium. Belgium, one of the winning favorites, ushered in the challenge of the”Blue Samurai” Japan team. This game was not optimistic about the outside world. The Japanese team played a team history in the World Cup. One of the best games, they still lead the European Red Devils 2-0 in the last half hour before the game, but unfortunately they were eliminated by Belgium with three consecutive goals.

The lineup of the two sides ↓↓↓

Belgium:1-Kurtois, 2-Alderweilerd, 5-Virtongen, 4-Kompany, 15-Munieuer, 6-Vitesel, 7-De Braun, 11-Carrasco (64 minutes, 22-Chadley), 10-Azar, 14-Mertens (64 minutes, 8-Fellany), 9-Lukaku

The bench was not played:20-Boyata, 19-Musa Dembele, 13-Casters, 16-Sorgen Hazard, 3 -Villmalen, 23-Dendon Cole, 12-Minholet, 18-Januzai, 21-Bashoyai, 17-Tilemans=

Japan:1 -Kawashima Yongji, 5-Nagato Yudo, 22-Yoshida Maya, 3-Changziyuan, 19-Sakai Hiroshi, 17-Hasebe Hiroshi, 7-Chaizaki Yue (80 minutes, 16-Yamaguchi firefly), 14 -Ganguishi, 8-Yuankouyuanqi (80 minutes, 4-Honda Keisuke), 10–Kagawa Shinji, 15-Dayu Yongye

Subs didn’t play:12-Shun Higashiguchi, 6- Endo Airways, 23-Airports Nakamura, 21- Sakai Kotoku, 11-Usumi Takahashi, 20-Matsuno Zhizhang, 2-Ueda Direct , 13- Taketo Kagi, 9-Okazaki Shinji, 18-Oshima Ryota

In the 47th minute, Japan’s chance to counterattack, Shirazaki Yue midfielder hit a straight plug, Haraguchi volleyed to the right of the restricted area The far corner succeeds, Belgium 0-1 Japan↓

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51 minutes, Takashi Inui peripheral sudden Shi Leng Jian, net nest dead ball into the sky, Belgium 0-2 Japan ↓

69 minutes, left Virgin through Hang hanger restricted header, the ball draw a curve goal fall Far corner, Belgium 1-2 Japan↓

In the 73rd minute, Azar passed on the left, Fellaini Gao Yue got his head and broke the goal, Belgium 2-2 Japan↓

of In 93 minutes, De Braun pushed forward and scored to the right, Mounier then crosses again, Lukaku cleverly missed, Chadley outspoken and scored, Belgium 3-2 Japan↓

Final match will end, Belgium last moment lore Japan qualify, they also got the third place of the good results that World Cup; and as Asian teams in the World Cup sixteen A strong and independent seedling, the outstanding performance of the Japanese is worthy of a defeated evaluation, and as Nakashima Shoya is represented The Mesozoic era established a firm foothold in Europe, and young teenagers represented by Don Onkyo and Kubo Kenei gradually emerged. At that time, the Japanese team that almost brought surprises included Hoshiki Sakai, Makoto Hasebe, Shinji Kagawa and Keisuke Honda. Everyone has faded out of the national team.