Today the news is being brushed all over the world 2020.7.16

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Tokyo raises the alert status to the highest level

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For the number of new diagnoses of new pneumonia in Japan that has been rising in recent days, the Japanese government has not considered issuing an emergency; Japanese experts pointed out that the release of the emergency will make the economy shut down and the annual GDP growth rate will drop by 10%. Despite the increase in confirmed cases, the Japanese government plans to launch a tourism stimulus plan as scheduled later this month to encourage people to travel domestically and stimulate the economy; and for the entry restrictions imposed by foreigners, Japan plans to start consultations with China and South Korea in July.

Paris Disney reopens, visitors are forced to wear masks

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French Disneyland, which has been closed for four months due to the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic, was officially opened to the public on the 15th. At 10 a.m. that day, thousands of tourists entered the park excitedly with the singing and dancing of many cartoon characters in the park, and recorded this memorable moment with mobile phones and other equipment. As the epidemic is not over, in addition to the staff, the park also requires adults and children over the age of 11 to wear masks. Tickets need to be booked online in advance, and only a limited number of tickets will be provided daily. In addition, only one hotel in the park has resumed business for the time being, and the rest of the hotels will next decide whether to reopen according to the epidemic situation.

75 countries join the United Nations new crown vaccine protection mechanism

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United Nations Secretary-General Diyarik said at a video conference on the 15th that 75 countries have already submitted to the United Nations new crown vaccine guarantee mechanism The letter of intent will use the national budget to fund the research and development of mechanism vaccines. After successful vaccine development, it is expected that 2 billion vaccines will be delivered to all participating countries by the end of 2021, evenly distributed in proportion to the population. Diaryk said that the distribution of vaccines will give priority to medical personnel, and then expand to 20%of the national population, and then allocate additional doses according to national needs, vulnerability and the threat of the new crown epidemic. At the same time, this mechanism also initiated the”advance market commitment”, that is, participating countries can make large purchases in advance before the vaccine is not approved at the end of August, in order to stimulate the function of vaccine development and production. This mechanism is jointly operated by the World Health Organization, the Epidemic Prevention Innovation Alliance and the Global Vaccine Alliance. Countries currently submitting letters of intent include the United Kingdom, Canada, Brazil, Switzerland, Japan, South Korea, and Israel.

European Court:Apple wins the 13 billion euro Irish tax case

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EU Permanent Court of Justice No. 15 judgement that Apple’s preferential tax policies enjoyed by EU member states in Ireland does not constitute a state subsidy, and the EU is revoked The relevant ruling of the Committee in 2016. The Permanent Court of the European Union believes that the 2016 decision of the European Commission failed to legally prove that Apple’s low tax rate is unfair. The court ruled that Apple does not need to pay 13 billion euros in taxes to Ireland as required. Both the Irish government and Apple welcomed the verdict. However, the European Commission can still appeal the judgment to the European Court of Justice. The European Commission said it will study the verdict and consider the next steps. In recent years, the EU is stepping up its efforts to evade tax avoidance by technology companies, and US technology giants have become an important target for tax crackdowns. In this context, Apple’s victory may affect the EU’s tax decisions on other companies.

The Maldives reopens its borders to international travelers

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The resort Maldives reopened its borders to international travelers on July 15th, and it also welcomed its first international flight in more than three months. The Maldives Ministry of Tourism stated that resorts on the tourist island will open on July 15 and hotels on the residents’ island will be open on August 1. Tourists do not need to provide a negative test report of new coronary pneumonia. If they have symptoms such as fever and cough after landing, they will receive a free test.

Source:Phoenix Satellite TV Information Channel