Today, this”birthday” in the United States is a bit sad

By ddzyx

Xinhua News Agency, Washington, July 4th. On July 4, American Independence Day, which is equivalent to the US National Day. However, this year’s”birthday” is a bit sad:

——On the eve of Independence Day holiday, the United States recorded a record of 54,000 new cases of new crown diagnoses in a single day, and the cumulative diagnosis and death data are much higher than other countries. It is still unknown when the”first wave” outbreak will be contained.

——Over the past month, the death of black Freud has ignited the nation’s wave of protests against racial discrimination, and even “overturned” statues including the image of the former president. The anger has not subsided Signs.

——The unilateralism of the United States under the banner of”America First” has intensified. The latest one is the”buyout” of the new crown treatment drug Ridexivir, which has not accidentally attracted criticism from other countries.


On the evening of July 3, local time, under the “watching” of the statues of four former presidents such as “President Hill” George Washington and Lincoln, the current President Trang Pu said in his speech,”They all think that Americans are weak and obedient, but they are not. Americans are very strong and proud…”

American public opinion believes that the reason why the United States has come to the present is the dilemma. It is directly related to the government’s slow response and policy confusion. How do American politicians who advocate”American priority” think the US epidemic”leads” the world?

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On July 3rd, people played on a beach in San Diego, California. Xinhua News Agency/Reuters

U.S. epidemic is refreshing day after day

Experts are worried about holiday surge again

United States According to data released by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention on July 3, the cumulative number of confirmed cases in the United States exceeded 2.79 million, and the cumulative number of deaths exceeded 129,000, the highest in the world. There were 53,000 newly diagnosed new crown cases in a single day; the previous day, this data exceeded 54,000 cases, setting a new record.

In recent days, the epidemic situation in the United States has been severe, such as Florida, California, Texas, Arizona, etc. The number of new cases continued to reach new highs.

The surge in cases has put tremendous pressure on the medical system. Arizona, Texas, Tennessee, Nevada and other places set a new record for the number of new crown hospitalizations on July 2. In addition, more than 91,000 medical personnel across the United States were diagnosed with the new coronavirus and killed 501 people. At least 23 states in the United States have announced a moratorium on restarting their economic plans.

Such a situation has made US government officials and public health experts a big enemy on the occasion of the arrival of Independence Day. They are worried that the number of infections may increase during the holiday and call on the public to minimize outing activities during the Independence Day holiday. Wear masks in public places.

The fireworks show is 80%less

Trump watched a special show

Independence Day The holiday is the most important summer holiday in the United States and the peak of American travel. In previous years, whether it was a metropolis New York, the capital of Washington, or a small town with only a few thousand people, all kinds of celebrations will be held , Fireworks show is indispensable.

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On June 29th, New York set off the first American Independence Day fireworks. In order to prevent the crowd from gathering and watching and spreading the epidemic, this year’s New York fireworks show was lit in multiple places over four days, and the specific time and place of the fire were not announced in advance. Xinhua News Agency (photo by Zhou Huanxin)

Affected by the new crown epidemic, most parts of the United States may have no mood to celebrate this year. According to US media reports, more than 80%of the Independence Day fireworks show has been cancelled.

However, some fireworks shows are on the”top wind”. In the year of the general election, Trump, whose election situation is urgent because of the epidemic, will naturally not give up such a special holiday. On the evening of July 3, local time, he visited the Rushmore National Memorial in South Dakota to give a speech and watch a firework show.

It is commonly known as”President Hill” and has giant statues of four former US presidents such as”Founding Father” Washington and Lincoln.

In his speech, Trump did not mention the new crown epidemic very much. Instead, he heavily criticized the recent trend of the United States to remove the Confederate statue, and took the opportunity to reiterate his many political commitments.

According to reports, about 3,700 spectators went to the show. The TV screen showed that the audience did not maintain a social distance, and few people wore masks. Hundreds of people held demonstrations nearby, and more than ten people were arrested.

Many people worry that such a large-scale gathering of people will aggravate the spread of the local new crown epidemic like Trump’s previous campaign rally in Oklahoma?

The”America First” theory is reflective

The development of the new crown epidemic in the United States has reached such a field, and the poor resistance to the epidemic has been recognized by most people in the United States. Reality. In the face of such reality, whether it is Trump’s”America First” theory or the”American Special” theory, which is very soiled in American society, has caused more reflection.

Bill Gates recently delivered a speech saying that compared with many other developed countries, the United States did not perform well in this epidemic-even whether wearing masks has been”politicized” to improve detection The ability has not been paid enough attention,”the domestic anti-epidemic measures are not qualified.”

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On June 29, residents of California Los Angeles drove in line to receive the new crown virus test. Xinhua News Agency/Milian

The US”Political News” recently published a review article saying that the United States”politicized” the fight against epidemics and bound its hands and feet.

Political scholar Max Skidmore of the University of Missouri-Kansas City wrote an article,”We are the only country in the world to’politicize’ the fight against epidemics.”

“Atlantic Monthly” columnist Uri Friedman said:”‘American Specialism’ has been declared bankrupt many times… but there are still people holding it up. This outbreak may allow these people to give up this kind of American need. The mentality of learning from the world.”

As Independence Day is approaching, an article by David Brooks, a columnist in the New York Times, said that the new crown epidemic is a”humiliation” that the United States needs. The failure of the United States to respond to the epidemic is not just the failure of the Republican Party or Trump, but a continuation of the continuous failure of the United States as a whole for decades.