Tong Dawei’s 12-year-old daughter’s recent photos exposed! Long hair fluttering, eyebrows touching, delicate facial features like Wang Zuxian

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Everyone remembers”struggleLu Tao‘s actor Tong Dawei? After marrying Guan Yue, Tong Dawei has rarely released new works, but with three children, he has enjoyed the joy of being a father.

On July 16, some media exposed a group of Tong Dawei His wife Guan Yue took a 12-year-old daughter Tong Hanyue a recent photo of shopping on the street.

As you can see from the exposed photos, the mother and daughter are dressed casually and both wear white T-shirts. Although they are simple, the two still look temperamental Outstanding.

The eldest daughter Tong Hanyue has fluttering hair and a black and thick show The hair was scattered on the shoulders casually, and the look was fresh and refined. Although Tong Hanyue was wearing a mask, it still couldn’t stop the moving expression from his thick eyebrows and big eyes. It really inherited the good genes of father and mother!

Guan Yue takes her daughter to a luxury home In the store, the clerk immediately came forward, Mrs. Guan Yuekuo showed up, and her daughter Tong Hanyue was silently with her mother, her head down as if she was thinking about something.

Next, the two turned around and came to a shop selling bags. Tong Hanyue, a young man, seemed interested in bags. She stood in front of the shelf and looked at each one with all her heart. Bags.

Tong Hanyue’s height and body with his back to the camera Very superior, although wearing loose sportswear, but I can clearly see its slender figure, the perfect curve is also looming, although it is only 12 years old, but the height is almost catching up with my mother, from the picture, they stand side by side It’s really the same size together.

In fact, Tong Hanyue is very outstanding as the star of the second generation. The face photos he exposed before are indeed exquisite facial features, thick eyebrows and high nose, and even netizens say that they look like the goddess Wang Zuxian.

Moreover, Tong Hanyue has supermodel temperament at a young age , Often appear in the major children’s clothing brand show, amazing people.

Compared with the amazing appearance of the sister, the sister is slightly inferior. Not only are the five senses not as elaborate as the sister, but also the forehead is much wider than the sister. Everyone says that the second child is the most beautiful. , I did not expect that the sister of Tong Dawei became the Yan value overlord.

In fact, besides having two daughters, Tong Dawei also has a baby son. From the appearance, his brother’s appearance is very close to his second sister, Although the facial features are not exquisite, but fortunately outstanding.

Netizens say that Tong Dawei’s eldest daughter is born with star temperament If you can make a debut in the future, you will definitely have a fire. What do you think of this?

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