Top 10 Foreign Aids in the Super League

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With the integration of the Chinese Super League league with the world league, the Chinese Super League has been A large number of influential world-class players have been introduced. They have become the face of the Chinese Super League. With the introduction of the Chinese Football Association’s salary limit policy, there will be fewer and fewer world-class stars appearing in the Super League. Now take a look at the top 10 foreign players active in the league today.

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Hengda Ironman Paulinho

1 Paulinho (Guangzhou Evergrande)

From the obscurity of Bajia to Premier League Tottenham have never been Optimistically, he will become a thigh at Evergrande, and then return to Europe to join Barcelona as the captain of the Brazilian national team in the World Cup. Almost no rest in the 2018 season, with an iron man’s physique, Paulinho has done everything a professional player can do. Without Paulinho, Evergrande would be two teams. At the same time, it is also commendable in terms of character and emotional intelligence. When I left Evergrande for the first time, it is said that I gave my Audi directly to the driver. The 2020 league season resumed, and Paulinho greeted the league staff for their hard work on Weibo for the first time.

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Shanggang Engine Oscar

2 Oscar (Shanghai Shanghai Port)

Without Oscars, SIPG cannot win the 2018 season. In midfield, Oscars play more Creative passing work. Hulk is the key force. Oscar is worth a lot from Chelsea to the Super League, but any superstar playing in the Super League will have a premium, because there is no premium and no one will come. This is the problem of the Super League itself. So far, the Oscars have remained at a very high level, even if they were selected for the Brazilian national team again, it is not surprising.

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Shanghai SIPG Heavy Gunner Hulk

3 Hulk (Shanghai SIPG)

BUG, the representative of the aesthetics of shooting violence, and under the rough appearance, Hulk’s technique is delicate and eye-catching. From Russia to the Super League, no one was optimistic about his prospects at first because of a knee injury, but Hulk gradually became a pillar player of SIPG. Hulk is still unstoppable in the current Super League.

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Beijing Zhonghe Guoan Soul Augusto

4 Augusto(Beijing Zhonghe Guoan)

As a player of the Brazilian national team, Augusto’s playing style is difficult to define. But in Beijing, Zhonghe Guoan is his team, a good overall view and sense of rhythm, is the metronome of the team. The fulcrum of Beijing Zhonghe Guoan’s current lineup is Augusto, and only with him as the axis can it run a powerful attack line.

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Free kick master Talisca

5 Talisca (Guangzhou Evergrande)

Taliska is a player with obvious advantages and disadvantages. The right foot is too bad and the left foot is too strong. When he is strong, he looks like a superstar in the world, but when he is lost, he looks like a general player in the Super League. In Guangzhou Evergrande, he cannot be the core of the frontcourt, but most of the time, his attacking power can offset the weakness of defense, especially free kicks and headers. Cannavaro said he is the team’s Messi is not an exaggeration.

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Tixeira, the stadium spirit

6 Teixeira (Jiangsu Suning)

I like watching Teixeira playing football, in a small area, surrounded by three or four players, very Flexible and freehand flashing. The existence of Teixeira is of symbolic significance to the Jiangsu team. It is the blessing of the Chinese Super League that such superstars can fully play for a Chinese Super League team in their prime. Teixeira has the ability to pierce the opponent’s defense line individually. He is strong and fast. If the Jiangsu midfielder can give more support, he will achieve greater success.

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Zahavi the genius shooter

7 Zahavi (Guangzhou R&F)

Zhaqiu Wang was originally unknown among Chinese fans. Chinese fans read countless footballs and only recognized familiar faces in the five major leagues. Only briefly played in Serie A, so all the prestige was obtained in the Super League, 29 goals in a single season broke the Super League record, various coquettish shots, people are full of praise. Zahawi is a natural killer. His ball-handling ability is average, but in the short attack cycle in front of goal, he can use the most appropriate shooting method to score goals, which is frightening. The top scorer in the European Championship qualifiers also shows that leaving the Super League, Zahawi is still a world-class striker.

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Beijing Metronome Biella

8 Biella (Beijing Zhonghe Guoan)

Beijing Zhonghe Guoan lost the championship last season, to a large extent Vieira’s injury caused a huge impact. In the midfield, Vieira and Augusto have a perfect match. With a short pass within 30 meters, Vieira leads the Super League. At the same time, the ability to pass threats is also the strongest in the Beijing team. If Augusto It is the engine of Beijing, then Biella is the chip of the computer program in the engine. Even if he returns to Spain, Vieira has become the thigh of Las Palmas, the Super League should have more such technical players.

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The ball master Dembele

9 Dembele (Guangzhou R&F)

Dembele is currently the closest master of ball control in the Chinese Super League. In some game scenes, Dembele is performing ball control. As the best player of the former Eredivisie and a member of the Belgian national team, Dembele’s dribbling is the best in the Super League. At the same time, he is also the player with the most balanced left and right feet, with no difference between left and right feet. In the case of R&F and poor defensiveness, Dembele has to allocate some energy for defense, which weakens his performance to some extent. In the Premier League Tottenham, Paulinho is Dembele’s substitute, which shows something to a certain extent.

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Jiangsu Sharp Edge Edel

10 Edel (Jiangsu Suning)

As a former member of the Italian national team, Edel has the skills of a Brazilian player because he was originally a Brazilian naturalized Italian player. With experience in Sampdoria and Inter Milan, after landing in the Chinese Super League, Edel became Teixeira’s powerful partner. I really like watching Edel’s counter-attacks, without any muddles, and shooting at high speeds is fierce and accurate , The eating part is well grasped, and the technical content is extremely high. He and Teixeira form two sharp blades in Jiangsu. At the same time, it is surprising that Edel also has the characteristics of some organizational strikers, often passing good shots.