Top 30 global trend brands in 2020! Is your trendy brand here?

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Tide brand as the vane of trend culture, drives the hearts of countless young people. Street style has been sought after by more people in recent years. The style of casual free personality makes people feel free to release themselves!

With the rise of street trends, emerging trend brands continue to rise. The American and Japanese fashion brands carry the banner of the trend and are sought after by many celebrities!

Everyone has his favorite brand in his mind, and today lists 30 very active brands. There will be omissions but there must be something you like!


From the United States The trend brand created by rapper Kanye. Regarding coconuts, there are two lines to talk about, one is sneaker and the other is streetwear.

Obviously, Yeezy shoes based on big names are more popular than clothing, starting with BAPE, Louis Vuitton, NIKE up to now adidas, Kanye West’s dream of letting all people have Yeezy is getting closer and closer.

  • Play Kawakubo Ling

is the brand du created by Kawakubo Bailing designer, French name:Comme des Garcons abbreviation [CDG]. zhiCDG is a super-leading trend brand in France and Japan. The domestic apparel industry generally calls this brand Rei Kawakubo.

“Comme des Garçons” uses trendy apparel as the mainstream brand, and the brand’s head office is currently located in Paris, France Rei Kawakubo is the main designer of the brand”Comme des Garçons”. CDG has 12 branches and about 200 counters or boutiques all over the world.

  • StussyStuthy

Stussy is from the United States Trend brand. The founder Shawn Stussy added the design of skateboarding clothes, work clothes, and old school uniforms to the design of Stussy (Stussy), forming a street clothing that is different from the original style. Today, Stussy (Stussy) exists as a brand that is respected by the influx of people around the world, but as early as thirty years ago, the emergence of Stussy (Stussy) heralded the arrival of all this.

  • Balenciaga Balenciaga

Cristóbal Balenciaga, the founder of the Balenciaga family, started his career step by step with his mother’s learning of needlework, in 1937 Opened the Balenciaga haute couture company in Paris. Balenciaga clothing has always been good at cutting and sewing, and is hailed as a revolutionary trend guide. The Queen of Spain, Queen of Belgium, Duchess of Windsor, Queen of Morocco, etc. all appointed to wear his fashion, they were all celebrities who were selected as the best clothes by the world’s major fashion magazines.

Paris family clothing has always been good at cutting and sewing. Diagonal cutting is a good show, with flowing lines that emphasize specific sexy parts of the human body. The structure is always kept between the width of the clothing and the fit, comfortable to wear, and the body also looks more beautiful. Balenciaga costumes make good use of people’s optical illusions, strategically lower the belt a bit, or raise it above the ribs, or even cleverly hide in tights, the costume looks more perfect. People with non-ideal shapes, once put on the Balenciaga clothing, suddenly look radiant.

  • FEAR OF GOD/FOG fear God

Famous American high street brand! Fear of God (fog), a street brand founded by Jerry Lorenzo in LA in 2013, with its unique street Gothic style, has impressed the fashionistas in a very short period of time and is the limelight in recent years. Zhengjian’s high-end street brand.

Many stars such as Justin Bieber, Kanye West, Rihanna, Hailey Baldwin, Bella Hadid, Gigi Hadid are Fear of God’s number one fan. Because when Jerry was young, he often patronized H.Lorenzo, but among the various pioneer designer brands, he knew nothing about it, and he could not even call it a name. However, after watching the Rick Owens show, he found his way.

  • Undefeated (meaning undefeated)

Undefeated means undefeated. A famous American fashion store, founded in 2002 in Los Angeles, USA by James Bond and Eddi Cruz, it is the preferred store for Los Angeles sports shoe lovers.

I often cooperate with PUMA, NIKE and NB, and my own brand is also very unique Currently the most successful trend shop!

  • KITH

Ronnie Fieg opened a shoe store in New York. It seems that he has subsequently found a very”street brand” operating route, that is, constantly launching joint list products or series.

Although KITH may be labeled as a”traffic brand”, KITH can still stand on the street with high quality Among the brands.

  • Fxxking Rabbits/FR2

Fxxking Rabbits (also called FR2) was founded in 2014 by Ryo Ishikawa.

Uncle Trump cannot run!

The most dirty rabbit in the tide brand circle! The street brand from Japan, mainly black and yellow, uses two rabbits for logo, spoof and straightforward style. In addition to the iconic estrus rabbit, the most representative design should be”Smoking kills”, and the source of this symbol is also quite simple. It is just the transformation of Ishikawa Liang’s hope to quit smoking, and it will be quite large. The degree of spoofing presents a rather sly brand style, which is also what attracts EDC!


< strong>Rick Owens (Rick Owens) is a designer brand of the same name. Rick Owens (Rick Owens) founded the brand in Los Angeles, the United States in 1994, and has risen since 2001. Rick Owens (Rick Owens) rich and creative Gothic design makes big stars including Madonna very popular . Rick Owens (Rick Owens) works have been found in New York and Paris Fashion Week. Rick Owens’ signature design is the use of minimalist colors and the asymmetric layered design of the rock guest style.

Rick Owens (Rick Owens) is called”Gothic minimalism”, design Out of the holy priestess costume. Rick Owens (Rick Owens)’s work emphasizes the architectural structure of the jacket and the famous twill cut, low-key wrapped body. The neat message was conveyed at the end.


A-COLD-WALL* is a British avant-garde streetwear brand founded by Samuel Ross in 2015. Before the brand was established, Samuel Ross was still a member of the DONDA group and an assistant to Virgil Abloh. ACW’s products are rooted in British working class clothing, but use unique materials and styles, minimalist style, is a street brand that strives to match the avant-garde fashion line of MMM and HELMUT LANG.

ACW’s most famous single product is still the canvas bag… And the domestic brand C2H4, sketch, FMACM, Umamiism, etc. all have a certain ACW shadow.

  • Palm Angels

< strong>palm angels is an Italian fashion apparel brand. The clothing is mainly casual styles. Perhaps many people already know this brand well. Let’s take a closer look at it.

Palm Angels is an Italian brand inspired by the culture and culture of Los Angeles. Both Tee and sweater are very beautiful, a little hiphop style but not too good, very suitable for students, The color is not easy to hit the shirt.

PALM ANGELS was founded by Francesco Ragazzi, a famous Italian photographer and former art director of MONCLER Trend brand. Francesco Ragazzi founded PALM ANGELS by accident, when he was taking a group of photos of skateboarding teenagers with angel halo under the sun in Venice Beach, Los Angeles. The moment was too beautiful, so he decided to create a brand to tell the story of skateboarding teenagers and Their street culture. In September 2014, Francesco Ragazzi launched the eponymous personal photography collection”Palm Angels”. In this album, he used the figure of a skateboarding boy to show the intersection of fashion and extreme sports in the form of artistic expression. Philippine Director Pharrell Williams also prefaced it-“It is a unique book, it shows the unique style of Ragazzi outside the high-end fashion industry, as well as art and fashion insights.” From Inspired by sportswear from the 1970s to ripped jeans and sweatshirts featuring the main sun California pattern, it is not difficult to see why PALM ANGELS has surpassed other street brands and become a much-loved fashion focal point. Because in the hands of Ragazzi, each series fully explains his unique vision inspired by skateboarding culture, showing unambiguous novelty and trend fit.


vetements This new fashion force from France was founded by Georgian designer Demna Gvasalia and the named designer. Long sleeves are the hallmarks of his family. The brand has been popular all over the world three years after its establishment. The stars are not afraid of wearing shirts. Of course, the price is not cheap! Vetements was founded by the brothers Guram Gvasalia and Demna Gvasalia. The brand was established in less than 3 years, and it has entered more than 200 stores around the world. The trendy models made one after another:”DHL” yellow T-shirts , Black raincoats with”Vetements” on the back, pullovers, and last year’s fashion bloggers wore jeans that”showed off” at Fashion Week.

Vetements designer Demna Gvasalia also succeeded Alexander Wang and became Balenciaga as the new creative director. If the reason for this brand’s fascinating reason is that “Vetements promises to make clothes that are not complicated, but that reflect reality, consumers will be able to wear them easily and can also wear them while traveling. If that’s the case, then the world’s most popular brands should be There are many. The truth is that Vetements has a cynical sense of humor, and the materials are also excellent, which is sought after by many young wealthy people. But under the support of these consumers, it has almost no cost performance. Become a standard explosion!

  • < /ul>

    Heron Preston is a member of DONDA and a class member who graduated from Parsons. He dreamed of cooperating with NASA at the beginning of the establishment of his personal brand in 2013. In the spring and summer of 2018, his dream finally came true. The product covers multiple categories such as jackets, hoodies, knitwear, T-shirts and accessories, and this series also allows Heron’s personal brand to get attention in major physical stores around the world. A more popular series afterwards is Heron Preston X Carhartt WIP, in fact, the single product has not undergone much processing and transformation…

    Signature single product:each The”стиль” corresponding to the embroidered items is”STYLE” in English, which is also an obvious feature of the brand, and he still recommends his NASA series.

    • WEllDONE

    It is the own series of Rare Market, a cool concept store in Korea, The store was created by Dami Kwon and Jessica Jung, a pair of lifelong friends. The large silhouettes and their colorful colors are refreshing and not to be missed. Dami Kwon has a super traffic star brother G who is popular in Asia. -Dragon. It is said that even the name of the store is taken by G-Dragon for them, and it is precisely his tens of millions of fans and many friends in the entertainment industry that have made her sister’s shop famous since its opening and attracted Enough attention.

    As the brainchild of Dami Kwon and Jessica Jung, WellDone is an up-and-coming Seoul product The card balances young coolness with playful calmness. As an iconic store for rare and rare markets-a very cool concept store in South Korea-modern design combines simplicity and refinement with excellent results, considering the oversized silhouette in the stated colors, wearing plaid and anywhere The luxurious two-piece set feels outdated. Unusual name? This means”well-made, well done”-who can argue with it?

    • Drew

    drew is taken from the”drew” in the middle of Justin Drew Bieber, and named as the brand name. Justin Bieber was born in Canada in 1994. The singer’s career has made him known to everyone. With the continuous improvement of his popularity, in addition to completing some vague creations, he has developed and created his own trendy brand. Various activities to wear your own brand are also very fulfilling.

    • AMBUSH

    AMBUSH is a jewelry brand co-founded by m-flo soul character VERBAL and designer wife YOON. Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Kanye West and Jay-Z have all worn their designs.

    In 2013, this jewelry brand from Tokyo released a brand new VVV series of line products. Adhering to the brand’s edgy and avant-garde style, the design of the ornaments is quite exaggerated.

    • ADER

    ADER ERROR is a popular trend in Korea One of the cards was founded in 2014. Although it was created in a short time, its strange design patterns and bold colors have made it more and more fans. ADER ERROR is unique in terms of design, color or pattern. The designers seem to live in their whimsical world. With the retro design full of literature and art, they are popular among young people with a thunderous trend, and they are tired of the fresh style. You can try this brand to add a dose of flavor to your life.

    The design of ADER ERROR is highly sought after by the public, although its overall design Simple but not fun, it is this unusual concept that gives a new definition of fashion. In view of the achievements of the ADER ERROR brand, it has also appeared in magazines such as”Vogue” and”Nylon”. Not only that, ADER ERROR also introduced peripheral accessories such as socks, hats, mobile phone cases, canvas bags, etc., with unique features and very cute details.

    • NOAH

    Through so many From the perspective of NOAH’s single product, it is not a pure street brand, because its theme is still relatively elegant, and the design based on negative emotions is rare. In addition, they will openly oppose big promotion like Patagonia, because the crazy shopping it brings will cause great environmental pollution. We believe that NOAH is a brand concept similar to BEAMS, with high-quality, traditional clothing styles and details presented with certain street signs, which is enough to support the brand culture.

    • PALACE

    Palace is a British skateboarding brand founded by skater Lev Tanju in 2014. Despite being young, he is always used as the big brother of street brandsSupreme Compare. In style, it is slightly different from the supreme American street. Every season, Palace will appear football polo, track suits, striped T-shirts, baseball shirts, these are the clothes that British football fans often wear when watching the ball.


    Anti Social Social Club was founded in 2015 in the United States by Neek Lurk, the American Korean owner. ASSC is not a brand, but more like a club, gathering those who have painful experiences like him, People who were abandoned at the lowest point of life. And this club has become a place where people release pressure and complain about society. Its iconic”anti-social” slogan has also become a major feature of the brand.

    • Jil sander Gil Sander

    < p>Jil Sander (JIL SANDER) 1 is known for his frugal aesthetics and clean lines. Minimalism has never been worried about its followers, but few designers can study it as an art like JIL SANDER. JIL SANDER is famous for curling trousers,

    feathery tops and lightweight jackets. She discarded all unnecessary details, and the zipper and buttons were completely discarded. JIL SANDER wraps the body with folds of cloth, attaches a clip where appropriate, and uses diagonal cuts to highlight the lines. The colors used are mostly neutral and the fabrics are modern but not exaggerated.

    Many designers are pursuing simple tailoring but the way is wrong. The simplicity of JIL SANDER is the most convincing. JIL SANDER’s clothing has perfect lines on the shoulders. Ms. JIL SANDER (JIL SANDER) was awarded the title of”Queen of Clean” by the Women’s Daily.

    • Balmain Balmain

    Balmain (Balmain) is a French fashion designer Pierre · Balman (Pierre Balmain) created the brand. Represents a unique understanding of elegance, which means that the client of the royal family and movie stars, customers include movie stars and royal nobles. Balmain’s designs are based on evening dresses, which are distinguished by their high quality and blend the femininity and elegance of women. In addition, the Balmain brand has approximately 220 licensed sellers worldwide. Has become a universally recognized fashion symbol.

    • Chrome HeartsCruo Heart

    The design style of Chrome Hearts combines low-key luxury styles such as rock punk and street hip-hop. Hand-made and beautifully designed, the value of Chrome Hearts silver as an artwork has far exceeded the meaning of jewelry. Chrome Hearts products extend from the early silverware and leather goods to leather furniture, 22K gold, platinum, inlaid jewelry, children’s clothing, leather bags, stationery, etc., and also provide services tailored to customers.

    < /div>

    • superdry is extremely dry

    superdry was created in 2003. Superdry is a British brand. Joining the Japanese street style and Japanese, it is often mistaken for a Japanese brand to become a product brand dedicated to high-quality products. So far, superdry has been sold in more than 20 countries around the world.

    The core concept of the superdry/super dry brand is fair prices. At the same time, the details are carefully crafted. Because of the love of the iconic American culture, the admiration of British extraordinary cutting skills. superdry is committed to creating garments that belong to the “classic of the future”. The highly individualized appearance, the characteristics of one-in-one clothing, excellent fabrics, unique nostalgic effect, excellent branding strategy and clothing design style make superdry stand proudly in the clothing market with a unique attitude.

    • off-white

    A trendy brand founded by Kanye’s royal stylist. First of all, it caught fire on the streets of Paris, and then it swept the world with its unique charm. China is also particularly popular. Because its design style is really very bold and unique, and the fashionable and rebellious style is liked by many young people who pursue independence and innovation, so it has become popular in just a few years. Of course, its price is also very expensive. Therefore, he is also a popular log character. He seems to have fewer joint names, but the quality and quality of his clothes are good in every way.

    • Supreme

    Supreme was born in Manhattan, New York, USA in the fall of 1994 and was founded by James Jebbia. Supreme is one of the most topical brands. In addition to having a certain joint product every quarter, Supreme’s products often design products based on social headlines or political satire. With Supreme’s signature box logo, the red box logo on white is the most sought-after. It can be said that the Supreme brand is the epitome of American street culture.

    • CLOT

    Fashion clothing brand founded by Edison Chen in 2003, a pioneer and representative of domestic fashion brands, has a place in global fashion brands

    < p>CLOT is the abbreviation of CLOT Company Limited founded by Canadian artist Edison Chen and the name of its trendy clothing brand. Condensation Group is a LIFESTYLE company, founded in June 2003 by Canadian artist Edison Chen. Mainly to create clothing (including CLOT brand clothing and JUICE stores in Hong Kong), plan PARTY, help clothing companies to be consultants, etc. CLOT brand clothing occupies a place in the global trend brand.

    Edison Edison Chen founded his own clothing brand CLOT in 2003 and participated in various aspects of clothing design, materials, etc., and became well-known in China Tide brand, and have a certain influence in the world. CLOT is a LIFESTYLE company, creating clothing, including CLOT brand clothing and JUICE stores in Hong Kong, planning PARTY, helping some companies in Hong Kong to be a consultant, such as NIKE, PEPSI…, and also including CLOT’s own music. Current members include:Chen Guanxi, Together with MC Ren, DJ Tommy, Kitchen Aberdeen, Gong Shuoliang, Zhao Chenhao, BOSS (Universal Thermal Brothers), CLOT is a family and an inseparable family.

    • Vlone

    vlone Yumi Dao’s famous street hip hop unit A$AP Mob members A$AP Rocky, A$AP Bari organized by the fashion street zhi head brand dao, the brand slogan”version Live Vlone, DieVlone”, is also adhering to the spirit of A$AP, its The design combines the outline and aesthetic concepts of street and high-end fashion.

    Vlone seems to be symbiotic and prosperous with A$AP, due to the strong hip-hop background of the entire family , Let Vlon have a natural and unpretentious original street sense. All the A$AP is directly reflected in the creation of Vlone. The most obvious is nothing but the big logo, the strong street sense of slogan, and various graffiti, Camouflage and other printing.

    • Champion

    In 1919, Simon Feinbloom and his father formally established Champion KnitWear Co. in Rochester, New York, USA. As people who are obsessed with competitive sports desire for victory, there is a dream about championship in everyone’s heart, so Champion has attracted the attention of all sports enthusiasts since its inception.

    Are there any favorites for the above 29 brands? If not then the 30th one is left for you! I’m DEE and I love to buy new clothes!