Tribute to the champion, the Mexican lottery resumes operations after three and a half months

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After shutting down for three and a half months, the Mexican national lottery Lotería Nacional officially announced the resumption of the draw on July 12, but it is necessary to maintain the health of the public and employees under strict social isolation conditions. According to regulations, in lottery shops, people must maintain a distance of at least five feet, and no physical contact of any kind is allowed, and the shops must be constantly cleaned and disinfected.

July 12 is not only the day of the lottery restart, but also the 58th birthday of Mexican champion Chavez. In order to pay tribute to this greatest Mexican athlete, the National Lottery decided to print his photo On the face of the first batch of traditional tickets issued after the restart, the National Lottery said in a press release,”It is an honour to be able to pay tribute to the Mexican sports heroes who have shined internationally through the lottery.”

Check Weiss, full name Julio César Chávez González (Julio César Chávez González), was born on July 12, 1962 in the city of Obregon, Mexico. At the age of 16, he was an amateur He started to practice boxing as a professional. At the age of 17, he started professional competitions. He soon shined in boxing. In his 25-year career, he has won six levels of lightweight, light middleweight and super lightweight. Professional champions, on December 7, 2010, Chavez was inducted into the international Boxing Hall of Fame, one of Mexico’s most popular athletes One is the well-deserved”God of War”.

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The traditional ticket issued this time is beautifully printed and colorful, On the ticket, not only the photo of Chavez, but also the World Boxing Council logo and the words”Happy Birthday, Champion!” Chavez specially shot a video and shared it on his Twitter. In the video, he held a set of lottery tickets with his portrait printed on it. He smiled brightly and said to fans,”I have already bought it. Good luck!” The total prize money of the lottery this time is 24 million pesos, about RMB 8.62 million.

Mauricio Suleiman, President of the World Boxing Council, highly affirmed the way the National Lottery paid tribute to Chavez,”This way of the National Lottery is really incredible, we feel that Very happy.”

The Mexican lottery industry suspended due to the new crown epidemic is gradually returning to normal. On June 29, the Mexican national lottery gradually resumed traditional lottery sales of self-service color machines and street vendors . In May, the lottery board approved an”emerging support plan for mobile lottery sellers,” and 440 local lottery vendors and 403 independent consignees received special assistance. (“National Lottery” magazine)

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