Trump admits to personally persuade allies to ban Huawei Hua Chunying to fight back

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Local time, July 14, Trump admitted at a press conference in the Rose Garden of the White House that he personally persuaded the U.S. allies to ban Huawei. Trump said,”We have persuaded many countries. In most cases, I personally persuaded them not to use Huawei…If they want to have business contact with us, they cannot use Huawei.”

According to the National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) reported on July 14, Trump gave a lengthy speech in the Rose Garden of the White House that day, during which he mentioned China many times-threatening to be In addition to”the strongest one against China in history”, it has also hurriedly announced the signing of Hong Kong-related regulations”sanctioning China”. Of course, Trump did not forget to mention Huawei in his speech.

Trump first slandered China’s “stealing of intellectual property rights” with consistent words, threatened that the United States was “fighting China’s untrusted technology and telecommunications companies”, and then admitted:“We have convinced many countries, Most of what I do myself, don’t use Huawei. Because we think Huawei is a huge security risk.”

At the end of last month, the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) officially recognized Huawei and ZTE as”National security threat”, while Huawei refuted at the time that it opposed the decision of the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to vote to ban operators from using federal subsidy funds to purchase Huawei equipment. The FCC’s decision was based on one-sided information and misinterpretation of Chinese law. Without evidence, it was determined that Huawei constituted a national security threat, which not only violated the due process principles of the legislation, but was also suspected of breaking the law.

In his speech, Trump did not hesitate to suppress Huawei by cutting off commercial ties with the United States.”I persuaded many countries not to use it (Huawei). If they want to do business with us, then they can’t use it.”

He also mentioned the United Kingdom and Italy in particular. On the afternoon of the 14th, the British government decided to ban the country’s mobile operators from purchasing Huawei 5G equipment from 2021, and to exclude Huawei from the UK’s 5G equipment supply by 2027. As for Italy, some political sources have previously revealed that the country is considering whether to exclude Huawei from 5G construction projects.

Since this year, some European countries have wavered towards Huawei. From adding Huawei to the”entity list” to cutting off Huawei’s chip supply chain, as the United States has suppressed Huawei’s actions, the United Kingdom and France have turned their faces on Huawei, and Italy has also heard that it is considering excluding Huawei.

But within a short time, many European countries still rely on Huawei. British Telecom CEO Philip Jensen said in an interview on the 12th:”Within 10 years, the British telecommunications network cannot completely exclude the use of Huawei’s products.” In December last year, Italian Minister of Economic Development Stefano Patua Neli also supported Huawei’s claim that Huawei should be allowed to participate in the country’s 5G network construction, because”Huawei provides the best solution at the most suitable price.”

After the UK announced that Huawei would be excluded from the 5G network by 2027, a spokesperson for Huawei UK said that this decision was a disappointment and regrets that Huawei’s future development in the UK will be politicized. This move stems from US trade policy, not security issues. We urge the government to reconsider this decision. Huawei is confident that the new US regulatory measures will not affect the resilience and safety of its products for the UK.

On July 15, a reporter from the Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying hosted a regular press conference On the 14th, US President Trump publicly admitted at the White House press conference that he persuaded many countries not to use Huawei and would not use Huawei if they want to do business with the United States, otherwise it will affect the relations between the countries concerned and the United States. When China commented on this, Hua Chunying replied:This once again proves that the decision to ban Huawei has nothing to do with national security, but a highly politicized manipulation. It also shows the world again that it is not China, but the United States, that threatens, threatens, and intimidates everywhere.

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