Trump daughter Ivanka”encourages” the unemployed to start a new business, being ridiculed”why not eat meat”

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Ivanka Trump

On the 14th, President Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump posted an advertisement for “FindSomethingNew” on Twitter, Encourage Americans to start a new career. However, Ivanka’s remarks caused dissatisfaction among the American people on Twitter, and tags such as”Bye Ivanka” became a hot topic on Twitter.

According to the Russian Satellite News Agency reported on July 15, Ivanka Trump’s initiative also received support from Apple and IBM. Ivanka told the media that affected by the epidemic, people”unfortunately” need to learn completely new skills in certain situations.

In response to Ivanka’s remarks, many people expressed dissatisfaction on the Internet. Satellite News Agency reported that some American netizens believe that Ivanka’s suggestion is no different from the old saying “let them eat cake”.”Let them eat cake” is a French proverb that means something like”why not eat minced meat”.

According to CNN reports, in the face of criticism, Ivanka responded on Twitter by saying:”I suggest you visit http://FindSomethingNew.org. The purpose of this initiative is to challenge only tradition The concept of two-year and four-year universities can train vocational skills. Previously, this agenda has never seemed so urgent.”

According to CNN reported on the 14th The epidemic blockade was in a dilemma. In April, 20.5 million people in the United States lost their jobs, setting a record. In May and June, the US economy improved due to the lifting of the blockade, but unemployment is still severe.

According to the satellite news agency, some netizens called Ivanka”Complicit Barbie”.”Complicit” (complicit) is the 2017 annual vocabulary introduced by Dictionary.com, AOL. It means”choose to participate in some illegal or problematic behavior; share in illegal or unethical behavior”. According to an earlier report by the”New York Times” in the United States, in March 2017, the famous Hollywood actress Scarlett Johansson appeared in a spoof ad on the late night show. In the advertisement, Scarlett played Ivanka to promote a fragrance called”collusion”. This satire ad brought the word”collusion” to a search peak. Afterwards, Ivanka’s misunderstanding of the term”collusion” once again made the word rush to hot search.

Satellite News Agency reported that Ivanka and her husband Kushner not only held the position of presidential advisor in the White House, but also continued to engage in commercial activities. The company run by Kushner’s relatives also recently received millions of loans from the official US Salary Protection Program.

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